Challenges for Journals in the Social Sciences & Humanities

Sarah Phibbs
Journals Publishing Director, Wiley-Blackwell
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Progress report from Alliance for Permanent Access to the Records of Science Network (APARSEN project)

David Giaretta
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Tapping the full potential of the eBook market – Springer’s MyCopy

Brian Bishop
Springer Science + Business Media
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Open Assessment and Open Citation Analysis – Experiences with the Journal “Economics”

Korinna Werner-Schwarz* and Olaf Siegert**
*Kiel Institute for the World Economy, German National Library of Economics
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E-books from the library perspective: Selection and Delivery

James Mouw
University of Chicago
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Developing a Mobile Strategy at the IEEE

Gerry Grenier
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Elsevier’s Article of the Future

IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg
Innovation and Product Development, Elsevier, Amsterdam
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Keynote: Research, Results, and Rewards: How is the Academy Changing?

Gretchen M. Bataille
President, University of North Texas
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Managing and Sharing Data – What Researchers Do And Don’t Do; The Implications For Policy

Dr Michael Jubb
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Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science

Rob van Glabbeek
Editor-in-Chief of the Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science
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Parallel Session 1(a) Q&A

Linda Bennett, Chris Bennett, Emma Coonan & Roheena Anand
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Ed Pentz
Executive Director, CrossRef
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Framing the Discussion – Different Perspectives

Kevin Ashley
Director of the JISC Digital Curation Centre
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Wilma Mossink
Surf Foundation, The Netherlands
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Dr. Eefke Smit
Director of Technology and Standards International Association of Science Technical and Medical Publishers
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Outsourcing or Not? – Using Cambridge books and journals as case studies

Andy Williams
Director, Cambridge University Press
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New Pathways to Research

Jonathan Morgan
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Case study of an open access journal

Prof. Judith Kimiywe
Head of Food Nutrition and Dietetics, Kenyatta University and AJFAND journal
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Panel discussion: The Data Deluge, to Drown or Swim?

Herbert Gruttemeier, Mrs. Eefke Smit, Dr. Jan Brase & Dr. Malte Dreyer
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The Rational and Empirical Basis for Open-Access Initiatives

Prof. Dr. Stuart M. Shieber
Director, Office for Scholarly Communication, Harvard University Library, Cambridge, MA
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Total Impact: Aggregating alternative measures of impact

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Analysis: Insights and Trends in the Global STM Market

David Bousfield, Ph.D.
Vice President & Lead Analyst, Outsell UK Ltd

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The future is mobile: the role of ebooks in the learning and teaching landscape

Nicky Whitsed
Director of Library Services, Open University

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A Health Science Librarian Perspective

Liz Lorbeer
University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Independent Scholarly Publishers Group: A Case Study

Thomas Taylor
Dragonfly Sales and Marketing Consulting

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What Our Readers Actually do on Scholarly Publication Sites–Figuring it out through Usability Testing: Introduction

Carol Anne Meyer

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Smart content at Elsevier

Ellen Hays

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Keynote 1: Will Books be different?

Kevin Guthrie
President, Ithaka

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Parallel 1 (b): Who Knows Best? Academic library book collections development in transition

Developing opportunities for the future: adapting to change

Jane Harvell
Head of Academic Services, University of Sussex Library

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Learned Publishing Live!


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BMJ Open

Richards Sands
Managing Editor

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Digital Preservation What Why Which When With?

Prof. Keith Jeffery
Chair of APA Executive Board

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Discussion Panel on ‘Riding the Wave’

Dr David Giaretta, Dr Michael Factor, Dr Monica Marinucci, Professor Tony Hey, Dr Christoph Best and Professor John Wood (Chair)

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Who is doing a good job in digital preservation? Audit and Certification of Digital Repositories: ISO and the European Framework

Dr David Giaretta
Director APA

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Shared services: delivering success

Colin Cram
Managing Director, Marc1 Ltd

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Challenges in eBook production

Bruce Rosenblum
CEO Inera Inc.

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The Past, the Present and the Future of STM Publishing

Derk Haank
CEO, Springer Science+Business Media, Berlin

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PANGAEA – Research Data enters Scholarly Communication. Building an Infrastructure to publish and cite Data in the Earth and Environmental Sciences

Michael Diepenbroek
Managing Director, PANGAEA, Bremen

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Greetings from NASIG

Steve Shadle
President, NASIG

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The Peer Project: investigating the effects of Green Open Access

Julia M Wallace
The PEER Project

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Vision, Users, Developers – what drives innovation at Mendeley?”

