Knowledge Sharing and the Commons

Kaitlin Thaney
Creative Commons
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Update on the Chicago Collaborative – Bringing the Stakeholders Together

T. Scott Plutchak
University of Alabama, Birmingham
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Mobile Publishing at NEJM

Kent Anderson
New England Journal of Medicine
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Building Blocks of the future Scholarly Web: Beyond and far beyond

Prof. Dr. Stefan Gradmann
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Article Level Metrics – What We Don’t Know We Don’t Know

Gregg Gordon
Social Science Research Network, Rochester, NY
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Scholarship in the Age of Immediacy

Christopher Winship
Professor, Harvard University and Editor, Sage Publications
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MaDAM: A Data Management Infrastructure for Biomedical Researchers at the University of Manchester

June Finch
University of Manchester
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Breakout Session on Centralized Payment Mechanisms for OA Publishing Costs

Matt Cockerill
Managing Director of BioMed Central
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Everybody loves a happy ending: are we looking at a happy end to print purchasing?

Steve Sharp
Leeds University Library
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Social media at the OECD: Throwing caution to the winds, a bit

Patrick Love
Senior Editor, OECD Publishing
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Disciplinary practices and different content I

Toby Green
Head of Publishing, OECD
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Dr. Bill Town
Kilmorie Consulting
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Introduction and CrossRef Overview

Ed Pentz
Executive Director
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‘Lead’ or ‘lead’ – improving the quality of semantic enrichment

Jeremy Macdonald
Associate Director, Platform Development, Nature Publishing Group
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Utopia Documents

Adam Marshall
Portland Press
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Publishing in BioMed Central’s journals

Ruth King
Journal Publisher, BioMed Central
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What Academic Publishing can Do fo Science

Prof. Dr. J.J. (Jos) Engelen
President, Governing Board of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), The Hague
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Mendeley: Building the World’s largest Semantic Research Database – from Scratch!

Victor Henning
Co-founder and CEO, Mendeley, London
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Comparing scientific discourse annotation schemes for enhanced knowledge extraction

Anita de Waard, Paul Thompson, Maria Liakata, Raheel Nawaz and Sophia Ananiadou
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Access to scholarly content: gaps and barriers to access (key findings)

Ian Rowlands
CIBER Research Group, University College London

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Current and future challenges in China: What’s an STM publisher to do?

Steve Miron
Senior Vice President, STM & Scholarly Division, John Wiley & Sons

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Independent Scholarly Publishers Group: A Case Study

Thomas Taylor
Dragonfly Sales and Marketing Consulting

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Routes to the digital marketplace: Tune up your ebook data to drive discoverability and distribution success

Susie Stroud1, Peter Balis2, Gina McCue3, Heather Reid4
1Baker & Taylor Digital Media Services, 2John Wiley & Sons, Inc. , 3Credo Reference, 4Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.

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What is Usability & Why is it Important?

Andrea Kravetz

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Concurrent 2A: Roads to the Digital Marketplace

Panel #2: Incentives – “What’s in it for us?”

Morning Keynote from the European Commission

Francesco Fusaro

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Making the most of our data: a researcher’s view of publishing

Jonathan Goodman
Reader in Chemistry, University of Cambridge

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The “social” side of digital science

Kaitlin Thaney
Manager, External Partnerships Digital Science

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Keynote 2: From E-phobia to E-phoria

Richard Charkin
Executive Director, Bloomsbury

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Evolution or Revolution: Changes in Peer Review

Adrian Mulligan
Deputy Director, Research and Academic Relations, Elsevier

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Engineers in the Cloud

Dr Christoph Best

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The Currency of Data: A researcher perspective of integrating data and publication

Dr Max Wilkinson
British Library

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CrossMark Update

Evan Owens
American Institute of Physics

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To Outsource or not to Outsource? Tips and tools for the society publisher

Caitlin Meadows
Publishing Services Director, Charlesworth Group

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The Book Will Never Die

Thijs Willems

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ODE: Opportunities for Data Exchange – A Publisher Viewpoint on the Changes ahead

Drs Eefke Smit
Director, STM, Amsterdam

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ORCID: Unique Identifiers for Authors and Contributors

Martin Fenner
Hannover Medical School, ORCID

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The emotional consequences of the idealisation of the elderly married academic librarian (male) by the elderly unmarried academic librarian (female) – a study

Stephen Buck
Dublin City University

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HighWire Press

Thomas Rump
Managing Director, HighWire Press

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Developing Applications for Elsevier’s SciVerse Platform, Developer Perspective

Thomas Taylor
Director of Product Development, INFOTECH Soft

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Case Study: Targeting Individual Users

Cynthia Bowab
The New England Journal of Medicine

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Results from the DOAB user needs study

Janneke Adema
Directory of Open Access Books

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Open by default: Applying the right license to research data in open access journals

Iain Hrynaszkiewicz
BioMed Central

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The data-driven collection: Evidence-based collection development – how to use Big Data to optimise your collection

Maxim van Gisbergen
Manager, Business Development, Swets

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CrossRef 2012 workshop Books Interest Group

Mike Eden
Cambridge University Press

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Keynote Presentation: The hows, whys and wherefores of open access production

Natasha Mellins-Cohen
Head of Publishing Operations, BioMed Central

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A new metric for journal impact: Usage Factor

Peter Shepherd
Director COUNTER

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CC-BY: Experiences from biological and medical publishing

Matthew Cockerill
Managing Director, BioMed Central

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How to make Sharing easy for Researchers, will Publishers become redundant?

