Involving children in a school to make a cartoon animation with Blender

Marco Amato
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How to Produce Accessible Educational Resources

V. Brigatti
Milano, Italy
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Synfograms™, Inscribe Space/time information for museum

Dietmar Öhlmann
Syn4D™ GmbH
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Current Status of Mathematical Publications in Japan

Takao Namiki
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xindy revisited — multilingual index creation for the UTF–8 age

Joachim Schrod
Kranichweg 1, Germany
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Direct and reverse synchronization with SyncTeX

Université de Bourgogne, France
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Presentation about Phatch – GUI Photo Batch Processor

Play (55min) M4V | MP3

Proposal, shared type/text specification for the desktop

Liam Quin
Play (46min) M4V | MP3

A new Installer for TeX Live

Reinhard Kotucha*, Siep Kroonenberg**, Norbert Preining†
* Barsinghausen, Germany, ** Groningen, The Netherlands, † Wien, Austria
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Making TeX support Unicode: The Quest of the Holy Grail

Arthur Reutenauer
Paris, France
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What Journal Publishers Want

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
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Inscribed in the living tile

Joe Clark
Play (29min) Download:  | MOV | MP3

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LaTeX nella Scuola Media Superiore: applicazioni didattiche con PSTricks

Luciano Battaia
Liceo Scientifico Grigoletti, Pordenone
Play (23min) Download:  | MOV | MP3

Three-dimensional graphics in LaTeX

David Allen
University of Kentucky
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LuaTeX attributes

Hans Hagen
Pragma ADE
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Edizione con LaTeX delle opere di Francesco Maurolico

Massimiliano Dominici, Pier Daniele Napolitani
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How to Create a TeX Journal: A Personal Journey

Barbara Beeton*
American Mathematical Society
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LaTeX and the different bibliography styles

Federico Garcia
University of Pittsburgh
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FUJIFILM — New film technology for the display holographic market

G. Jackson
Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals (UK) Ltd., UK
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Display holography in Korea

J.-Y. Lee
Korean National University of Arts, South Korea
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Colour holography in optics courses at Lund Institute of Technology

S.-G. Pettersson
Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
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Modeling Smart

Aidan Chopra
Level: Everyone
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SketchUp and LayOut Tips & Tricks

Chris Fullmer, Susan Sorger, Jean Lemire, Csaba Pozsárkó
Level: Everyone
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Krita, its history, current state and goals

Boudewijn Rempt and Cyrille Berger
Krita developers, The Netherlands, France
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Blender Conference 2008 photo gallery

Annual Day 2008 photos
Mike Pan, Joanna Sochacka, Roel Spruit, Arnd
Click here to view the photo gallery…

Testing XSLT

Tony Graham
Menteith Consulting Ltd
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Tapping the full potential of the eBook market – Springer’s MyCopy

Brian Bishop
Springer Science + Business Media
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How to Inflict Trauma on your Audience

Jean-François Fortin Tam
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Short Tube, Free Pipeline Distributed animation Production using Blender and Helga

Bassam Kurdali
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The “Omnigram” for Teaching Holography

Tung H. Jeong
Lake Forest College, USA
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Limited edition prints for Artists: Embossed holograms made from silver halide masters

Dr. David Pizzanelli
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PVA photopolymer for classroom holography

Jeff Blyth
University of Cambridge, UK
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TeX as an ebook reader

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
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High-speed full analytical holographic computations for true-life scenes

Yuan-Zhi Liu
Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) university, China
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Generalized fresnel lens in security, light managment and holographic packaging applications

Pawel Stepien
Marcin Badenski Polish Holographic Systems, Poland
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“Follow the Money”: The Political Economy of Open Access in the Humanities

Gary Hall
Open Humanities Press
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E-books from the library perspective: Selection and Delivery

James Mouw
University of Chicago
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Digital Typography and Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Peter Karow
Formerly URW Software & Type GmbH, Adobe Systems Inc., & AdFinder GmbH
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Developing a Mobile Strategy at the IEEE

