One Open Source Publishing year

Ludivine Loiseau
Open Source Publishing
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From Analog to Digital Holography, a Personal Holographic Journey

Steven L Smith
De Montfort University
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The special effects of holographic replay lighting

Paula Dawson
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
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Dynamic Arabic: Towards the philosopher’s stone of Arabic-script typography

Idris Hamid
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Writing and checking complete proofs in LaTeX

Bob Neveln and Bob Alps
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Practical method for color computer-generated rainbow hologram of real-existing objects

Shiye Yi, Hui Wang
Zhejiang Normal University, China
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The perspectives of synthetic holography

Jacques Desbiens
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Nano-publication and Open Access

Jan Velterop
Concept Web Alliance
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Thinking Outside the Book

Cynthia Cleto
Springer Science+Business Media
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Il respawn di Infomedia (LaTeX-based)

Emmanuele Somma
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Concluding Keynote – Beyond Text and Tiffs: Progress and Prospects for Rich Media

Bill Kasdorf
Apex Content Solutions
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Using and Communicating Knowledge: a Researcher Perspective

Michael Jubb
Research Information Network (RIN), London
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Measuring Is Knowing – Or Is It?

Jan Velterop
Concept Web Alliance, Cobham
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ORCID (Open Researcher & Contributor ID)

Howard Ratner
Chief Technology Officer, Executive VP, Nature Publishing Group
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The Rural Design Collective Summer Mentoring Program

Rebecca Hargrave Malamud
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Cantarell: Designing Typefaces Using Only Free Software

Dave Crossland
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The Open Colour Standard: Physical colour for F/LOSS

ginger coons
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Men and magazines in the après-lad era

Kevin Braddock, Peter Lyle
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Unicode mathematics in LaTeX: Advantages and challenges

Will Robertson
University of Adelaide, Australia
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From PostScript to PDF

Herbert Voß
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An Earthshaking Announcement

Don Knuth
Stanford University
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On Curvature of Color Spaces and Its Implications

Toko Kohei1, Jinhui Chao1, Reiner Lenz2
1Chuo University, Japan, 2Linköping University, Sweden
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Noise Analysis of a Multispectral Image Acquisition System

Noriyuki Shimano
Kinki University, Japan
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Breakout Session on Centralized Payment Mechanisms for OA Publishing Costs

Matt Cockerill
Managing Director of BioMed Central
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Brazil – An Awakening Tiger

David Myers
Managing Director, Dot Lib International
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Evolving Preservation Needs: A Portico Update

Toni Tracy
Director of Publisher Relations, Portico
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A new primitive for SVG: extending the path

Jean-Claude Moissinac
Telecom ParisTech
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Compressing SVG with EXI

Youenn Fablet, Romain Bellessort, Jun Fujisawa,
Anthony Grasso, Hervé Ruellan
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Digital Curation

Mike Furlough1 and Patrick Alexander2
1Assistant Dean for scholarly communications, 2Director, University Press
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Scott Brandt
Associate Dean, Purdue University Libraries
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Charles Watkinson
Director, University Press
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Modelling colour contrast using CIECAM02

Yuanlei Wang, Anthony White and Xiaohong Gao;
Middlesex University
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Measurement and Modeling of Chromatic Spatio-Velocity Contrast Sensitivity Function and its Application to Video Quality Evaluation

(Interactive Paper Preview)Keita Hirai, Toshiaki Mikami,
Norimichi Tsumura, and Toshiya Nakaguchi
Chiba University (Japan)
Download paper
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Colour and Tolerance of Preferred Skin Colours

Huanzhao Zeng1 and M. Ronnier Luo2
1Hewlett-Packard Company (USA), 2University of Leeds (UK)
Download paper
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Ink Penetration, Isomorphic Colorant Mixing, and Negative Values of Yule-Nielsen n

J.A. Stephen Viggiano
Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)
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Ensuring Content Flexibility – Challenging in Newspaper Media Monitoring

Tim Saulter
Product Marketing Manager, Newspaper Licensing Agency
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Springer Materials

Thomas Mager
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Open access and institutional repositories in research and academic institutions

Rosemary Otando
University of Nairobi
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What Academic Publishing can Do fo Science

Prof. Dr. J.J. (Jos) Engelen
President, Governing Board of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), The Hague
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SOAP 2011: Welcome and introduction to the day

Ralf Schimmer
Max Planck Society
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Celina Ramjoué
European Commission
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Salvatore Mele
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3D video disparity adjustment for preference and prevention of discomfort

Hao Pan, Chang Yuan, Scott Daly
Sharp Labs. of America, Inc. (United States)

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Discussion Forum 1 – 3DTV Dangers: Truth or Fiction?

