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Math Accessibility and MathPlayer

N. Soiffer
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Academic support for study with visual impairement at Comenius University in Bratislava and at Moldova

E. Mendelova, N. Cuciuc
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Mathematical Document Classification via Symbol Frequency Analysis

Stephen M. Watt
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Data mining: Role of TeX files?

Manjusha Joshi
Pune, India
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Medical pedigrees with TeX and PSTricks: New advances and challenges

Boris Veytsman*, Leila Akhmadeeva**
* George Mason University, Fairfax, ** Russia
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GNU FreeDink

Sylvain Beucler
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Open Source in Second Life

Karl Stiefvater
Second Life
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Features of a robotic typesetter: best practices in defining and implementing OpenType Layout features for European fonts

Adam Twardoch
Berlin, Germany
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Asian TeX-like typeset engines

Jean-Michel Hufflen
Besançon, France
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Applied “footnoteology” — prolegomena (in Polish)

Andrzej Tomaszewski
Warszawa, Poland
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National Armed Forces Memorial Staffordshire

Richard Kindersley
Letterer Kindersley Studio, U.K.
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Panorama from Rotterdam to the sea

Ronald Huynen
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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CTAN package sourcing

Jim Hefferon
St. Michael’s College
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Long-time preservation strategies for TeX-sourced content

Paulo Ney de Souza
UC Berkeley
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Tabelle su LaTeX2e: pacchetti e metodi da utilizzare

Lapo Mori, Maurizio Himmelmann
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The Development of the Culture of the Spiritual Rake (farhang–e rindi) in Persian Love Mysticism

Daryoush Ashouri
Independent Scholar
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Using MetaPost for creating high-quality technical graphics

Troy Henderson
US Military Academy
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Yuri Denisyuk: Scientist, Colleague and Friend

V. Markov
Metrolaser Inc., USA
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Electronic holography at terrahertz and infrared frequencies

N. George
The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester, USA
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Colour holography – state of the art

H. Bjelkhagen
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Nickel electroforming: An essential tool for the holographic industry

T. Hart
Hart Coating Technology, UK
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SketchUp and Digital Photography

Mason Thrall
Level: Everyone
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Past, present and future of Scribus’ text-layout features

Andreas Vox
Scribus developer, Germany
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From Buddhist scrolls to graphic novels: facets of South Asian book history

Graham Shaw
British Library, London
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Holographic Video and 3–D Television

Michael Bove
MIT Museum
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Cool mobile apps with SVG and other Web technologies

Robin Berjon
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Future Directions for Scribus – An Open Discussion

Andreas Vox
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Running a business around free software

Dr. Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
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From Analog to Digital Holography, a Personal Holographic Journey

Steven L Smith
De Montfort University
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The special effects of holographic replay lighting

Paula Dawson
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
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Digital in-line holographic microscopy and tomography

H.J. Kreuzer
Dalhousie University, Germany
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3-D TV Preparing the Way for Holographic TV?

V. Michael Bove
MIT Media Laboratory Cambridge, MA USA
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Plain TeX and OpenType

Hans Hagen
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EduTeX: A source format for self-scoring tests

Frank Quinn
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Nano-publication and Open Access

Jan Velterop
Concept Web Alliance
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Keynote: Is Scientific Publishing About to be Disrupted?

Michael Nielsen
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Il respawn di Infomedia (LaTeX-based)

Emmanuele Somma
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Concluding Keynote – Beyond Text and Tiffs: Progress and Prospects for Rich Media

Bill Kasdorf
Apex Content Solutions
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Using and Communicating Knowledge: a Researcher Perspective

Michael Jubb
Research Information Network (RIN), London
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Google & Friends? The New World of Digital Libraries. Questions and Implications

Moderator: Jens Bammel
International Publishers Association (IPA), Geneva
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Device Colour Management

Kai-Uwe Behrmann
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How I made a free New Zealand coffee-table book using lots of Free Software

Marcus Holland-Moritz
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Generative Node-based Design With NodeBox 2

Frederik De Bleser, Tom De Smedt, Lucas Nijs
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Keynote: One Scientist’s Wish List for STM Publishers

Philip Bourne
Editor-in-Chief, PloS Computational Biology
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How metadata management and webscale searching are addressing problems of making data discoverable.