Dr Victor Henning
Mendeley Ltd., London

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Invited Overviews – Q & A

Dr H. Frederick Dylla, Dr John Vaughn, and Michael Mabe

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Beyond Traditional Articles – Richard Price

Richard Price

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Springer and future (business) models

Wim van der Stelt

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FACT Seminar No.2 – Welcome

Graham Taylor
The Long Game

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Lean & Agile: what publishing can learn from startups

Rachel Willmer

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Mark Hahnel
Figshare, Founder

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Opening Keynote

Salvatore Mele
CERN, Head of Open Access

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Open Access-views from the (SSAH) Learned Society and Author Perspective

Victoria Gardner

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Semantic Analytics

Jake Zarnegar

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Howard Ratner

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Susan King: Public Access – Policies, Implementation, Developments and the future of US published research

Susan King
Senior Vice President, Journals Publishing Group, American Chemical Society and member of the CHORUS Steering Committee

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DTD Analyzer: A tool for analyzing and manipulating DTDs

Demian Hess
Avalon Consulting, LLC

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What JATS Users should Know about the Book Interchange Tag Suite (BITS)

Jeffrey Beck

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Session Three: Publishing – what are the new creative rules?

Jo Young, Rachel Willmer, Jenny Todd, Cory Doctorow

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Keynote: A financial analyst’s perspective on open access

Claudio Aspesi
Sanford Bernstein

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System Update

Chuck Koscher
Director of Technology

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Reports and How to Use Them

Patricia Feeney
Product Support Manager

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Geek Out – Research on the Web

Paul Groth

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JATS for Ejournals and BITS for Ebooks—Adopting BITS for Scholars Portal Ebook Repository

Wei Zhao, Ravit H. David, Sadia Khwaja and Qinqin Lin
OCUL—Scholars Portal

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The Future is Open: Education in the digital age

Steve Wheeler
Professor of Learning Technologies, Plymouth University

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Altmetrics & the Feedback Loop: Action, Information, Reaction

David A.Crotty
Ph.D., Senior Editor, Oxford University Press

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The RMap Project: Linking the Products of Research and Scholarly Communication

Tim DiLauro
Digital Library Architect, Johns Hopkins Sheridans Libraries

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Glenn Collins

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DDA, DRM, ILL – Oh My! Building a Better eBook Model-Business Strategy

Kathy Masnik

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Opening Remarks by SSP President Howard Ratner…

Howard Ratner

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APIs in Scholarly Publishing – It’s a Marketing Thing-MARKETING/PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT

Gordon Tibbits

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New Tools and Workflows for Manuscript Submission and Peer Review

Bert Carelli

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Reflections on Leadership and Success-Intro

Howard Ratner

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The Challenges of Compliance Lessons from across the pond

Rob Johnson

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The Future of Scholarly Communication…Discussion

Maeg Keane, Pat Weitzel, Katy Meert, Nick Dials, Ashley Ketelhut

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Freedom APCs, an experimental model making Open Access publishing affordable to all

Bryan Vickery
Cogent OA

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IOPP and offsetting

Steve Hall
IOP Publishing

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Money, Money, Money (Robert C. Campbell)

Robert C. Campbell (Chair)
Guest of Honour, Oxford

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Reputation: New Ways of Building, Showcasing and Measuring Scholarly Reputation in the Digital Age

Prof. Dr. David Nicholas
CIBER Research Ltd., Newbury

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Panel discussion: Wanted – an Infrastructure for Scholarly Communication

Ginny Hendricks, Dr. Daniel Hook, Klaus Zinoecker, Alicia Wise, Matthias Razum, Geoffrey Bilder

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The Unseen Costs of Peer Review – Why peer review can never be free (even if your paper is perfect)

Alice Ellingham Download slides Director, Editorial Office Ltd

Keynote talk: Structural disruptions in the reward system of science

Cassidy Sugimoto Associate Professor, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University Bloomington

Peer review after results are known: Are we “parking” the cart before the horse?

Erick Turner Oregon Health & Science University

Introduction to the Concurrent session: Altmetrics and my career: real barriers or limitations of our minds?

Co-chairs: Stacy Konkiel and Robin Champieux

Data Publishing and Institutional Repositories

Varsha Kodiyar Data Curation Editor, Scientific Data , Nature Publishing Group

Jatdown: a markdown language for writing JATS

Paul Johnston

Coasp 2016 – Q&A – Panel 1 – Technology and Innovation


Open access and cancer research

Katie Foxall
Head of Publishing, ecancer

Q & A: Lightning presentations, part 1


Open Access Publishing in Chemistry: Opportunities and Challenges

Dr. Emma Wilson
Director of Publishing, Royal Society of Chemistry, London

The Scientific, Technical and Medical Information Sector, 2016

Jo McShea
VP & Lead Analyst, Outsell, London

The Forbidden Forecast – Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson
Associate Dean, University of Utah and President of SSP

Friends, Foes or Frenemies? – Robert Harington

Robert Harington
Associate Executive Director, American Mathematical Society

Keynote: Open Access, Impact Factors, and other Animals: My First Year

Christopher Jackson

How much Open Access is there in Berlin?

Michaela Voigt and Christian Winterhalter

SSP APE Pre-conference day Keynote: Scholarly Publishing in the Future

Dr. Michiel Kolman
President, International Publishers Association (IPA), SVP Information Industry Relations, Academic Ambassador Emeritus, Elsevier

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