Lenny Lipton (Panel Moderator)
CTO, Oculus 3D

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Geometric and subjective analysis of stereoscopic I3A cluster images

Mikko Kytö, Jussi Hakala, Pirkko Oittinen
Aalto Univ. School of Science and Technology (Finland)

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From Claim to Fact: A Small Use Case in Scientific Fact Making, Using the Bourne Corpus

De Waard
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Making sense of science and evidence

Tracey Brown
Managing Director, Sense About Science

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E-Books 2011: Introduction and Welcome

Nick Canty & John Akeroyd
UCL Department of Information Studies and Centre for Publishing

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In situ animation with Toonloop

Alexandre Quessy

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Data Viz: Open Source and Sources

Take my content – please! – The service-based business model of SureChem

Nicko Goncharoff
SureChem (Digital Science)

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Creating and Consuming Scholarship in the Age of Information Overload

Oliver Goodenough
Berkman Center for Internet and Society

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Free Open Software: An Untapped Resource for the Small Publisher: Introduction

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies

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Q & A


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Easy multi-projector desktop using Lighttwist compiz plugin

Sébastien Roy & Louis Bouchard
Département d’Informatique et de recherche opérationnelle Université de Montréal

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Publishing in Latin America and the Caribbean: innovative models

Mariana R. Biojone
Senior Business Development Editor, Springer

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Parallel 1(c): Industry Updates

Tweets, Avatars, Tags and Blogs: Collecting, Communicating and Visualising Social Media

Andrew Hudson-Smith
Director Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London

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Introduction from the Conference Chair

Paul Peters
Hindawi Publishing Corporation

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EPUB 3.0 Overview

Graham Bell
The Chief Data Architect, EDItEUR

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Ebooks and paper size: Output routine hacking made easy

Boris Veytsman1, Michael Ware
1George Mason University, USA

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Why TeX math search is more relevant now than ever

Petr Sojka
Masaryk University, Czech Republic

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Riding the Wave: a Perspective for Today and the Future

Dr Monica Marinucci
EMEA Director for Research, ORACLE

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Appearance Degradation and Chromatic Shift in Energy-Efficient Lighting Devices

Charles E. Hunt1,2 Josep Carreras2 and Jesús Quintero2
1University of California, Davis (USA) and 2Catalonia Institute for Energy Research,IREC (Spain) Download paper

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High Dynamic Range Displays and Low Vision

James A. Ferwerda
Munsell Color Science Laboratory (USA)
Download paper

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Saliency-Based Band Selection For Spectral Image Visualization

Steven Le Moan1,2, Alamin Mansouri1, Jon Y. Hardeberg1, Yvon Voisin1
1Université de Bourgogne (France), 1Gjøvik University College (Norway)
Download paper

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The shared solution: how can shared services help address some of the pressure points facing libraries and, more widely, scholarly communications?

Ken Chad
Director, Ken Chad Consulting Ltd

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Session 2: Entrepreneurship in Science and Technology

Dr Tidu Maini (Chair)
Executive Chairman, Qatar Science and Technology Park

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Discussion – Energy & Environment Research

Dr Rabi Mohtar (Chair)
Executive Director, Qatar Energy & and Environment Research Institute

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Computation meets Knowledge

Conrad Wolfram
Strategic Director and European co-founder, Wolfram Research

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Dual-pupil 3D imaging system through complementary multiband bandpass filters: modeling to reduce color rivalry and characterization of the depth range [8288-94]

Sam Youngsam Bae1, Allen Ream2, Ronald Korniski3, Michael Shearn3, Hrayr Shahinian4, Harish Manohara3
1Jet Propulsion Lab. and The Univ. of Southern California, 2Montana State Univ., 3Jet Propulsion Lab., 4Skull Base Institute, United States

