Half full or half empty? eBooks, the incomplete revolution

Alan Jarvis
Global Director, Social Science Books, Routledge
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Future directions for the APA

Peter Tindemans
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The Oxymoronic eBook

Mike Taylor
Elsevier Labs, Elsevier
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Presentation of Reports from the Parallel Breakout Sessions

OASPA 2009
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Panel: Questions & Answers

Robert Long, James Mouw, Cynthia Cleto & David Naggar
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ePub is the only format we need

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
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Latest Developments in

Dan Pollock, London
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User Behavior & Industry Trends – Designing apps, new media features, everything for the end user

Andrea Kravetz
Vice President, User Centered Design, Elsevier
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How metadata management and webscale searching are addressing problems of making data discoverable.

Helle Lauridsen
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Wikis as platforms for scholarly publishing

Daniel Mietchen
Structural Brain Mapping Group at Friedrich Schiller University
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Building BRICs – selling into emerging markets

Simon Thomson
Sales Director, Royal Society of Chemistry
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Greg Tananbaum
Founder & CEO, Anianet
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Research on Researchers

Prof. Carol Tenopir
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
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Prof. Carole Palmer
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
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Dr. Michael Jubb
Director, Research Information Network
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Perpetual change: the need for production departments to continually evolve

Richard Fidczuk
Production Director, SAGE
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Mendeley, by the numbers

Ian Mulvany
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Why, how and by whom? A pro-active approach to open access in Africa

Susan Murray
Director, African Journals Online
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The APE Lecture: Information in Space and Time

Prof. Dr. Werner Kuhn
Director, Institute for Geoinformatics, University of Münster
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SOAP – Study of Open Access Publishing: what Researchers want, what Publishers offer

Mrs. Bettina Goerner
Manager Open Access, Springer Science+Business Media, Heidelberg
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From Claim to Fact: A Small Use Case in Scientific Fact Making, Using the Bourne Corpus

De Waard
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A Society Publisher’s Future Perspective

Kevin Fitzpatrick
Senior Vice President, American College of Cardiology

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What is an e-book?

James Macfarlane
CEO, Easypress Technologies Limited

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Concurrent 2A: Roads to the Digital Marketplace

Consortia to consortia: The challenges and opportunities of the ALPSP Learned Journals Collection

Ian Russell

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What is Usability & Why is it Important?

Andrea Kravetz

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Content Enrichment – A publishers perspective

Jason Markos
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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Plenary 1: Waiting for Disruptive Change

Who Knows Best? Academic library book collections development in transition

Vivian Berghahn
MD Berghahn Books

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New Scholarly Moves in the Social Sciences

Ziyad Marar
Deputy Managing Director, Executive Vice President/Global Publishing, SAGE Publications

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Introduction – plenary 4

Arend Küster (Chair)
MD, Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals

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Open Biology from the Royal Society

Phil Hurst

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Digital preservation research

Dr Javier Hernandez-Ros
Head of Unit, EU Digital Preservation Research

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Global Broadband Policy: Access and Use

Nigel Hickson
Head EU and International ICT Policy DCMS

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APA 2011 – Final Reflections

Professor John Wood

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Getting our act together? Shared service developments in HE libraries

Anne Bell1, Liam Earney2
1SCONUL Shared Services Steering Group, 2Head of Licensing, JISC Collections

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Q & A – Focus on Books

Bill Kasdorf, Bruce Rosenblum

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Research and Innovation. From Web 2.0 to Science 2.0? The Potential of ICT to change the Modus of Science and Research

Prof Dr Jean-Claude Burgelman
Head of Unit DC.2: ERIAB, European Commission, Brussels

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Dryad: Scalable Infrastructure for coupling Research Data to Publications in the Life Sciences

Dr Todd J. Vision
Associate Professor of Biology , University of North Carolina, NC

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Tribute to John Merriman

Tony Kidd
Chair, UKSG

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Value and outcomes of scholarly library resources

Carol Tenopir
University of Tennessee

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From Discoverability to Actionability of Content

Howard Ratner
Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice-President, Nature Publishing Group

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E-Textbooks: What’s on the Horizon?

Kate Worlock
Publishing consultants Outsell

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Economics Research

Professor Paola Dubini

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Supporting infrastructure for journal OA fees / APCs

Caren Milloy
JISC Collections

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Free Ride: How Digital Parasites are Destroying the Culture Business, and how the Culture Business can Fight Back

Robert Levine
Journalist, New York and Berlin

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Support Update

Patricia Feeney
Product Support Manager

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Progress Report on the FundRef Initiative

Fred Dylla
American Institute of Physics (AIP)

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What’s New in Editorial Online Systems

Anna Jester
Director of Sales and Marketing, eJournal Press

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Keith Collier

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Implementing Open Access in UK Universities

Prof. Dr Adam Tickel
University of Birmingham, UK

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Innovative Collection Development with PDA in the TU Delft Library

Ir. Zofia E. Brinkman-Dzwig
Delft University of Technology, Delft

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Rigour and Open Access – Jason Hoyt

Jason Hoyt

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Alternative Peer Review – Rebecca Lawrence

Rebecca Lawrence

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Access not lending

Lorraine Estelle
CEO JISC Collections

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Licensing and text mining in the newspaper and periodicals sector

Andrew Hughes
Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA)

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Panel Discussion – Can Blogs, Apps and Newspapers Co-exist in Harmony?


