Beyond the PDF 2011

Beyond the PDF 2011
January 19–21, 2011
University of California, San Diego
The original recordings of the webcast can be seen here. With their kind permission we at River Valley synchronized these recordings with author presentation files in order to allow other viewing formats.

Structure of the Workshop -Model of science as activity

Gully APC Burns, Anita de Waard, Eduard Hovy, Cameron Neylon, Paul Groth, Bourne Corpus
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Using PKP Platforms to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks

Alex Garnett
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Comparing scientific discourse annotation schemes for enhanced knowledge extraction

Anita de Waard, Paul Thompson, Maria Liakata, Raheel Nawaz and Sophia Ananiadou
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Bringing the web to the researcher

Peter Sefton
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Beyond the Dead Sea PDFs – A Next-Generation Paper Format

David P. Argue, Karl J. Clark, Andrew M. Petzold, Stephen C. Ekker
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Blogging beyond the PDF or Copy by Reference

Cameron Neylon and Martin Fenner
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Supporting Active Reading, Just-in-Time Reading, and Reading Avoidance (Use Cases)

Jodi Schneider
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Analogical publishing

Rik Belew
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Structured nanopublications pertaining to the drugome: A Knowledge Engineering from Experimental Design (KEfED) model

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Annotum: an open-source journal authoring and publishing platform based on WordPress

Carl Leubsdorf
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Total Impact: Aggregating alternative measures of impact

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From Claim to Fact: A Small Use Case in Scientific Fact Making, Using the Bourne Corpus

De Waard
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