Opening Keynote – Values Have No Borders – Mark Allin

Mark Allin
President & CEO, John Wiley & Sons

Friends, Foes or Frenemies? – Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson
Associate Dean, University of Utah and President of SSP

Workshop B Feedback

Felix Evert
Managing Director, Sample of Science

Are we ready for a Scholarly Commons?

Maryann Martone, Fiona Murphy, Bianca Kramer, Jeroen Boseman, Daniel O’Donnel, Ian Bruno, Chris Chapman, Bastien Greshake, Robin Champieux, and Nate Jacobs

Closing panel


Who or what are universities for: Reflections on the communication & use of science- Lesley McAra

Lesley McAra
Director of Edinburg

Ten Challenges for Open Access Journals

Peter Suber
SPARC/Open Access News
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RIN E-Journals Update

Dr. Ian Rowlands
University College, London
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Concluding Keynote – Beyond Text and Tiffs: Progress and Prospects for Rich Media

Bill Kasdorf
Apex Content Solutions
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An Australian Perspective on Academic Publishing

Prof. Dr. Robin J Batterham
Rio Tinto Ltd., Melbourne
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Closing Panel

Moderator: Dr. Herman P. Spruijt
International Publishers Association (IPA), Geneva
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Keynote: One Scientist’s Wish List for STM Publishers

Philip Bourne
Editor-in-Chief, PloS Computational Biology
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How metadata management and webscale searching are addressing problems of making data discoverable.

Helle Lauridsen
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Tracing the Emerging Open Access Landscape in Greece: Achievements, Challenges, Prospects

Victoria Tsoukala
the National Documentation Centre, EKT
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Open Researcher Contributor ID (ORCID)

Reynold Guida
Director of eResearch Services, Thomon Reuters
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Lessons learned in social media

Grace Baynes
Corporate Public Relations, Nature Publishing Group
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Digital Curation

Mike Furlough1 and Patrick Alexander2
1Assistant Dean for scholarly communications, 2Director, University Press
Play (42min) Download: MP4 | MP3
Scott Brandt
Associate Dean, Purdue University Libraries
Play (11min) Download: MP4 | MP3
Charles Watkinson
Director, University Press
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CrossRef 11th Annual Meeting

Ed Pentz
Executive Director
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All aboard the semantic bandwagon! – Now just hold on a minute…

Colin Batchelor
Senior Informatics Analyst, Royal Society of Chemistry
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Your Brain on Computers

Matthew D. Richtel
2010 Putlizer Prize winner, The New York Times
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UNESCO’s open access strategy

Hezekiel Dlamini
Adviser, Communication and Information in East Africa, UNESCO
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Riding the Wave. How Europe can Gain from the Fising Tide of Scientific Data

Prof. Dr. John Wood
Secretary General, Association of Commonwealth Universities, London
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The Rational and Empirical Basis for Open-Access Initiatives

Prof. Dr. Stuart M. Shieber
Director, Office for Scholarly Communication, Harvard University Library, Cambridge, MA
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Using PKP Platforms to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks

Alex Garnett
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The gatekeeper is dead! Long live the gatekeeper! Or: What does filtering mean for scholarly communications in a web-based world?

Cameron Neylon
Science and Technology Facilities Council

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Analysis: Insights and Trends in the Global STM Market

David Bousfield, Ph.D.
Vice President & Lead Analyst, Outsell UK Ltd

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Consortia to consortia: The challenges and opportunities of the ALPSP Learned Journals Collection

Ian Russell

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ORCID: An Open Registry of Scholarly IDs

Howard Ratner
Nature Publishing Group

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Q & A


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Concurrent 1D: The Research Data Hot Potato: Who Preserves It?

Panel #1 : Linking with the Literature – the Arsenic Story

Scientific Reports from Nature Publishing Group

Sara Grimme

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Customer-Centric eBook Transition

Diane Harnish
Principal Consultant, DH Consulting

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Developing opportunities for the future: adapting to change

Jane Harvell
Head of Academic Services, University of Sussex Library

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Waiting for the Disruptive Change

Tony O’Rourke
Assistant Director, Head of Sales, IOP Publishing

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PLoS Innovations in Peer Review

Mark Patterson
Director of Publishing, Public Library of Science, European Office, Cambridge, UK

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The NHS perspective

Mr Mark Dayer
Consultant Cardiologist, Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust

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Tales of Drivers and Barriers to Data Sharing

Dr Hans Pfeiffenberger
Head of  Alfred Wegener Institute IT-infrastructure

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CrossRef Member Obligations (including Display Guidelines)

Carol Anne Meyer
Business Development and Marketing

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Challenges in eBook production

Bruce Rosenblum
CEO Inera Inc.

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Richard Kidd

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Transforming the Way we publish Research

Dr Daniel Mietchen
EvoMRI Communications, Jena

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ISNI – International Standard Name Identifier for Creators and Organisations

Janifer Gatenby
EMEA Program Manager Metadata, OCLC B.V., Leiden, The Netherlands

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So why hasn’t the journal changed more as a result of the internet?

Michael A Mabe
International Association of STM Publishers

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I Saw What You did and I Know Who You Are

Kevin Cohn
Vice President of Operations, Atypon

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How I Interact with Scientific Literature

William T. Jackson
PhD, Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Medical College of Wisconsin

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Top Tech Roundtable

Nash Pal (Moderater)

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Springer Open Goes Books

Bettina Goerner

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Alt metrics – a funder’s perspective

Kevin Dolby
Wellcome Trust

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Adding value to the collection in a world of free information: How do publishers producing paid-for content compete with free in the online reference world?

