Emmett Leith: Early work and influence

Sean F. Johnston
University of Glasgow, UK
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Two approaches in the development of goggles-free 3D display systems

V. Markov
Metrolaser Inc., USA
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“Presence”: A review of holographic works exhibited at the Butler Institute of American Art

T. Cvetkovich
Chromagem Inc, USA
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SWISSGRAM™: A new holographic security solution

I. Zhurminsky
3D AG, Switzerland
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A lifetime as an amateur compositor

David Walden
E. Sandwich, MA
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Edizione con LaTeX delle opere di Francesco Maurolico

Massimiliano Dominici, Pier Daniele Napolitani
Play (39min) Download:  MOV | MP3

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The Translation and Study of the Divan of Hafiz in the West

Peter Avery
Cambridge University
Play (45min) Download:  M4V | MP3

Scribus: Open Source Desktop Publishing

Peter Linnell
Scribus developer, USA/France
Play (34min) Download: | MOV | MP3

CrossTeX: A modern bibliography management tool

Robert Burgess
Cornell University
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Everything you wanted to know about PDF but were afraid to ask

Leonard Rosenthol
Adobe Systems Inc.
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Barker’s View of Plymouth and other early Topographical and Naval Panoramas

David Robinson
Bath, UK
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Searching for Morris Fuller Benton

Juliet Shen
Principal, Shen Design
Play (42min) Download:  | MOV | MP3

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Scrivere il curriculum vitae con LaTeX

Lapo Mori*, Maurizio Himmelmann**
* Università di Pisa, ** Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Play (17min) Download:  | MOV | MP3

Genotyping, protein structure and phenotype made simple

Heba Kassem
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Echocardiographic Assessment of Left Ventricular Non-Compaction: A New Paradigm?

Norman H Silverman
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Naxos and Carvajal syndrome

Nikos Protonotarios
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State of the ‘bigfoot’ package

David Kastrup
Bochum, Germany
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What in TeX makes me burst (in Polish)

Michał Kolany
Katowice, Poland
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A new Installer for TeX Live

Reinhard Kotucha*, Siep Kroonenberg**, Norbert Preining†
* Barsinghausen, Germany, ** Groningen, The Netherlands, † Wien, Austria
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Ingimp 1 Year Later: Initial Data Analyses and Lessons Learned

Michael Terry
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SketchUp and Piranesi

Brian Woodward, Robin Lockhart
Level: Everyone
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Tradigital Imaging

Jim Leggitt
Level: Everyone
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MPlib: an example of integration

Hans Hagen
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Multiple simultaneous galleys: A simpler model for electronic documents

Blanca Mancilla
The University of New South Wales, Australia
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LuaTeX: what has been done, and what will be done

Taco Hoekwater
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“Ultimate Holography” technologies for museum applications

Yves Gentet*, Michael Shevtsov**
* Bordeaux, France, ** St. Petersburg, Russia
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AudioTact: autonomous exploration of mathematical functions for blind students

T. Barbieri
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Usage of Blender Game Engine for scientific fishery data visualization

Mike C Pan, Dalai Felinto
University of British Columbia, Canada
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APA2010: Welcome

Kimmo Koski1 and David Giaretta2
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Kirsty Meddings
Product Manager
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A Global Agenda to Serve Local Needs

Dr. Ahmed Elmagarmid
Executive Director, Qatar Computing Research Institute
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Are novel semisolid filled hard gelatin capsules superior to currently marketed Metformin tablets?

Husam Mohammed Younes
Qatar University, Doha, Qatar
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What do drill strings and surgical threads have in common?

