Exploring online delivery for social scientists

Martha Sedgwick
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Introduction and CrossRef Overview

Ed Pentz
Executive Director
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E-book publishing – the revival of book publishing for small & medium size academic publishers

Caroline Wain
RSC Publishing, Royal Society of Chemistry
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Open Access and the Wellcome Trust

Robert Kiley
Wellcome Trust
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RIN E-Journals Update

Dr. Ian Rowlands
University College, London
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How ResearcherID will resolve name ambiguity in the scholarly ecosystem

David Kochalko
Thomson Reuters
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CrossMark: Trust and the Stewardship of Scholarly Content

Ed Pentz
CrossRef, Oxford
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Panel Q & A: What does the user really want? Examining channels, behavior, and business models

Moderator: Tim Collins
Presenters: Andrea Kravetz, Deborah Lenares and William Park
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MaDAM: A Data Management Infrastructure for Biomedical Researchers at the University of Manchester

June Finch
University of Manchester
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Breakout Session on OA Book Publishing

Eelco Ferwerda
OAPEN Coordinator/Amsterdam University Press
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They’re all out to get us… Government policies on scholarly publishing

Crispin Taylor
Executive Director, American Society of Plant Biologists
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Open Researcher Contributor ID (ORCID)

Reynold Guida
Director of eResearch Services, Thomon Reuters
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Disciplinary practices and different content I

Toby Green
Head of Publishing, OECD
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Dr. Bill Town
Kilmorie Consulting
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Addressing the Discontinuity between doing research and disseminating research

Prof. Philip E. Bourne
Pharmacology UCSD, and Editor-in-Chief of PloS Computational Biology
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Opening remarks: Open access and the developing world

Matt Cockerill
Managing Director, BioMed Central
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How open access can re-energise African research and scholarly publishing

Daisy W. Ouya
Trustee, Electronic Publishing Trust For Development
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Academic Publishing in China: Tailored Partnerships for Common Goals

Dr. Anke Beck
Senior Vice President Pubishing, De Gruyter Berlin
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Complementary Article Dissemination via Journals and Repositories: Economic Evidenc from the PEER Project

Prof. Dr. Paola Dubini
Director, Art Science Knowledge (ASK) Research Center, Università Bocconi, Milano
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Open, social and linked – a ménage à trois of content exploitation

Andy Powell

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Reinventing Collection Development for a Digital Age: On-Demand and On-the-Go

Michael Levine-Clark
Collections Librarian, Penrose Library, University of Denver

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The adoption of e-book lending in libraries and schools

Johanna Brinton
Business Development Executive, OverDrive Ltd

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Managing Supplemental Content: Practical Advice for Publishers and Researchers: Introduction

Bill Kasdorf
Apex Content Solutions

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Web Analytics – Strategies for understanding your business

Melissa Blaney
Platform Analytics & Communications

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Q & A


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Concurrent 5C: Community Trust Initiatives: Tools to Help Researchers

Keynote 2: From E-phobia to E-phoria

Richard Charkin
Executive Director, Bloomsbury

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The Present and Future of Academic Library Collection Development in the United States

Arlene Moore Sievers-Hill
Head, Acquisitions Department, Case Western Reserve University

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Parallel 2 (a): Social media and the Scholarly record

“Publisher”, does the name still fit?

Mohamed Aisati
Head of New Technology, Elsevier

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Morning Keynote from the European Commission

Francesco Fusaro

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JISC Digital Preservation: Current & Future Work

Neil Grindley

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Towards a common vision for Testing Environments

Dr Ashley Hunter
Tessella plc

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Strategic Initiatives Update

Geoff Bilder
Director of Strategic Initiatives

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Building the scholarly universe

Mike Taylor
Research Specialist, Elsevier Labs

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Mobile or Desktop? Kindle or iPad? HTML5 or ePub? Why we should wait and see

Daniel Pollock

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The Linked Content Coalition – a new approach to the management of copyright on the internet

Mark Bide
Director, EDItEUR, London

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Accessible Publishing

Sarah Hilderley
Accessibility Project Lead, EDItEUR

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Sharing – the foundation of social institutions

Stephen Abram
Gale Cengage Learning

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So why hasn’t the journal changed more as a result of the internet?

Michael A Mabe
International Association of STM Publishers

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WordPress: an unlikely platform for publishers

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley

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EPUB 3 – master, mainstream or marginalised format

Graham Bell

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Closing Remarks – PEER Conference 2012

Richard Swetenham
Head of Unit, EC DG INFSO E4 “Access to Information”

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Article-Level Metrics

Martin Fenner
Public Library of Science

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Publishing Transformed: New Players, New Outcomes – Frank Sander

Dr Frank Sander
Head, Max Planck Digital Library

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FundRef Integration Prototype

Lyndon Holmes
Aries Systems

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Plagiarism as seen from the editors perspective

Virginia Barbour
PLOS, Committee on Publications Ethics (COPE)

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Online Submissions Tools as a Vital Part of Growing Service Ecosystem

Ian Potter
Thomson-Reuters/Scholar One

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Tackling some of the trials and tribulations of a researcher

Rebecca Lawrence

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Improving Access to U.S. Department of Energy R&D Results – Agency/Publisher Collaboratio