Robert Faber
Editorial Director, Reference/Director, Oxford University Press

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Global Academic Business & Book DOIs

Jess Lawson
Oxford University Press

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Cities on the Edge of Never: Life in the Trenches of the Web in 2012

Jason Scott
Archive Team

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What Article-Level Metrics can do for you

Martin Fenner
Technical Lead Article-Level Metrics PLoS, Public Library of Science

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Keynote 2: Licensing in an open access environment: the publishing view”

Deborah Dixon
VP, Publishing Director, Health Sciences, John Wiley

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Innovations in Open Peer Review and Data Sharing

Dr Rebecca Lawrence
F1000 Research, London

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Invited Overviews – Introduction

Dr H. Frederick Dylla (Chair)
American Institute of Physics, College Park, MD

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Beyond Traditional Articles – Mark Hahnel

Mark Hahnel

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The Business Case

Cameron Neylon

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Use of linked data for ebook discovery

Richard Wallis
Technology Evangelist, OCLC

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Panel Discussion – Open Information, Innovation & Communication: Making Publicly Funded Information Free


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Publishing Research Data: What’s in it for me?


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Closing Keynote: Building Community Engagement on Research Transparency and Data Citation

George Alter
ICPSR – Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, Director

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Open Access in the Humanities and Social Sciences

David Ross

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A Connected Workflow for Semantic Enrichment

Daniel Mayer

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Deliver your content in context with MarkLogic Semantics

Matt Turner

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WILEY – Conversation in a Changing World

Helen Bray

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2012 Implementation of TaxPub, an NLM DTD extension for domain-specific markup in taxonomy, from the experience of a biodiversity publisher

Terence Catapano
Plazi, Bern, Switzerland & Columbia University, New York, NY

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NLM Conversion to Build “Atomic” Physics Content in an Agile Fashion

M. Scott Dineen
The Optical Society

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Session Two: Analytics, Tools & Technology

Jo Young, Ian Ritchie, Mark Hahnel, John Gilbey

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Engaging with the general public on research and the future of open access

Stephen Pinfield
University of Sheffield, UK

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Introduction and CrossRef Overview

Ed Pentz
Executive Director

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DOI Co-Access for Books

Mike Yalter
Software Developer

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Outcomes from Birds of Feather and Workshops

Melisssa Haendel

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Adapting JATS to support data citation

Daniel Mietchen
Museum für Naturkunde Berlin; NCBI/NLM/NIH

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Where data and journal content collide: what does it mean to publish your data

Peter Burnhill
Director, EDINA

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2014 Taylor & Francis and ALPSP survey of Learned Societies

William Frass
Senior Research Executive, Taylor & Francis

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The Dryad-case: Making research data integral to publication

Meredith Morovati
Executive Director, Dryad

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Let’s talk about scholarly manuscript submission

Richard Wynne

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Proto View a Ringgold service

Jean Brodahl
Ringgold, Inc

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Data wranglers in LibraryLand: Finding opportunities in the changing policy landscape

T. Scott Plutchak
University of Alabama Birmingham

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The Elsevier API program

Ale De Vries

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New Tools and Workflows for Manuscript Submission and Peer Review

John Inglis

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Transfer: Tracking Journals Moving Between Publishers

Heather Staines

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How can the “swing trench” inform OA publishing? – Discussion

Robert Kiley, Peter Binfield, Rebecca Kennison, Dan Morgan

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Opening Remarks by SSP President Howard Ratner 2…

Howard Ratner

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Research Involvement and Engagement: Partnership with patients in a new publication

Daniel Shanahan
BioMed Central

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The Future of Scholarship in a Digital Age?

Jonathan Gray
Open Knowledge

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Wanted – an Infrastructure for Scholarly Communication (Geoffrey Bilder)

Geoffrey Bilder

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Open Access Policies in Europe: an Overview of Science Europe Members

Stephan Kuster
Head of Policy Affairs, Science Europe, Brussels

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Where Does the Buck Stop? Research Ethics and Publishing (Richard Van Noorden)

Richard Van Noorden
Deputy News Editor, Nature, Springer Nature, London

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Getting an Octopus into a String Bag – The complexity of communicating with the research community across a higher education institution

Dr Danny Kingsley Download slides Head of Scholarly Communication, The University of Cambridge

Resource Identification Initiative

Anita Bandrowski

Phenopackets: Making phenotype profiles fair++ for disease Diagnosis and Discovery

Melissa Haendel Oregon Health & Science University

Propelled by Force: Software Citation

Arfon Smith, Dan Katz, Kyle Niemeyer

Research Ideas and Outcomes

Daniel Mietchen Founding Editor RIO Journal

JATS Open Session


Citations needed for the sum of all human knowledge: Wikidata as the missing link between scholarly publishing and linked open data

Dario Taraborelli
Head of Research, Wikimedia

An overview of PubMed Central’s (PMC) inter-agency public access efforts

Kathryn Funk
Program Specialist, PubMed Central, NLM

Publons: New ways to recognize Peer Review

Andrew Preston

Open Access Policies and Science Europe Member Organisations: State of Play

Amanda Crowfoot
Director, Science Europe, Brussels

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