Dr. Victor Henning
Co-Founder & CEO, Mendeley, Ltd

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Global Student E-book Survey: Comparing 2008 and 2011 Trends and Perceptions

Aine Rice
Ebook Supplier Ebrary

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Behavioural Research

Dr Jenny Fry

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How to implement Gold Open Access at a research institution

Margo Bargheer
Gottingen University Press

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Caren Milloy
JISC Collections

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Tools for Smaller Publishers and Individuals – Karl Ward

Karl Ward
R&D Programmer

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Scholarly Publishing and CrossRef in China

Yan Shuai
Tsinghua University Press (TUP)

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Third Panel

Thomson Reuters’ Data Citation Index

Nigel Robinson
Thomson Reuters

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Accessibility, Sustainability, Excellence: the UK Approach

Dame Janet Finch
Professor of Sociology, University of Manchester, UK

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The usage-driven Decade. How ‘Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA)’ changes Scholarly Publishing

Katrin Siems
De Gruyter, Berlin

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Rigour and Open Access – Douglas Kell

Douglas Kell

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Alternative Peer Review – Irene Hames

Irene Hames
Independent publishing consultant

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Publish Trust: A Payload of Provenance

Hal Warren

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WILEY TDM: Emerging Solutions

Duncan Campbell
Wiley Blackwell

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Digital Evolution – A List Survival Guide: One traditional publishers journey from print to digital and beyond

Brendan Miles
The List

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DOIs and Supercomputing

Terry Jones
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Computer Scientist

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Developing Open Access Policy Positions for Science Europe

Georg Botz
Science Europe

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Technology and Standards for Open Access Publishing

Roy Kaufman
Copyright Clearance Center

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The Pioneer’s Dilemma: Re-thinking and Re-tooling what was once state of art

Nancy Roberts
Global Production and Operations Director, Academic Publishing, Cambridge University Press

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An Introduction to Kudos

Melinda Kenneway
Director, Kudos and TBI Communications

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How Well do you Know Your Data? Converting an Archive of Proprietary Markup Schemes to JATS: A Case Study

Faye Krawitz
American Institute of Physics

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When the “One Size Fits Most” tagset doesn’t fit you

Tommie Usdin
Mulberry Technologies, Inc.

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Reaching readers: content and community

Alastair Horne
Digital Strategist Cambridge University Press and Futurist

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New approaches in library-based publishing

Alma Swan
SPARC Europe

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Frontiers for Young Minds

Fred Fenter

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Small Publisher Tools

Karl Ward
Principal R&D Engineer

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Keynote: Communication with a Crowd: Lessons from Citizen Science

Chris Lintott
University of Oxford

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Closing Session: Where Have we Been and Where are we Going as a Community?

Phil Bourne
National Institutes of Health

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Turn JATS into container format

Martin Fenner

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Moving beyond the impact factor, what changes are needed at the government, university and individual levels

Martin Fenner

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Final session Q&A

Kate Pearson
Business Development Manager, Bioscientifica Ltd

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Early Career Researchers Panel

Connie Hughes
Director, Corporate Communications, Wolters Kluwer, Medical Research

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Evolving Information Policies & their Implications: A conversation for Librarians and Publishers

Steve Kelley

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Interactive Journal Content Production Services

Jean Kaplansky

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Springer’s high-impact off-setting model – experiences so far

Juliane Ritt
Springer Nature

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Scholarly publishing: a perspective from an early career academic

Derek Groen
University College London

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Open Access 2.0: Monographs from the Perspective of Publishers and Librarians

Melissanne Scheld
Publishers Communication Group

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Navigating the Journals Commissioning / Acquisitions Landscape

Diana Pesek
Pennsylvania State University Press

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Peter Ashman

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Reflections on Leadership and Success-Intro

Howard Ratner

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The Challenges of Compliance Lessons from across the pond

Rob Johnson

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APE 2016 Opening and Chair

Michael Mabe
CEO, The International Association of STM

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Money, Money, Money (Robert C. Campbell)

Robert C. Campbell (Chair)
Guest of Honour, Oxford

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Dr. Phill Jones
Head of Publisher Outreah, Digital Science, London

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Life After the Death of Science Journals

Vitek Tracz Chairman, Science Navigation Group

Introduction to Peer Review presentations

Collecting XML at article submission at eLife: Two steps forward, one step back?

Melissa Harrison

communicating science questions and panel discussion

Overcoming obstacles to sharing data about human subjects

Robin Rice University of Edinburgh

Q&A: Session: Working beyond borders

Data visualisation: early and often, the path to clean data

Ian Calvert Senior Data Scientist, Digital Science

The Open Access Model in Latin America

Arianna Becerril
Technology and Innovation Director, Redalyc

MLA Commons & CORE: Networking Scholarly Communication

Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Director of Scholarly Communication, Modern Language Association

Are we doing enough for peer review?


Room at the Top – It’s Good for Business – Q&A

Chair: Dr. Liz Marchant, Dr. Patricia Gabaldon, Alice Meadows

Publishing in the Doghouse: Protecting Copyright, Enabling Access, or Both?

Philip Carpenter
Senior Adviser, Research, Wiley, Oxford

It’s not easy being Green – Judith Russell

Judith Russell
Dean of Libraries, University of Florida

The Publishing Cookbook – Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson
CEO, Redlink and Founder, The Scholarly Kitchen

Nurturing indigenous capacities for culture-centric innovations: a cross-sectional study

Nashon Adero

Machine accessibility of open access scientific publications from publisher systems via resource sync

Petr Knoth

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