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Listen to the hand

Timothy Donaldson
Type Designer, UK
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La progettazione di un’opera di consultazione

Claudio Beccari & Andrea Guadagni
† Politecnico di Torino, ‡ Hoepli Editore, Milano
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LaTeX3 project update

Morten Høgholm
LaTeX team and Technical University of Denmark
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Introduction to the LuaTeX project

Hans Hagen
Pragma ADE
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Codici di categoria

Enrico Gregorio
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Tongue and Mirror of the Unseen World

Dr. Michael Barry
Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.
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LaTeX at a liberal arts college

Jon Breitenbucher
College of Wooster
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Ultra-fine-grain emulsions and the SilverCross project

E. Mirlis
NEWI/OpTIC Technium, UK
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Architectural Application and Maintenance for Art Holography

S. Ishii
Independent Artist, Japan
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Phase-shifting electro-holography for recording and reconstruction of wide 3D color images

K. Sato
University of Hyogo, Japan
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Encryption of holographic photonic crystal for security packing

X. Zhang
Xiamen University, China
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Working with Large Models

Mitchel Stangl
Level: Advanced
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General Blender presentation

Martin Poirier
Blender developer, Canada
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Hebrew typography: reflections of a Latin type

Simon Prais
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Full validation of Atom feeds containing extensions using NVDL

Murata Makoto
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Exploring XProc

Norman Walsh
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Creating in the Cloud and Other Tales of Design Realidad

Jon Phillips
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VIPS: An image processing system for large, and not so large, images

John Cupitt and Kirk Martinez (authors), Nicolas Robidoux (Presenter)
Université Laurentienne
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Teaching Holography: Five Years and 400 Foundation Students Later

Pearl John
University of Southampton
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Optics and Laser Light, the Kinetic Viewer

Isabel Azevedo and Rosa Maria Oliveira
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Natural light holography: possible approaches and current examples

Michael K. Finegan
Creative Engineering, NYC, USA
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Fabrication of HOE using CGH technique and laser direct write lithography system

Sumio Nakahara
Kansai University, Japan
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Self-publishing: experiences and opinions

Dave Walden
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LuaTeX for the LaTeX user

Arthur Reutenauer
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Presentation of Reports from the Parallel Breakout Sessions

OASPA 2009
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Thinking Outside the Book

Cynthia Cleto
Springer Science+Business Media
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Re-inventing font technology

Peter Rosenfeld
URW++ Design & Development GmbH
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Nature on Mobile

Howard Ratner
Nature Publishing Group
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Building Blocks of the future Scholarly Web: Beyond and far beyond

Prof. Dr. Stefan Gradmann
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Article Level Metrics – What We Don’t Know We Don’t Know

Gregg Gordon
Social Science Research Network, Rochester, NY
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Content centric architecture and distributed versioning

Eric Schrijver
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Multi-touch support in Ubuntu

Steve Conklin
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What are you hoping to get out of this conference?

Interviews by Jon Phillips
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From readers to users: NPG’s Article Improvement Project

Dan Pollock
Associate Director,, Nature Publishing Group
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Institutional Data Management Blueprint

Kenji Takeda
University of Southampton
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Adding Texture to Color: Quantitative Analysis of Color Emotions

Marcel P. Lucassen, Theo Gevers, Arjan Gijsenij
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Download paper
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Colour and Appearance Analysis of Fruit and Vegetable Soup Using a Digital Colour Imaging System

Gerard van Dalen, Faisal Osman, Aat Don
Unilever Research and Development, The Netherlands
Download paper
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Multiresolution-Based Pansharpening in Spectral Color Images

Oili Kohonen
University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Download paper
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Are virtual fonts obsolete?

Boris Veytsman
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
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Classes, styles, conflicts: The biological realm of LaTeX

Didier Verna
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PLoS Institutional Membership Program

Mark Patterson
Director of Publishing for the Public Library of Science
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Integrating content to aid discoverability: why we put all our eggs in one basket

Roheena Anand
Publisher (Books), Royal Society of Chemistry
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Evolving Preservation Needs: A Portico Update

Toni Tracy
Director of Publisher Relations, Portico
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Capturing the iUser: Web 2.0 ‘Freemium’ Business Models

William Park
CEO, DeepDyve
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Drawing SVG in the Cloud

Andrew Girow
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GAS: Go, Ajax, SVG: Adding Graphics to Go with SVG

Johnny Martin
San Jose State University
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Estimation of Individual Cone Sensitivities based on Colour Matching Functions

Casper Find Andersen1 and Graham Finlayson2
1Mediehøjskolen, Copenhagen, 2University of East Anglia
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Constrained Pseudo-Brownian Motion for Image Enhancement

Roberto Montagna and Graham D. Finalyson
University of East Anglia (UK)
Download paper
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Stimulating Future Color Imaging Scientists and Engineers

Mark D. Fairchild
Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)
Download paper
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Motion Picture Versioning by Gamut Mapping

Jürgen Stauder, Corinne Porée, Patrick Morvan, and Laurent Blondé
Technicolor Research & Innovation (France)
Download paper
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Colour and Tolerance of Preferred Skin Colours

Huanzhao Zeng1 and M. Ronnier Luo2
1Hewlett-Packard Company (USA), 2University of Leeds (UK)
Download paper
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Future directions for the APA

Peter Tindemans
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Merging, reassembling and distributing content in STM publishing

