UKSG One Day Conference 2012

UKSG One Day Conference 2012
November 15, 2012
UKSG One-Day Conference was held at 76 Portland Place (Rutherford Theatre), London.

The consortial collection: Lessons from SHEDL’s approach to collection development

Richard Parsons
Director of the Library and Learning Centre, University of Dundee

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The library-facilitated collection: Variety is the spice of life – the challenges of managing collections shaped by user choice and publisher bundling

Jill Taylor-Roe
Head of Planning & Resources and Deputy Librarian, Newcastle University

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The discovered collection: The impact of discovery services on the usage and exploitation of collections

Andrew Barker
Head of Library Academic Services, University of East Anglia

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Adding value to the collection in a world of free information: How do publishers producing paid-for content compete with free in the online reference world?

Robert Faber
Editorial Director, Reference/Director, Oxford University Press

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The data-driven collection: Evidence-based collection development – how to use Big Data to optimise your collection

Maxim van Gisbergen
Manager, Business Development, Swets

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The portable collection: Tablets, mobile technology and e-textbooks – the last frontiers of electronic information

Aviva Weinstein
Senior Associate/Director, Maverick Publishing Specialists Ltd

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