APA2010: Welcome

Kimmo Koski1 and David Giaretta2
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Kirsty Meddings
Product Manager
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Open Access Publishing Strategies, Options and Issues for Scholar Publishers

David Solomon* and Caroline Sutton**
*Michigan State University, **Co-Action Publishing
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Social Accounting and Open Access

Jen Sweezie
Bioline International
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Recent developments in XML workflows

Kevin Cohn*, Aviva Weinstein**
* Atypon ** Oxford University Press
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Welcome & Opening

Dr. Karl-Peter Winters
German Association of Publishers and Booksellers
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PaperC: A New Model for Publishers against illegal File Sharing

Martin Fröhlich and Felix Hofmann
PaperC, Berlin
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Keynote: Beyond Topical Relevance: How Scholars Choose Articles to Read

Suzie Allard
School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee
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Open Access Publishing: Retaining the core, stimulating progress

Caroline Sutton
President, OASPA; Co-founder, Co-Action Publishing
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Specifics of Open Access Publishing and Retrodigitization in Mathematics: An Experience from DML-CZ and EuDML Projects

Petr Sojka
Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
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The Social Web is a two-way conversation. Are you listening?

Della Sar
Global Marketing Director, Nature Publishing Group
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Keynote: Beyond Publishing: how we open up to our users

Stephen Dunn
Head of Technology Strategy, Guardian News and Media
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Keynote: Building on the XML Foundation – How Springer Produces and Re-Purposes the XML Asset

Volker Boeing
Director, Process and Content Management, Springer
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Nature on iPad and iPhone

Euan Adie (Presented by Howard Ratner)
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Open access publishing and open access data sharing for malaria research and control

Prof. Bob Snow
Malaria Public Health & Epidemiology Group, KEMRI-University of Oxford-Wellcome Trust Collaborative Programme
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APE 2011: Welcome and Opening

Arnoud de Kemp
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Prof. Michael Mabe
CEO, International Association of STM Publishers, The Hague and Oxford
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Mendeley: Building the World’s largest Semantic Research Database – from Scratch!

Victor Henning
Co-founder and CEO, Mendeley, London
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Using PKP Platforms to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks

Alex Garnett
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The gatekeeper is dead! Long live the gatekeeper! Or: What does filtering mean for scholarly communications in a web-based world?

Cameron Neylon
Science and Technology Facilities Council

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What are the opportunities and challenges in Latin America?

Bob Wing
Systems Link International

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Informal Evening Keynote: PowerPoint Karaoke – The Cocktail Lounge Edition

Kent Anderson1, Geoffrey Bilder2
1Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, 2CrossRef

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Q & A


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EPUB3 Demo and Examples

Liza Daly
Threepress Consulting

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The Transmedia World

Laura Fleming
Consultant/Inanimate Alice Project

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Q & A

Publishing in Latin America and the Caribbean: innovative models

Mariana R. Biojone
Senior Business Development Editor, Springer

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Parallel 1(c): Industry Updates

Tweets, Avatars, Tags and Blogs: Collecting, Communicating and Visualising Social Media

Andrew Hudson-Smith
Director Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London

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Progress Report from the OASPA President

Caroline Sutton

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Evolution or Revolution: Changes in Peer Review

Adrian Mulligan
Deputy Director, Research and Academic Relations, Elsevier

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Permanent Access to Research Data

Dr Hans Pfeiffenberge

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SCIDIP-ES: preservation infrastructure

Dr Mirko Albani1 and David Giaretta2
1European Space Agency, 2Director, APA

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CrossMark Under the Hood

Kirsty Meddings
Product Manager

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Outsourcing and the Changing Face of Production

Will Wilcox
Journal Content Management Director, Life Sciences Division, Wiley-Blackwell

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Connecting to external data sets through SciVerse Applications

IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg

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Enhancing Publications with Research Data

Dr Peter Doorn
Director, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), KNAW, Amsterdam

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DPF – Accessibility 2012 – Q & A


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The web-scale library – a global approach

Marshall Breeding
Vanderbilt University

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The emotional consequences of the idealisation of the elderly married academic librarian (male) by the elderly unmarried academic librarian (female) – a study

Stephen Buck
Dublin City University

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The Semantic Shift

Guillaume Mazières

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Firmly embedded: explaining the success of e-books at the University of Portsmouth

Anne Worden
Portsmouth University

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Discovery Roundtable

Chris Beckett (Moderator)

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PLUM Analytics

Mike Buschman, Andrea Michalek

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Boot Camp: An Introduction to CrossRef – Carol Anne Meyer

Carol Anne Meyer
Business Development and Marketing

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CrossRef 2012 workshop Books Interest Group

Mike Eden
Cambridge University Press

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Adding value to the collection in a world of free information: How do publishers producing paid-for content compete with free in the online reference world?

Robert Faber
Editorial Director, Reference/Director, Oxford University Press

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UpFront XHTML: For Workflow, Not Just the Web

Bill Kasdorf
Apex CoVantage

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Keynote 1: Open access and creative licensing

Mark Seeley
Senior Vice-President and General Counsel, Elsevier

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Source Data – Towards Next Generation Open Access

Dr Thomas Lemberger
EMBO, Heidelberg

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Closing Panel: The Communication of Information – Introduction

Robert M. Campbell
Wiley Blackwell, Oxford

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Beyond Traditional Articles – Steve Pettifer

Steve Pettifer
Utopia Docs

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Planned Obsolescence: Publishing, Technology, and the Future of the Academy

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

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The OAPEN project

Caren Milloy
Head of Projects at JISC Collections

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Are you being served?