Jan Visser
Senior Vice President Electronic Production, Elsevier
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Springer Materials

Thomas Mager
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Opening Plenary Session

Dr. Abdelali Haoudi
Vice President for Research, Qatar Foundation
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UNESCO’s open access strategy

Hezekiel Dlamini
Adviser, Communication and Information in East Africa, UNESCO
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AHC 2011: Opening Session and Welcome

Hatem El Gabaly
His Excellency the Minster of Health
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Magdi Yacoub
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Dr. Mohamed Fathy Seoud
President of Qatar Foundation
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Mohamed El Guindy
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Significance of LV Outflow Tract Obstruction in HCM

Martin Maron
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Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomypathy In Egypt

Mohammed ElMaghawry
Aswan Heart Centre
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Helping to Ride – A Look at Data Sharing and Access Policies

Herbert Gruttemeier
Immediate Past President, ICSTI and Head of International Relations, INIST-CNRS, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy
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Open Access Publishers: Retaining core values while challenging non-core practices

Dr. Caroline Sutton
President, OASPA (Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association)
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Continuously adjustable Pulfrich spectacles

Kenneth M. Jacobs1, Ronald S. Karpf2
1Binghamton Univ. (United States), 2ADDIS Inc. (United States)

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Relationship between perception of image resolution and peripheral visual field in stereoscopic images

Masahiko Ogawa, Kazunori Shidoji
Kyushu Univ. (Japan)

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Keynote Presentation 1: The Current Status of Stereoscopic 3D

Michael G Robinson
Chief Scientist, RealD

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Structured nanopublications pertaining to the drugome: A Knowledge Engineering from Experimental Design (KEfED) model

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Research Library Futures

Rick Anderson
Associate Director for Scholarly Resources & Collections, University of Utah

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What is an e-book?

James Macfarlane
CEO, Easypress Technologies Limited

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Know-How to Share: Beyond Software and Arts

MyPaint – the past, the present, and the future

Consortia to consortia: The challenges and opportunities of the ALPSP Learned Journals Collection

Ian Russell

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ORCID: An Open Registry of Scholarly IDs

Howard Ratner
Nature Publishing Group

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Q & A


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Concurrent 1D: The Research Data Hot Potato: Who Preserves It?

Panel #1 : Linking with the Literature – the Arsenic Story

GTL fuels and their effects on aircraft aas turbine altitude ignition – detailed diagnostics

Thomas Mosbach1, Patrick Le Clercq1, Darren Fyffe2, John Moran2, Reza Sadr3, Kumaran Kannaiyan3
1DLR German Aerospace Center, Stuttgart, Germany; 2Rolls Royce Strategic Research Center, Derby, UK; 3Micro Scale Thermo Fluids Lab, Texas A&M University, Qatar
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Economics and Finance Research

Dr. David Raboy
Chief Economist, QNFSP
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Exploiting social interactions using opportunistic networks

Mtibaa Abderrahmen, Khaled Harras
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Doha, Qatar
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Transparency in measures of scientific impact

Dario Taraborelli
Wikimedia Foundation &

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Keynote 1: Will Books be different?

Kevin Guthrie
President, Ithaka

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Datacite: helping researchers to find, access and reuse data

Tom Pollard
Datasets Outreach Officer, The British Library

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Parallel 1 (a): Abort, Retry, Fail? – data and the scholarly literature

Introduction – plenary 4

Arend Küster (Chair)
MD, Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals

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LaTeX3 architecture and current work in progress

Frank Mittelbach
LaTeX3 Project

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Peer pressure at the Nature Publishing Group

Karl Ziemelis
Chief Physical Sciences Editor, Nature

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Activities in the KB and The Netherlands

Barbara Sierman

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PARSE.Insight and APARSEN – Reaching a Common Vision for digital preservation research

Dr David Giaretta
Director APA

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The Perception of Chromatic Noise on Different Color

Hideyasu Kuniba
Nikon Corporation (Japan)
Download paper

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The Challenge of our Known Knowns

Robert G. W. Hunt
Colour Consultant (UK)
Download paper

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Shared services at national level – what, why, and for whom

Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen
National Library of Finland

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Dr. Jeff Deneen
Director of Sales and Marketing, Metapress

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Workshop 3: Opportunities and Challenges in regional research partnerships

Dr Ahmed Elmagarmid (Chair)
Executive Director, Qatar Computing Research Institute

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Next Generation IEEE Research Article

Prakash Bellur

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Discussion – Computing Research

Dr Ahmed Elmagarmid
Executive Director, Qatar Computing Research Institute

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Transforming the Way we publish Research

Dr Daniel Mietchen
EvoMRI Communications, Jena

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Crosstalk reduces the amount of depth seen in 3D images of natural scenes [8288-29]

Inna Tsirlin, Robert S. Allison, Laurie M. Wilcox
York Univ., Canada
Published Manuscript

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New high-brightness interference filter developments [8288-50]

Helmut Jorke, Arnold Simon
Infitec GmbH, Germany
Published Manuscript

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An eyeglass-like, eye-tracked, optical see-through, head-mounted display using freeform optics [8288-52]

Hong Hua
The Univ. of Arizona, United States

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Developing usage as a new metric: progress on the Journal Usage Factor

Jayne Marks
Wolters Kluwer: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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Plenary Session 4 – Repository Reality

The Semantic Shift

Guillaume Mazières

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