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Purdue University Research Repository (PURR)

Michael Witt
Purdue University, Interdisciplinary Research Librarian and Associate Professor of Library Science

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Making books part of the open access landscape

Cecy Marden
Wellcome Trust

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The Open Citations Corpus

David Shotton
Open Citations Corpus

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Bits and Pieces: A Revised Look at Metadata eProduction Workflow

Bruce Rosenblum
CEO, Inera

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Flash SocialCite

Kent Anderson
Caldera Information Solutions, LLC

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Implementing XML for Japanese-language scholarly articles

Soichi Tokizane
Aichi University

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The Challenges and Benefits of Automating NLM-to-ePub3 File Conversion

Mike Deane
CFA Institute

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Econtent and MOOCs

Nicky Whitsed
Chair of the International M-Libraries Conference and Director of Library Services, The Open University (UK)

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Research libraries – new approaches for library-based publishing

Paul Ayris

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OA Publishing 3.0: Beyond the journal, a redefined role in the research ecosystem?

Stephanie Dawson

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Introduction and CrossRef Overview

Ed Pentz
Executive Director

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Updates from 1K and FORCE11 Activities

Maryann Martone

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Welcome and Introductions

Jeff Beck

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What anthologies most useful

Debbie Lapeyre and Mark Donoghue

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Capturing and understanding research impact on an international scale

Ian Viney
Director of Strategic Evaluation and Impact, Medical Research Council (MRC)

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Keynote:Scholarly Publishing: The View from 5280 Feet

Jeffrey Beall
Associate Professor, Scholarly Communications Librarian, University of Colorado, Denver

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The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review

Christopher J.Ward
Editor in Chief, The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review Professor of History, Clayton State University, Georgia USh

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Opening Remarks by SSP President Howard Ratner…

Howard Ratner

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New and Noteworthy Product Presentations-Marketing/Product Development

Patti Lockhart
American Society of Plant Biologists

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Panel 2: Business models to support the transition to OA – Q&A

Salvatore Mele, Steve Hall
CERN, IOP Publishing

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Scholarly publishing: a perspective from an early career academic

Moqi Xu
London School of Economics

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The Future of Scholarly Communication…Discussion

Maeg Keane, Pat Weitzel, Katy Meert, Nick Dials, Ashley Ketelhut

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Navigating the Journals Commissioning / Acquisitions Landscape (PART 4)

Dan Morgan
University of California Press

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New Product Development in Today’s Scholarly Publishing Environment

Will Schweitzer

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Keynote: Top 10

Jennifer Lawton

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The Challenges of Compliance

Roy Kaufman

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Keynotes: Science as Social Machines

Prof. Dr. Barend Mons
Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden

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It’s never about the Money

Kent Anderson
Caldera Publishing Solutions, Westborough, MA, USA

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Panel discussion – Dotcoms-to-Watch

Drs. Eefke Smit, Andrew R. H. Preston, Meredith Morovati, Emma Green, Dr. Martijn Roelandse, Manager, Dr. Phill Jones

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Introduction to Author Behaviours presentations

The Unseen Costs of Peer Review – Why peer review can never be free (even if your paper is perfect)

Alice Ellingham Download slides Director, Editorial Office Ltd

Data Citations

Timothy W. Clark
Harvard University

Introduction to the Concurrent session: Altmetrics and my career: real barriers or limitations of our minds?

Co-chairs: Stacy Konkiel and Robin Champieux

Peer review after results are known: Are we “parking” the cart before the horse?

Erick Turner Oregon Health & Science University

Introduction – Propelled by Force: FORCE11 working groups

What does it mean to be ‘data-driven’?

Isaac Roseboom Head of Insight at deltaDNA

Q&A – Panel 2 – Non APC OA publishing


COASP 2016 – Q&A – Panel 4: Open Scholarship Initiatives


SpotOn 2016: Wrap up – Amy Bourke-Waite and Laura Wheeler


Preprints as a Complement to our Journal System

Dr. Jessica Polka
Director, ASAPbio, Cambridge, MA

Is our Industry in Good Shape? – Q&A

Chair: Robert C. Campbell, Michael Mabe, J o McShea, Jo McShea

It’s not easy being Green – Ginger Strader Minkiewicz

Ginger Strader Minkiewicz
Smithsonian Institution

Access Management for the 21st Century – Tasha Mellins-Cohen

Tasha Mellins-Cohen
Director of Product Development, HighWire Press

Bringing collaboration to reading and peer review

André Gaul

Aggregating research papers from publishers systems to support text and data mining

Nancy Pontica

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