Texinfo visits a garden

Joseph Hogg
Los Angeles,CA

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Re-thinking research with a view to impact: an academic perspective

Stephen Curry
Professor of Structural Biology, Imperial College

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Going to Tender: Choosing your Publisher

Kathey Alexander
Consultant in Professional and Scholarly Publishing

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A researcher’s perspective: The value of web-based collaboration platforms.

Reese McKay
Department of Psychiatry, Yale University & Olin Neuropsychiatric Research Center, Institute of Living

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Semantic enrichment of mathematics using ‘active comments’

Ross Moore
Macquarie University

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Trilingual templates for an educational institute in Bashkortostan, Russia

Boris Veytsman, Leila Akhmadeeva
George Mason University, Bashkir State Medical University

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Unfinished. How to work on a script for which there is no implementation yet.

Rainer Erich (‘Eric’) Scheichelbauer
Glyphs, Berlin, Vienna

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The Researchers’ New Big Picture-RESEARCH/USER NEEDS

Emilie Delquie

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Keynote: ‘Building capacity for web-enabled science’

Kaitlin Thaney
Mozilla Science Lab

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Infrastructure for AHSS

Pierre Mounier

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COASP 2015 – Closing remarks

Caroline Sutton
Co-Action Publishing

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Wiley: Altmetrics and the Evaluation Gap

Terri Teleen

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Liblisher or Pubrary: Navigating the New Library Publishing Landscape-OPEN ACCESS

Heather Staines

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Batch Commander: A GUI for LaTeX

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies

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Where are all the Users Going?…

Sarah Tegen

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The Challenges of Compliance The Academic Perspective

Judith Russell

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APE 2016 Opening and Chair

Michael Mabe
CEO, The International Association of STM

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Money, Money, Money (Robert C. Campbell)

Robert C. Campbell (Chair)
Guest of Honour, Oxford

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Dr. Phill Jones
Head of Publisher Outreah, Digital Science, London

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Life After the Death of Science Journals

Vitek Tracz Chairman, Science Navigation Group

Introduction to Peer Review presentations

A Quality Assurance Tool for JATS/BITS with Schematron and HTML reporting

Martin Kraetke1, Franziska Bühring2
1le-tex publishing services GmbH, 2De Gruyter

The curse of knowledge: why we communicate badly (in any medium)

Steven Pinker Department of Psychology, Harvard University

Introduction to the Session: Data by the People, For the People

Co-chairs: Catherine Brownstein and Rose Relevo

Empowering indigenous peoples’ knowledge systems related to climate change and intellectual property rights

Laura Foster Department of Gender Studies, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, USA

The Citation Fetish

Geoff Bilder Director of Strategic Initiatives, CrossRef

Keynote – Financial Sustainability of Open Access Scholarly Journals at Scale

MacKenzie Smith
University Librarian, University of California, Davis

Keynote – A Newcomers Perspective on Lessons Learned (or not) Toward Open Access Within Scholarly Communication

Meredith Morovati
Executive Director, Dryad

Karolina Mosiadz: Lightning presentations, part 2

Karolina Mosiadz

A LaTeX reference manual

Jim Hefferon
Saint Michael’s College

OA2020: Building Capacity for the Transformation

Dr. Ralf Schimmer
Director, Product, AAAS/Science, Washington, DC

Joris van Rossum

Ingo, PostDoc, Brain-Researcher


Stop, Collaborate and Listen! – Laura Montgomery

Laura Montgomery
Communications Manager, Library Relations, Taylor and Francis

Workshop D Feedback

Anna Clements
Assistant Director Library Services, University of St Andrews

OpenCitations: structured open citation data as a part of the Commons

Silvio Peroni

ASK us (almost) anything

Christina Riesenweber and Martin fenner

Reflections after 20 years of working in open infrastructure – Rachel Bruce

Rachel Bruce
Head of Open Research, UKRI

Ultra-fine-grain emulsions and the SilverCross project

E. Mirlis
NEWI/OpTIC Technium, UK
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Architectural Application and Maintenance for Art Holography

S. Ishii
Independent Artist, Japan
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Phase-shifting electro-holography for recording and reconstruction of wide 3D color images

K. Sato
University of Hyogo, Japan
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Encryption of holographic photonic crystal for security packing

X. Zhang
Xiamen University, China
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PracTeX 2006 Panel

Peter Flynn, Jonathan Kew, Barbara Beeton…
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The Erotic Spirit: Mystical and Romantic Love (ishq–i haqiqi va majazi) in Persian Poetry from Nizami to Hafiz

Ali Asghar Seyed-Ghorab
Leiden University, The Netherlands
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Half full or half empty? eBooks, the incomplete revolution

Alan Jarvis
Global Director, Social Science Books, Routledge
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Krita, its history, current state and goals

Boudewijn Rempt and Cyrille Berger
Krita developers, The Netherlands, France
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Design decisions for a structured front end to LaTeX

Barry Mackichan
MacKichan Software, Inc.
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Arabic script typography

Idris Hamid
Colorado State University
Play (50min) Download: M4V | MP3

Panoramas Down Under: Australian Panoramic Works in Progress

Jeffrey Morgan
Hawker, Australia
Play (36min) Download:  MOV | MP3

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Listen to the hand

Timothy Donaldson
Type Designer, UK
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TeX Live’s new infrastructure

Norbert Preining
Vienna University of Technology
Play (34min) Download:  | MOV | MP3

HCM from the “early days” to now

Eugene Braunwald
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Cardiac transplantation in “Developing Countries”