Annie Ruimi
Texas A&M University at Qatar, Doha, Qatar
Play (17min) Download: FLV | MOV | OGG | MP3

Food Security: A Sustainable Approach

Mr. Fahad Al-Attiyah
Chairman, Qatar National Food Security Program
Play (13min) Download: FLV | MOV | OGG | MP3

QF IT infrastructure in support of research, update and going forward

Bassam Shabab
Enterprise Architecture Manager, IT Directorate, Qatar Foundation
Play (31min) Download: FLV | MOV | OGG | MP3

Testing XSLT

Tony Graham
Menteith Consulting Ltd
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LTSP and graphics applications

Benoit St-André
Revolution Linux
Play (29min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Enblend/Enfuse Technology Talk

Andrew Mihal
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Video Editing with Blender for non 3D artists, using examples from real projects

Bassam Kurdali
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The “Omnigram” for Teaching Holography

Tung H. Jeong
Lake Forest College, USA
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Limited edition prints for Artists: Embossed holograms made from silver halide masters

Dr. David Pizzanelli
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PVA photopolymer for classroom holography

Jeff Blyth
University of Cambridge, UK
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TeX as an ebook reader

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
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High-speed full analytical holographic computations for true-life scenes

Yuan-Zhi Liu
Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) university, China
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Generalized fresnel lens in security, light managment and holographic packaging applications

Pawel Stepien
Marcin Badenski Polish Holographic Systems, Poland
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“Follow the Money”: The Political Economy of Open Access in the Humanities

Gary Hall
Open Humanities Press
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What mid-life crisis? A Conversation with Derk Haank

Derk Haank, CEO, Springer Science+Business Media
David Worlock, Interviewer
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Digital Typography and Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Peter Karow
Formerly URW Software & Type GmbH, Adobe Systems Inc., & AdFinder GmbH
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Nature on Mobile

Howard Ratner
Nature Publishing Group
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Building Blocks of the future Scholarly Web: Beyond and far beyond

Prof. Dr. Stefan Gradmann
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Welcome and Opening

Jayne Marks
STM chair, Vice President, Sage Publications, Inc.
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Research Data as Content: Challenges and opportunities for UK HE

Simon Hodson
Programme Manager. JISC
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Elements of Typographic Freedom: Open Sources of Extraordinary Design

Christopher Adams
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GNU LibreDWG – a free software library to handle DWG files from AutoCAD

Felipe Corrêa da Silva Sanches
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Joining Spirits with Aiki Framework: The New Web Engine for Open Clip Art Library

Jon Phillips,
Play (30min) Download:  MP4| MP3

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The Future of Interactive Publishing

Jon McLoone
Director of Business Development, Wolfram Research
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Math never seen

Johannes Küster
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Writing the first LaTeX book

Walter Gander
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What are you hoping to get out of this conference?

Interviews by Jon Phillips
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A Color Matching Experiment Using Two Displays: Design Considerations and Pilot Test Results

Abhijit Sarkar1,2, Laurent Blondé1, Patrick Le Callet2,
Florent Autrusseau2, Patrick Morvan1, Jürgen Stauder1
1Technicolor Research, 2IRCCyN-IVC, France
Download paper
Play (22min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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Fast Non-Iterative PCA Computation for Spectral Image Analysis Using GPU

Jukka Antikainen, Markku Hauta-Kasari, Timo Jääskeläinen,
Jussi Parkkinen
University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Download paper
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Open Access Book Publishing

Eelco Ferwerda
OAPEN Coordinator/Amsterdam University Press
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Are they all out to get us?

Wim van der Stelt
EVP Business Development, Springer
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The Library – the best place for information research?

Simon Inger
Simon Inger Consulting
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Federico Strazzullo
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SVG Wow 2010 – Part 2

Vincent Hardy
Play (49min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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Future hopes and visions

Prof. Stefan Gradmann
Humboldt University, Berlin
Play (27min) Download: MP4 | MP3
Dr. Paul Ayris
Director, Library Services, University College London
Play (30min) Download: MP4 | MP3
Play (26min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Design Considerations for Wide Gamut Displays

Karel Hinnen and Erno H. A. Langendijk
Philips Consumer Lifestyle (the Netherlands)
Download paper
Play (20min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Riemannian Formulation of the CIEDE2000 Color Difference Formula