Gerry Grenier
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Latest Developments in

Dan Pollock, London
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Research and information habits in the socials sciences and humanities: findings from the Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey

Laura Brown (presented by Nancy Maron)
Managing Director, Ithaka, S+R
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Scholarly Publishing Roundtable

H. Frederick Dylla
Executive Director and CEO, American Institute of Physics
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Open Source project to enable fashion design using open data formats

Susan L. Spencer
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MaDAM: A Data Management Infrastructure for Biomedical Researchers at the University of Manchester

June Finch
University of Manchester
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Digital photography workflow on Linux with darktable

Alexandre Prokoudine
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She did it herself: the books of Rena Gardiner

Martin Andrews
University of Reading
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Adding Texture to Color: Quantitative Analysis of Color Emotions

Marcel P. Lucassen, Theo Gevers, Arjan Gijsenij
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Download paper
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Ink-Dependent n-Factors for the Yule-Nielsen Modified Spectral Neugebauer Model

Romain Rossier and Roger D. Hersch
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Download paper
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Math on the Web: Implementing MathJax in Project Euclid

David Ruddy1, Steve Grathwoh2
1Cornell University Library, 2Duke University Press
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Multiresolution-Based Pansharpening in Spectral Color Images

Oili Kohonen
University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Download paper
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Hindawi’s OA Institutional Membership Program

Paul Peters
Head of Business Development for Hindawi Publishing Corporation
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A brief history of LaTeX—with a prediction

Chris Rowley
LaTeX3 Project
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Your fate in their handhelds: will eReaders be famous for five minutes or reformat publishing forever?

Linda Bennett
Gold Leaf
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Greg Tananbaum
Founder & CEO, Anianet
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Parallel Session 1(a) Q&A

Linda Bennett, Chris Bennett, Emma Coonan & Roheena Anand
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Efficient SVG

Robert Russell
Google, Inc
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All Good Things Come in Threes

Alex Danilo
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Image emotion and colour emotions for images

Joohee Jun
University of Leeds
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Development of Precision Color Corrector for HDTV Single-chip Color Broadcasting Camera

(Interactive Paper Preview)Hiroshi Shimamoto1, Tomohiro Takahashi2,
Shingo Yamashita2, Kohji Mitani3, and Yasuhiro Ito1
1NHK Engineering Services, Inc., 2ASTRODESIGN Inc., 3NHK (Japan)
Download paper

Play (1min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Design Considerations for Wide Gamut Displays

Karel Hinnen and Erno H. A. Langendijk
Philips Consumer Lifestyle (the Netherlands)
Download paper
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Riemannian Formulation of the CIEDE2000 Color Difference Formula

(Interactive Paper Preview)Dibakar R. Pant1,2, and Ivar Farup1
1Gjøvik University College (Norway) and 2University Jean Monnet (France)
Download paper
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Progress report from Opportunities for Data Exchange (ODE project)

Salvatore Mele
Play (13min) Download: MP4 | MP3

ORCID Update

Howard Ratner
Nature Publishing Group
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Outsourcing or Not? – Using Cambridge books and journals as case studies

Andy Williams
Director, Cambridge University Press
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New Developments on ScholarOne

Keith Collier
Thomson Reuters
Play (5min) Download: MP4 | MP3

QNRF Coming of Age

Dr. Amir H. Al Saadi
Advisor Research, QNRF Project Supervisor, QF Strategic Research Board Member, QSTP Managt. Board Vice Chairman
Play (26min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Opening remarks: Open access and the developing world

Matt Cockerill
Managing Director, BioMed Central
Play (27min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Long term clinical course and the role of ICDs

Domenico Corrado
Play (22min) Download: MP4 | MP3

East meets West: practical Problems, practical Solutions

Stephen Boume
Chief Executive, Cambridge University Press
Play (31min) Download: MP4 | MP3

SOAP – Study of Open Access Publishing: what Researchers want, what Publishers offer

Mrs. Bettina Goerner
Manager Open Access, Springer Science+Business Media, Heidelberg
Play (18min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Fetal Cardiomyopathy (FCM)

Rima S Bader
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Play (6min) Download: MP4 | MP3

What have I learnt?

