Keynote: Digital preservation in the ERAB/ESFRI landscape

John Wood
Imperial College, London
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Transparency in Funding Sources

H. Frederick Dylla
American Institute of Physics
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The Directory of Open Access Journals – The Development of the Collection, Current Projects, and Plans for the Future

Lars Bjornshauge
Directory of Open Access Journals/Lund University
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The Price of Open Access? OA Funds, Institutions and Consortia

Stephen Pinfield
University of Nottingham
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Automated Work Flow Solutions

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Opening Remarks

Prof. Michael Mabe
International Association of STM Publishers, The Hague and Oxford
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Report from the Future Lab

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Inviting Silicon Valley through the academic publishing door

Jason Hoyt
Research Director at
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Open, free, or hybrid? Open access at the BMJ Group

Trish Groves
Executive Editor of the British Medical Journal
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Tracing the Emerging Open Access Landscape in Greece: Achievements, Challenges, Prospects

Victoria Tsoukala
the National Documentation Centre, EKT
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Putting your customers to work. Social media: building a collaborative business.

Melinda Kenneway
Director, TBI Communications Ltd
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Supporting social scientists in the iResearch Age

Paul Thompson
Director, Centre for Corpus Research, University of Birmingham
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Merging, reassembling and distributing content in STM publishing

Jan Visser
Senior Vice President Electronic Production, Elsevier
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SciVal – productivity measurements

Lisa Colledge
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Open Access Africa 2010: Q & A – Session 1

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Riding the Wave. How Europe can Gain from the Fising Tide of Scientific Data

Prof. Dr. John Wood
Secretary General, Association of Commonwealth Universities, London
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Anytime, Anywhere: Strategies for Mobile Content Delivery

Kevin Cohn
Vice President of Operations, Atypon, Santa Clara
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Comparing scientific discourse annotation schemes for enhanced knowledge extraction

Anita de Waard, Paul Thompson, Maria Liakata, Raheel Nawaz and Sophia Ananiadou
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Access to scholarly content: gaps and barriers to access (key findings)

Ian Rowlands
CIBER Research Group, University College London

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Keynote: Considering the researched: ethics and online research

Aleks Krotoski, Ph.D
Research Associate, Oxford Internet Institute

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Concurrent 1C: At the Cutting Edge: A Series of Start-ups

Concurrent 2D: Information Overload: Reaching Readers in a State of Distraction

Q & A


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To Infinity and Beyond – Perspectives from a Reference Publisher

Rolf Janke
SAGE Publications, Inc.

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Welcome: Science Online London 2011

Publishing innovations in Korea

Choon Shil Lee
Professor of Library & Information Science, Sookmyung Women’s University

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Industry Updates

Toni Tracy

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The “social” side of digital science

Kaitlin Thaney
Manager, External Partnerships Digital Science

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Papers & Open Access publishing: how can we help?

Matias Piipari

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PLoS Innovations in Peer Review

Mark Patterson
Director of Publishing, Public Library of Science, European Office, Cambridge, UK

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Activities in the KB and The Netherlands

Barbara Sierman

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Preservation: synergies within ASSETS and SCIDIP-ES

Luigi Briguglio and Giampaolo Fiorentino

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ORCID Update

Howard Ratner
Nature Publishing Group

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Outsourcing and Offshoring – latest developments

Frank Stumpf (Moderator)
Consultant and Board Advisor

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Journal Article Mining and Scholarly Publishers

Maurits van der Graaf
Pleiade Management Consultancy and Management BV

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Integrated Publishing – New Opportunities for Scientific Publishers

Dr Sven Fund
Managing Director, De Gruyter, Berlin

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Creating a Scholarly Universe: The Importance of Asserting a Researcher’s Identity

Mike Taylor
Elsevier Labs Research

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Data-driven library infrastructure: a national perspective

Ben Showers

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Introduction – STM Seminar: Medical Publishing 2012

Peter Ashman
BMJ Group, Programme Director

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eLife – a researcher-led, open-access journal for life and biomedical science

Mark Patterson
Managing Executive Editor, eLife

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Ereaders and Epublishing for online learning

Dr Steven Warburton
University of London International Programmes

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Case Study: Targeting Individual Users

Cynthia Bowab
The New England Journal of Medicine

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Data publication – a funder perspective

David Carr
The Wellcome Trust

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Boot Camp: An Introduction to CrossRef – Patricia Feeney

Patricia Feeney
Product Support Manager

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Introduction and CrossRef Overview

Ed Pentz
Executive Director

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The data-driven collection: Evidence-based collection development – how to use Big Data to optimise your collection

Maxim van Gisbergen
Manager, Business Development, Swets

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Q & A – New Approaches to XML


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Licensing in an Open Access Environment