Brian A. Hitson
U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, TN

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OA Models for Monographs gaining Momentum

Eelco Ferwerda
OAPEN Foundation, The Hague

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Citizen Science – Simone Severini

Simone Severini

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Discoverability of content

Robert Faber
Director of Digital Strategy at OUP

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The CCC TDM Pilot Project

John Billington
Copyright Clearance Center

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Altmetrics beyond the Numbers


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Introducing DataCite services

Jan Brase
DataCite, Executive Officer

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Marketing and Communications for OA Journals

Matthew Cockerill

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Ubiquity Press open scholarship

Brian Hole
Ubiquity Press

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Actionable Data – the Wolfram Approach

Matthew Day
Wolfram Research

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Elliot Lack
APP Studio Product Manager

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Living in a World of Book Tagging

Wendell Piez
Piez Consulting Services

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Transforming JATS XML for mobile-optimized consumption

Mitra Ahadpour1, Atul Ganatra2, Adam B. Lee2
1. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA); 2. IQ Solutions

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The JISC e-textbook project

David Ball
David Ball Consulting & JISC Collections

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Data publishing

Tim Smith

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Keynote: A financial analyst’s perspective on open access

Claudio Aspesi
Sanford Bernstein

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Carol Anne Meyer
Business Development and Marketing

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True or False? Transparency, Validation and Reproducibility of Research in Scholarly Communication

Session Chairs: Tim Clark and Melissa Haendel

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The Public Knowledge Project XML Publishing Service and meTypeset: Don’t call it “Yet Another Word to JATS conversion kit”

Alex Garnett1, Juan Pablo Alperin1, John Willinsky2
1Simon Fraser University, 2Stanford University

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ScienceCentral JATS-based full-text database comprising

Sun Huh

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Pursuing Sustainability: Societies with Meaningful Missions

Diane Scott-Lichter
Vice President, American College of Physicians

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STM Report 2015: A Taster

Michael Mabe
Chief Executive Officer, STM Association

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Meeting wrap-up & close

Eefke Smit
STM Association

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Keynote: Charles Watkinson: Seriographs and Monocals…

Charles Watkinson
University of Michigan Press

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Proto View a Ringgold service

Jean Brodahl
Ringgold, Inc

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On The Norwegian Road to Open Access

Jan Erik Frantsvag
UiT The Arctic University of Norway

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We need to talk about sharing

Ryan Merkley
Creative Commons

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Big Journal Literature, Big Usage

Paul Cohen, Paul Groth, Jan Velterop
DARPA, Elsevier

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Navigating the Journals Commissioning / Acquisitions Landscape-BUSINESS STRATEGY

Victoria Rae

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The Outlook for M&A in Scholarly Publishing

David Lamb

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Why Can’t I Find my Content in the Library’s Discovery Service?

Bruce Heterick

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The Challenges of Compliance – Discussion

Rob Johnson, David Crotty, Judith Russell, Roy Kaufman, Rob Johnson

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Open Access Transformation of Scientific Journal Publishing: Perspective after the Berlin 12 Conference

Dr. Ralf Schimmer
Max Planck Digital Library

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Introduction to The APE Lecture – The History of Academic Publishing since 1500 up today

Dr. Herman P. Spruijt
Past President, International Publishers Association (IPA), Leersum

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Open Access Policies in Europe: an Overview of Science Europe Members

Stephan Kuster
Head of Policy Affairs, Science Europe, Brussels

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Q&A: Author Behaviours

Considering the Sociology of Research – How research scientists actually behave as individuals and in groups

James Evans Professor, University of Chicago

An implementation of BITS: The Cambridge University Press experience

Mike Eden, Tom Cleghorn
Cambridge University Press

Using altmetrics to track open science activities

Holly Bik Center for Genomics & Systems Biology at New York University

Concurrent Session: Starting off on the right foot with Data Management

Co-chairs: Rebecca Boyles and Danny Kingsley

Data Citation Implementation Pilot (DCIP)

Tim Clark (Presented by Maryann Martone)

Keynote – Going Open: Access, Data, Science, and Beyond…

Jerry Sheehan
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Research data: from journal policy to practice

Amye Kenall
Global Head of Life Sciences, Springer Nature

Peer Review Poetry

Sam Illingworth and Dan Simpson

Peer Review: Openness, Experimentation and Integrity

Rachel Burley
Publishing Director, BioMed Central, Springer Nature, London

The moral vacuum of modern medical and scientific publishing: Is there a solution?

Dr. Richard Horton
Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet, London

Persistent Identifiers & Automation

Alice Meadows
Director of Community Engagement & Support, ORCID, Bethesda, MD

It’s not easy being Green – Panel Discussion

Alicia Wise
Director of Access & Policy, Elsevier

The Rise of the User – Jan Reichelt

Jan Reichelt
Co-founder, Mendeley

(GO)FAIR–Annotations as Research Objects: Ensuring Findable, Indexable, Accessible and Reusable

Heather Staines, Francesca Di Donato, Jennifer Lin, and Maryann Martone

Ubiquitous Open Access: Changing culture by integrating OA into user workflows

Jason Priem, Heather Piwowar, and Michael Habib

Code publication and peer review – Erika Pastrana

Erika Pastrana
Editorial Director, Springer Nature—Nature Research

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