Eugene Braunwald
Play (41min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Stereo video inpainting

Felix Raimbault, Anil Kokaram
Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

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Design of tuneable anti-aliasing filters for multiview displays

Atanas R. Boev, Robert Bregovic, Atanas P. Gotchev
Tampere Univ. of Technology (Finland)

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GTL fuels and their effects on aircraft aas turbine altitude ignition – detailed diagnostics

Thomas Mosbach1, Patrick Le Clercq1, Darren Fyffe2, John Moran2, Reza Sadr3, Kumaran Kannaiyan3
1DLR German Aerospace Center, Stuttgart, Germany; 2Rolls Royce Strategic Research Center, Derby, UK; 3Micro Scale Thermo Fluids Lab, Texas A&M University, Qatar
Play (20min) Download: FLV | MOV | OGG | MP3

WCMC-Qatar stem cell research program

Arash Rafil
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Doha, Qatar
Play (13min) Download: FLV | MOV | OGG | MP3

Exploiting social interactions using opportunistic networks

Mtibaa Abderrahmen, Khaled Harras
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Doha, Qatar
Play (17min) Download: FLV | MOV | OGG | MP3

Economics and Finance Research

Dr. David Raboy
Chief Economist, QNFSP
Play (17min) Download: FLV | MOV | OGG | MP3

Buying by the bucketful: a comparative study of how e-book bundles are used

Terry Bucknell
University of Liverpool

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Action Science Explorer: Interactive Data Visualization for Rapid Understanding of Scientific Literature

Cody Dunne
Ph.D. student in Computer Science, University of Maryland

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Laidout and Strange Interfaces

Future Tools: The Libre Graphics Research Unit

How to make SVG speak spot color language

Louis Desjardins

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Smart content at Elsevier

Ellen Hays

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Community Trust Initiatives: CrossMark, DataCite and ORCID

Carol Anne Meyer

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At the Cutting Edge – A Series of Start-ups: Introduction

Dan Pollock
Nature Publishing Group

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Concurrent 3C: EPUB3: The Next Generation Delivery Format (Not Just for Books!)

National Undergraduate Bioscience Research Journal

Neil Morris, Cathy Kennedy

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Open Biology from the Royal Society

Phil Hurst

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Making the most of our data: a researcher’s view of publishing

Jonathan Goodman
Reader in Chemistry, University of Cambridge

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The “social” side of digital science

Kaitlin Thaney
Manager, External Partnerships Digital Science

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eBook production “variations on a Theme”

James Macfarlane

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Heading for the Open Road: Costs and benefits of transitions in scholarly communications

Daniel Hulls1, Michael Jubb2
1Director, Cambridge Economic Policy Associates, 2Director, Research Information Network

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An XML model of CSS3 as an XLaTeX-TeXML-HTML5 stylesheet

Sukumar Sankar, S Mahalakshmi, L Ganesh
TNQ Books and Journals, India

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Activities in the KB and The Netherlands

Barbara Sierman

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Appearance-based Primary Design for Displays

Hao Li1, Mark D. Fairchild1 and Anne H. Webster2
1Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), 1Dolby Laboratories (Canada)
Download paper

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EUDAT: towards collaborative scientific data infrastructure

Dr Pirjo-Leena Forsström
Director, CSC

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Evaluating the Perceived Quality of Soft-Copy Reproductions of Fine Art Images with and without the Original Present

Jun Jiang, Franziska Frey, Susan Farnand
Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)
Download paper

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Sex and the Scientific Publisher: How Journals and Journalists Collude (despite their best intentions) to Mislead the Public

Ellen Ruppel Shell
Boston University Center for Science & Medical Journalism

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Session 1: Globalization of Research

Dr Richard Klausner (Chair)
Managing Partner, The Column Group and Former Director of National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, United States of America

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