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Reproducibility of crosstalk measurements on active glasses 3D LCD displays based on temporal characterization [8288-31]

Sylvain Tourancheau1, Kun Wang2,3, Lucjan Janowski3, Jaroslaw Bulat4, Kjell Brunnström2, Marcus Barkowsky5
1Mid Sweden Univ., 2Acreo AB and 3Mid Sweden Univ. Sweden, 4AGH Univ. of Science and Technology, Poland, 5Polytech’ Nantes, France Published Manuscript

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Visual discomfort with stereo 3D displays when the head is not upright [8288-37]

David Kane, Robin Held, Martin Banks
Univ. of California, Berkeley, United States

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New high-brightness interference filter developments [8288-50]

Helmut Jorke, Arnold Simon
Infitec GmbH, Germany
Published Manuscript

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ORCID: Unique Identifiers for Authors and Contributors

Martin Fenner
Hannover Medical School, ORCID

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Q & A – The Evolving Library

Kate Price (Chair)
University of Surrey

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I Saw What You did and I Know Who You Are

Kevin Cohn
Vice President of Operations, Atypon

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The Transformation of Libraries and their Users: Q & A with Librarians

Moderators: Della Sar and T. Scott Plutchak

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Investigating human color harmony preferences using unsupervised machine learning

Przemysław Skurowski, Michał Kozielski
Silesian University of Technology (Poland)
Download paper

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A novel computational tool for aesthetic scoring of digital photography

Fabrizio Ravì, Sebastiano Battiato
University of Catania (Italy)
Download paper

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Building the project

Dr Julia M Wallace
Project Manager, PEER

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Art-Science, Beauty-Reason, and Holography

Prof Tung H Jeong
Lake Forest College, USA

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A Curious Conundrum; The State of Holographic Portraiture in the 21st Century

Rob Taylor
Forth Dimension Holographic Technologies, United States

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Aberrations in Holography

Dinesh Padiyar
Triple Take Holographics, United States

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Real-time Image Generation for Compressive Light Field Displays

Matthew Hirsch, Gordon Wetzstein, Douglas Lanman, Ramesh Raskar
MIT Media Lab, United States

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Athabasca University Press

Kathy Killoh
Athabasca University Press

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OASPA Update 2012

Caroline Sutton
Co-Action Publishing

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Heat in the Kitchen – Debates, Mandates, and Access

T. Scott Plutchak1 (Moderator), Kent Anderson2
1University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB), 2Editor-in-Chief, The Scholarly Kitchen

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Global Academic Business & Book DOIs

Jess Lawson
Oxford University Press

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The library-facilitated collection: Variety is the spice of life – the challenges of managing collections shaped by user choice and publisher bundling

Jill Taylor-Roe
Head of Planning & Resources and Deputy Librarian, Newcastle University

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The new NISO journal Article Tag Suite standard

Sara Zimmerman

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Get Credit for all of your research

Mark Hahnel

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Invited Overviews – Q & A

Dr H. Frederick Dylla, Dr John Vaughn, and Michael Mabe

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Open or not: what is a Book?

Carrie Calder
Palgrave Macmillan, London

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Characterizing and Reducing Crosstalk in Printed Anaglyph Stereoscopic 3D Images [SD&A2013]

Andrew J. Woods
Curtin University (Australia)

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Stereoscopic game design and evaluation [8648-38] [SD&A2013]

Nicolas S. Holliman
Durham Univ. (United Kingdom)
Published Manuscript

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Why high performance visual data analytics is both relevant and difficult (Keynote Presentation)

Edward W. Bethel, Prabhat Prabhat, Surendra Byna, Oliver Ruebel, Kesheng Wu, Michael F Wehner
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (United States)

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Photometric limits for digital camera systems

Michael Schöberl
Fraunhofer IIS (Germany)

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Rigour and Open Access – Liz Ferguson

Liz Ferguson
Wiley Blackwell

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Open access and scholarly publishing

Brain Hole
Ubiquity Press

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Licensing in the publishing sector

Sarah Faulder
Publishers Licensing Society

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Motivation and rewards in community curation projects


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Update on Force 11 and the Amsterdam manifesto

Merce Crosas
Harvard University, Director of Data Science at IQSS

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Marketing & Communications for open-access journals

Jen McLennan

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