Helle Lauridsen
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A New Compact Singularity Function to Predict WCS Color Names and Unique Hues

Javier Vazquez-Corral1, Graham D. Finlayson2, Maria Vanrell1
1Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, 2University of East Anglia, UK
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Local Perceptual Weighting in JPEG2000 for Color Images

Jaime Moreno, Xavier Otazu, Maria Vanrell
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Download paper
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Spatial and Spectral Analysis and Modeling of Transversal Chromatic Aberrations and Their Compensation

Julie Klein, Johannes Brauers, Til Aach
RWTH Aachen University, Germany
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TUG 2010 Panel

Don Knuth & Stanford TeX Project members
Moderator: Dave Walden
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From PostScript to PDF

Herbert Voß
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Establishing an Institutional OA Publishing Fund: The UC Berkeley Experience

Chuck Eckman
Director of Collections for the UC Berkeley Library
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Open, free, or hybrid? Open access at the BMJ Group

Trish Groves
Executive Editor of the British Medical Journal
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Ed Pentz
Executive Director, CrossRef
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Beyond Topic: How Readers Choose which Article to Read

Carol Tenopir
University of Tennessee
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Automobile Crash Testing Simulation Using ‘SVG Authoring Tools and SVG 3D Virtualization’ for Academic Purposes

Rohan Vibhandik
San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, USA
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Mappetizer Tourist- and City-Info and Mappetizer Travel Diary

Ruth Lang and Armin Müller
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A Review of Colour and Vision: Present and Future

Yoon-Ji Cho, Guihua Cui and Ronnier Luo
University of Leeds
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Scaling Lightness Perception and Differences Above and Below Diffuse White

(Interactive Paper Preview)Ping-Hsu Chen, Mark D. Fairchild,
and Roy S. Berns
Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)
Download paper

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Chromatic Flicker Perception in Human Peripheral Vision Under Mental Load

M. Perz, D. Sekulovski, and M. Murdoch
Philips Research Europe (the Netherlands)
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Revisiting Surface Colour Estimation Under Varying Illumination

Stuart E. Lynch and Graham D. Finlayson
University of East Anglia (UK)
Download paper

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CIC18: Panel discussion

Mark D. Fairchild (Moderater)
Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)
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What are Publishers doing about digital preservation?

Eefke Smit
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CrossMark Prototype Demo

Carol Anne Meyer
Business Development and Marketing Manager
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Nature on iPad and iPhone

Euan Adie (Presented by Howard Ratner)
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Panel and plenary discussion – Sense about Science

Tracey Brown (Facilitator)
Managing Director, Sense About Science

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The international open access landscape

Carrie Calder
Head of Marketing, BioMed Central
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Open Access Africa 2010: Q & A – Session 1

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Basic principles, epidemiology, prevalence and diagnosis

Martin Maron
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Long term clinical course and the role of ICDs

Cristina Basso
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What Academic Publishing can Do fo Science

Prof. Dr. J.J. (Jos) Engelen
President, Governing Board of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), The Hague
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Mendeley: Building the World’s largest Semantic Research Database – from Scratch!

Victor Henning
Co-founder and CEO, Mendeley, London
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Can the depth perception of stereoscopic images be influenced by 3D sound?