Tom Pollard
Ubiquity Press

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Tools for digital researchers — an app slam


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Thomson Reuters Data citation index cooperation

Nigel Robinson
Thomson Reuters, Director, York Operations

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Hybrid Open Access Cul-de-sac or shortcut towards Open Access?

Falk Reckling

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Never mind the version of record, which is your format of record?

Kaveh Bazargan
CEO, River Valley Technologies

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Jennifer Lin
Senior Product Manager, PLOS

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Grace Baynes: Shifting the Conversation – Reputation + Engagement

Grace Baynes
Nature Publishing Group

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Book Tagging Panel Discussion

Bruce Rosenblum (Moderator)
Inera, Inc.

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Inconsistent XML as a barrier to reuse of Open Access Content

Daniel Mietchen1, Chris Maloney2, Nils Dagsson Moskopp
1. Open Knowledge Foundation, Germany; 2. PMC (Contractor with A-Tek, Inc.)

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How do I buy thee? Let me count the ways: an overview of e-book pricing and collection models

Steve Giannoni
Director of Sales, Ebsco Publishing

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OA Publishing Community Standards: Article Level Metrics

Kevin Dolby
Wellcome Trust

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OA in an oasis: The growth of open access in the MENA region

Alwaleed Alkhaja, Qatar

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CrossRef Metadata Search

Karl Ward

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The Republic of Letters

Chris Chapman
Pentandra Research Solutions, Inc.

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Improving the reusability of JATS

Melissa Harrison

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Beyond dead trees: publishing digital research objects

Scott Edmunds
Executive Editor, GigaScience

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Does the Journal Reflect Global Society Goals? A Case Study from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

David Sampson
Publishing Director, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

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Securing Trust & Transparency in Peer Review

Eric Hall
Director of Business Development,  Peer Review Evaluation (Pre)

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Copyright Clearance Center’s Text Mining Solution

Jasper Simons
American Psychological Association

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The Researchers’ New Big Picture-Panel

Matt Hartings, Shelby Kimmel, Clayton Cox, Paul Hess, Emilie Delquie

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JATS4R: Let’s standardise the way we’re tagging our content to enhance reusability

Progressive roads to OA – Q&A

Jan Erik Frantsvag, Jennifer Hansen, Pierre Mounier
UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Gates Foundation, OpenEdition

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New and Noteworthy Product Presentations-Marketing/Product Development

David Myers

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The Evaluation Gap: Using Altmetrics to Meet Changing Researcher needs: An Institutional Perspective

Cassidy Sugimoto
Indiana University

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Liblisher or Pubrary: Navigating the New Library Publishing Landscape

Charles Watkinson
University of Michigan Press

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Dataverse for Journals

Merce Crosas

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Why Can’t I Find my Content in the Library’s Discovery Service?

Susan Stearns

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Zen and the Art of Metadata Maintenance: Strategy and Tactics for Discovery and Sales

John Warren

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Session: Wanted – an Infrastructure for Scholarly Communication

Sharing is the new buying

Richard Padley
Chairman and CEO, Semantico, Brighton

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Where Does the Buck Stop? Research Ethics and Publishing (Dr. Bernd Pulverer)

Dr. Bernd Pulverer
Chief Editor, The EMBO Journal, Head of Scientific Publications, EMBO Press, Heidelberg

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Show me the Money (James Evans)

Professor James Evans Chairman, Science Navigation Group

Q&A: Discovery & Usage

JATSKit: An oXygen framework for JATS, BITS, and kindred XML formats

Wendell Piez
Piez Consulting

University publishing in the UK and Jisc

Chris Keene Head of library and scholarly futures, Jisc

Costs and benefits of open data in biomedical research

Irene Pasquetto UCLA

Resource Identification Technical Specifications

Julie McMurray, John Deck

COASP 2016 – Welcome by Lars Bjørnshauge

Lars Bjørnshauge
Managing Director, DOAJ

Six Degrees of Connectedness – mapping Open Access’s many lives

Jennifer Lin
Director of Product Management, CrossRef

Wellcome Open Research

Robert Kiley
Head of Digital Services, Wellcome

How far have we come in facing Challenges in Publication Ethics

Dr. Mirjam Curno
Council Member and Trustee of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) + Editorial Director, Frontiers, Lausanne

Are we Worshiping false Gods? The Journey from Excellence to Innovation

Melinda Kenneway
Executive Director, Kudos, Oxford

Building a Peer Review Technology

Tim Vogelsang

Stop, Collaborate and Listen! – Graham Walton

Graham Walton
Honorary Research Fellow, Loughborough University

Workshop C Feedback

Richard Fisher
Something Understood Scholarly Communication

The Open Access Strategy for Berlin

Christina Riesenweber

Metadata 2020: Advancing the Maturity Model

Ginny Hendricks, Cameron Neylon, and John Chodacki

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