Sue Joshua
Legal Director, STMS and EMEA, John Wiley & Sons

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Data Citation Index

Nigel Robinson
Thomson Reuters, York, UK

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Closing Panel: Dr Bernd Pulverer – Value Added – a reliable literature

Dr Bernd Pulverer
EMBO, Heidelberg

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The Big Debate: Evolution versus Revolution


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The Decoupled Journal

Alf Eaton

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Libraries as publishers and social media

Nick Canty

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Scholarly Publishing: To Infinity and Beyond

Matt Mckay
International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers (STM)

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BrainSpace, a global interest graph for scientists


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FundRef cooperation with CrossRef

Chuck Kosher
CrossRef, Director of Technology

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The role of hybrid journals in open access

Liz Ferguson

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Elsevier Merged Medical Taxonomy (EMMeT) – from Smart Content to Smart Collection

Breda Corish
Elsevier Clinical Key

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Enriching PDFs for STM content

Kaveh Bazargan
CEO, River Valley Technologies

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Alexandra Durnford: Shifting the Conversation – Reputation + Engagement

Alexandra Durnford
Regester Larkin

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Author Generated JATS XML Markup

Andy Gajetzki
Internet Scientific Publications, LLC

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The Web, the W3C and the Future of Publishing

Liam Quin
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

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Ebooks 2014 Panel

John Akeroyd (Chair person)
Honorary Research Fellow UCL and Director Information Reports Ltd

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Principles for Attribution

Caroline Sutton
Co-Action Publishing

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Keynote: Daniel Mietchen, Accelerating Science Award Prize winner

Daniel Mietchen
Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin

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Ed Pentz
Executive Director

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Publishing and crediting different shaped research objects the (GIGAScience)n way

Scott Edmunds
GigaScience BGI, Hong Kong

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Using BITS for Non-Standard Content

Dana Wheeles

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Predicting the future of publishing

Arfon Smith
Chief Scientist, GitHub

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Diversifying your Publication Portfolio

Diana Olson
Vice President of Communications, Infectious Diseases Society of America

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Data Sharing: What are the Roles for Publishers

Gerry Grenier

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Alternative Metrics, lessons learned

Martin Fenner
PLOS, chair of the NISO group on New Metrics Technical Lead of PLOS article-level metrics

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Ditching attachmets: A better way to publish

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies

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The Future of Scholarship in a Digital Age?

Jonathan Gray
Open Knowledge

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Research Involvement and Engagement: Partnership with patients in a new publication

Daniel Shanahan
BioMed Central

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DDA, DRM, ILL- Oh my! Building a Better eBook Model-Business Strategy

Maura Diamond
Springer Nature

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Altmetrics for the Scholarly publisher

Jill Rodgers
MIT Press

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Liblisher or Pubrary: The Future Publishing Professionals

Sarah Lippincott
Library Publishing Coaltion

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The New Republican Policy at the American Journal of Political Science

Bill Jacoby

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Why Can’t I Find my Content in the Library’s Discovery Service? – Discussion

Susan Stearns, Laura Morse, Amira Aaron, Bruce Heterick

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Beyond the Download: The Secret Life of the Scholarly Article

Suzie Allard

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Wanted – an Infrastructure for Scholarly Communication (Alice Meadows)

Alice Meadows (Chair)
Director of Communications, ORCID, Bethesda, MD

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STM voluntary principles


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Where Does the Buck Stop? Research Ethics and Publishing (Dr. Peter Gölitz)

Dr. Peter Gölitz
Editor-in-Chief, “Angewandte Chemie”, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

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Show me the Money (Toby Green)

Toby Green Head of Publishing, OECD

R2R 2016 Workshop Feedback

JATS Open Session


Understanding the needs of scholars in a contemporary publishing environment

Maria Bonn Editor Journal of Electronic Publishing, Sr Lecturer University of Illinois

Reaggregating Primary Research Outputs

Todd Vision University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Propelled by Force: Software Citation

Arfon Smith, Dan Katz, Kyle Niemeyer

Keynote – It’s Not Easy Being Open

Heather Joseph
Executive Director, SPARC

Keynote – Openness and consequences: Directions in pre- and post-publication peer review

Hilda Bastian
Chief Editor, PubMed Health/PubMed Commons

Nature Communications and transparent peer review

Joerg Heber
Executive Editor, Nature Communications

OA2020: Building Capacity for the Transformation

Dr. Ralf Schimmer
Director, Product, AAAS/Science, Washington, DC

Joris van Rossum

Ingo, PostDoc, Brain-Researcher


Stop, Collaborate and Listen! – Laura Montgomery

Laura Montgomery
Communications Manager, Library Relations, Taylor and Francis

Workshop D Feedback

Anna Clements
Assistant Director Library Services, University of St Andrews

OpenCitations: structured open citation data as a part of the Commons

Silvio Peroni

ASK us (almost) anything

Christina Riesenweber and Martin fenner

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