Amy Turner, Nicolas S. Holliman
Durham Univ. (United Kingdom)

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Effects of 3D display on accommodative and vergent responses and subsequent visual discomfort and motion sickness

Shunnan Yang
Pacific Univ. (United States)

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Quantifying how the combination of blur and disparity affects the perceived depth

Junle Wang, Marcus Barkowsky, Vincent Ricordel, Patrick Le Callet
Univ. de Nantes (France)

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Supporting Active Reading, Just-in-Time Reading, and Reading Avoidance (Use Cases)

Jodi Schneider
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Opening up bibliographic data

Download: MP4 | MP3

Over the past few years there has been an explosive growth in open data with significant uptake in government, research and elsewhere. Bibliographic records are a key part of our shared cultural heritage. They too should therefore be open, that is, made available to the public for access and reuse under an open licence which permits use and reuse without restriction (http://opendefinition. org/). Doing this promises a variety of benefits. First, it would allow libraries and other managers of bibliographic data to share records more efficiently and improve quality more rapidly through better, easier feedback. Second, through increased innovation in bibliographic services and applications generating benefits for the producers and users of bibliographic data and the wider community.

This talk will cover the what, why and how of open bibliographic data, drawing on direct recent experience such as the development of the Open Biblio Principles and the work of the Bibliographica and JISC OpenBib projects to make the three million records of the British Library’s British National Bibliography (BNB) into linked open data. With a growing number of Government agencies and public institutions making data open, is it now time for the publishing and library community to do likewise?

RUFUS POLLOCK is a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow, an Associate of the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law at the University of Cambridge and a Director of the Open Knowledge Foundation which he co-founded in 2004. He has worked extensively as a scholar and developer on the social, legal and technological issues related to the creation and sharing of knowledge.

An introduction on the digital reading industry

Steve Burrows
Digital Reading Europe team within Sony Europe

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In situ animation with Toonloop

Alexandre Quessy

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Tau Meta Tau Physica – Open Source Digital Pattern Making software

Susan Spencer Conklin

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Managing Supplemental Content

Anthony Watkinson
University College London

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Recorded Future

Bill Ladd
Recorded Future

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Q & A

Lessons Learned and Lessons Learning: Introduction

Will Wakeling1, Philip Roberts2,
2Northeastern University, 2CABI

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Welcome: Science Online London 2011

Are novel semisolid filled hard gelatin capsules superior to currently marketed Metformin tablets?

Husam Mohammed Younes
Qatar University, Doha, Qatar
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A Quest for Cool Extra-Solar Planets

Prof. Keith Horne
Professor of Astronomy, SUPA University of St. Andrews.
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Qatar simulator development programme

Max-Antoine Jean Renault
Williams Technology Center, QSTP, Doha, Qatar
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QF IT infrastructure in support of research, update and going forward

Bassam Shabab
Enterprise Architecture Manager, IT Directorate, Qatar Foundation
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Tracey DePellegrin Connelly
G3 from the Genetics Society of America

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The Chicago Collaborative: An Alternative to Mutual Assured Destruction?

Irving E Rockwood
Editor & Publisher, CHOICE

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Learned Publishing Live!


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Abort, Retry, Fail? – data and the scholarly literature

Robert Parker
Interim CEO, Royal Society of Chemistry

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Typesetting Sanskrit in various alphabets: XeLaTeX, TEC files, hyphenation, and even XML

Dominik Wujastyk

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Why TeX math search is more relevant now than ever

Petr Sojka
Masaryk University, Czech Republic

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JISC Managing Research Data Programme

Simon Hodson

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Towards a common vision for Testing Environments

Dr Ashley Hunter
Tessella plc

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(How) Do Observer Categories based on Color Matching Functions Affect the Percep- tion of Small Color Differences?

Maria Fedutina1, Abhijit Sarkar2, Philipp Urban1, and Patrick Morvan2
1Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany), 2Technicolor Research (France)
Download paper

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The Influence of Speed and Amplitude on Visibility and Perceived Subtlety of Dynamic Light

Michael J. Murdoch, Pieter Seuntiëns, Dragan Sekulovski
Philips Research Europe (the Netherlands)
Download paper

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Shared services: delivering success

Colin Cram
Managing Director, Marc1 Ltd

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What’s New (In Fifteen Minutes or Less)

Kevin Cohn
Vice-President of Operations, Atypon

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