Hamdy El Sayed
Ain Shams
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Endemic restrictive cardiomyopathies

Ana Olga Mocumbi
Play (20min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Problematic elements of typograhic style influencing the æsthetic of the result

Robert Oleś
Kraków, Polska
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The MetaPost Library

Hans Hagen
Hasselt, The Netherland
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Scribus Presentation

Peter Linnell
Play (23min) M4V | MP3

Presentation about Hugin

Pablo d’ Angelo
Hugin developer
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Creating Your Own Styles with Google SketchUp Style Builder

Aidan Chopra
Level: Advanced
Play (71min) Download: M4V

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GNU FreeDink

Sylvain Beucler
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Mathematical Formulae Recognition

Daniel Průša
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The galley Module or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Whatsit

Morten Høgholm
LaTeX Project
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Languages for bibliography styles

Jean–Michel Hufflen
University of Franche–Comté, France
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Multi-lingual mathematical document recognition by InftyReader

M. Suzuki
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Blender 2008: Keynote and conference schedule

Ton Roosendaal
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The making of Big Buck Bunny

Andy Goralczyk, Enrico Valenza, William Reynish
Peach open movie team
Play (82min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Progress report from Opportunities for Data Exchange (ODE project)

Salvatore Mele
Play (13min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Which scientists can we trust?

Christine Ottery
Science Journalist
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The Power of Design

Dr. Allyson Vanston
Dean, Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar
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Qatar biofuel: research, development, education, infrastructure

Malcolm Potts, Roda Al Thani, Ghmaza Saed Hamd Al Ghazal, Mohamed Abdisalam, Eulian Roberts, Chris Schroeder, Amar Al Saady
Qatar University, Doha, Qatar; Qatar Science & Technology Park, Doha, Qatar; Qatar Airways, Doha, Qatar; Qatar National Research Fund, Doha, Qatar
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Effective programming for large distributed ensembles

Iliano Cervesato
Carnegie Mellon University. Doha, Qatar
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Intellectual property laws in Qatar

Abdulla Al Qayed
Qatar Intellectual Property Office, Director
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Insights on Brain Disorders through Optical Illusions and the Potential of Holographic 3–D

Aude Oliva & Antonio Torralba
MIT Museum
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High-performance XML: theory and practice

Alex Brown
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How to make money with free software

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SCOUR: an SVG scrubber

Doug Schepers
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Made With Floss

Cedric Gémy
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Folding Spaces, Unfolding Action

Martina Mrongovius
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
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Kaveh Bazargan (MC)
River Valley Technologies
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A fractional fourier transform algorithm for holographic display

Kaifeng Liu
Anhui university, Anhui, China
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Extended DVI formats and DVIasm

Jin-Hwan Cho
The University of Suwon, Republic of Korea
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How to digitalize 3D holographic process

Sam Choi
AFC Technology Co. Ltd.
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Open Access Publishing Strategies, Options and Issues for Scholar Publishers

David Solomon* and Caroline Sutton**
*Michigan State University, **Co-Action Publishing
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Social Accounting and Open Access

Jen Sweezie
Bioline International
Play (22min) Download: MP4 | MP3

TeX as an ebook reader

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
Play (23min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Dr. Peter Karow Award for Thomas Milo

Thomas Milo
Play (6min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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How ResearcherID will resolve name ambiguity in the scholarly ecosystem

David Kochalko
Thomson Reuters
Play (37min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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CrossMark: Trust and the Stewardship of Scholarly Content

Ed Pentz
CrossRef, Oxford
Play (23min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Panel Q & A: What does the user really want? Examining channels, behavior, and business models

Moderator: Tim Collins
Presenters: Andrea Kravetz, Deborah Lenares and William Park
Play (30min) Download:  MP4 | MP3

Welcome to LGM 2010

Louis Desjardin, Femke Snelting
Play (7min) Download:  MP4| MP3

Diffusion Curves in Inkscape vector drawings

Jasper van de Gronde
Play (23min) Download:  MP4| MP3

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How I made a free New Zealand coffee-table book using lots of Free Software

Marcus Holland-Moritz
Play (11min) Download:  MP4| MP3

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Peter Linnell
Play (17min) Download:  MP4| MP3

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Adventures in Computation: How I Wrinkled Norman Foster’s Gherkin

Chris Carlson
Graphics Developer, Wolfram Research
Play (22min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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Oriental TeX: Culturally authentic typesetting of the Qur’an

Idris Hamid
Play (46min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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Introduction to drawing structured diagrams in SDDL

Mathieu Bourgeois and Roger Villemaire
Université du Québec à Montréal
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Extending SURF to the Color Domain

David Gossow, Peter Decker, and Dietrich Paulus
University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany
Download paper
Play (23min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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Spectral Image Prediction of Color Halftone Prints Based on Neugebauer Modified Spectral Reflection Image Model

Masayuki Ukishima1,2, Yoshinori Suzuki1, Norimichi
Tsumura1, Toshiya Nakaguchi1, Martti Mäkinen2,
Shinichi Inoue3, Jussi Parkkinen2
1Chiba University, Japan, 2University of Eastern Finland, Finland,
3Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd., Japan

Download paper
Play (14min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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BioMed Central’s Membership Schemes

Matt Cockerill
Managing Director of BioMed Central
Play (15min) Download: FLV | MOV | OGG | MP3

Expanding Public Access to University Research Results: Can the Academic Community Agree on a Common Path Forward?

John Vaughn
Executive Vice President, Association of American Universities
Play (63min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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