ReCon 2016

ReCon 2016
June 24, 2016

The ReCon (Research Conference) 2016 was held at The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI), High School Yards, Edinburgh.

The Citation Fetish

Geoff Bilder Director of Strategic Initiatives, CrossRef

Research Data: Challenges and Opportunities

Mike Jones Senior Product Manager, Mendeley

Seven principles of design

Rebecca Kaye Data visualisation specialist, NumberTelling

Pawel Jancz Data developer specialist, NumberTelling

Data visualisation: early and often, the path to clean data

Ian Calvert Senior Data Scientist, Digital Science

What does it mean to be ‘data-driven’?

Isaac Roseboom Head of Insight at deltaDNA

Of shapes and style: visualising innovations in scholarly communication

Bianca Kramer & Jeroen Bosman  

Understanding and overcoming challenges to sharing personal and sensitive data

Cuna Ekmekcioglu Senior Research Data Officer, Library & University Collections, The University of Edinburgh