(Interactive Paper Preview)Dibakar R. Pant1,2, and Ivar Farup1
1Gjøvik University College (Norway) and 2University Jean Monnet (France)
Download paper
Play (2min) Download: MP4 | MP3

A Simplified Method of Predicting the Colorimetry of Spot Color Overprints

(Interactive Paper Preview)Kiran Deshpande and Phil Green
London College of Communication (UK)
Download paper

Play (2min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Revisiting Surface Colour Estimation Under Varying Illumination

Stuart E. Lynch and Graham D. Finlayson
University of East Anglia (UK)
Download paper

Play (18min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Making of gold – Stories from the content enrichment work bench

Sam Herbert
Client Services Director, 67 Bricks
Play (19min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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Your Brain on Computers

Matthew D. Richtel
2010 Putlizer Prize winner, The New York Times
Play (61min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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The international open access landscape

Carrie Calder
Head of Marketing, BioMed Central
Play (21min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Helping to Ride – A Look at Data Sharing and Access Policies

Herbert Gruttemeier
Immediate Past President, ICSTI and Head of International Relations, INIST-CNRS, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy
Play (23min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Open Access Publishing today: what scientists do and why

Salvatore Mele
Play (48min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Keynote Presentation 1: The Current Status of Stereoscopic 3D

Michael G Robinson
Chief Scientist, RealD

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Quantifying how the combination of blur and disparity affects the perceived depth

Junle Wang, Marcus Barkowsky, Vincent Ricordel, Patrick Le Callet
Univ. de Nantes (France)

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Stereo video inpainting

Felix Raimbault, Anil Kokaram
Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

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Digital research, analog publishing: one scientist’s view

Philip E Bourne
University of California, San Diego

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A Society Publisher’s Future Perspective

Kevin Fitzpatrick
Senior Vice President, American College of Cardiology

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What is an e-book?

James Macfarlane
CEO, Easypress Technologies Limited

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The changing role of the library supplier

Jude Norris
Marketing and Technology Director, Dawson Books

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MyPaint – the past, the present, and the future

Concurrent 1D: The Research Data Hot Potato: Who Preserves It?

Concurrent 3A: Consortia Sales Models for Small Publishers

Using WordPress as an Editorial Production System

Neil Schlager
Schlager Group

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Talk by Todd Carpenter

Todd Carpenter
National Information Standards Organization

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Panel #1 : Linking with the Literature – the Arsenic Story

Q & A: All four corners: worldwide scholarly publishing

Hooman Momen (Chair), Mariana R. Biojone, Arend Kuster, Choon Shil Lee

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Datacite: helping researchers to find, access and reuse data

Tom Pollard
Datasets Outreach Officer, The British Library

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Ebook licensing

Ed Colleran
Senior Director, International Division, Copyright Clearance Center

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Papers & Open Access publishing: how can we help?

Matias Piipari

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PLoS Innovations in Peer Review

Mark Patterson
Director of Publishing, Public Library of Science, European Office, Cambridge, UK

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Making a package for flexible letter & page headings

Brian Housley
GCCS GmbH, Switzerland

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Digital Preservation What Why Which When With?

Prof. Keith Jeffery
Chair of APA Executive Board

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Discussion Panel on ‘Riding the Wave’

Dr David Giaretta, Dr Michael Factor, Dr Monica Marinucci, Professor Tony Hey, Dr Christoph Best and Professor John Wood (Chair)

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Root-Polynomial Colour Correction

Graham D. Finlayson1, Michal Mackiewicz1, Anya Hurlbert2
1University of East Anglia, 2Newcastle University (UK)
Download paper

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Who is doing a good job in digital preservation? Audit and Certification of Digital Repositories: ISO and the European Framework

Dr David Giaretta
Director APA

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CrossRef 2011 – Introduction and CrossRef Overview

Ed Pentz
Executive Director

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