Hafiz 2007

Hafiz 2007
30 March – 1 April, 2007
University of Exeter, Exeter
This conference hopes to reveal, through the works of Hafiz, the historical, aesthetic, rhetorical, philosophical and theological bases of his love lyrics in the culture and civilization devoted to the School of Love in mediaeval Persia.

The Development of the Culture of the Spiritual Rake (farhang–e rindi) in Persian Love Mysticism

Daryoush Ashouri
Independent Scholar
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Witnessing the Icon of Beauty (shahid–bazi)

Dr. Leonard Lewisohn
University of Exeter
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Tongue and Mirror of the Unseen World

Dr. Michael Barry
Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.
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The Translation and Study of the Divan of Hafiz in the West

Peter Avery
Cambridge University
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The ‘Religion of Love’ in Classical Persian Poetry, with Special Reference to the Divans of Sa‘di and Hafiz

Dr. Husayn Ilahi-Ghomshei
University of Tehran
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The Erotic Spirit: Mystical and Romantic Love (ishq–i haqiqi va majazi) in Persian Poetry from Nizami to Hafiz

Ali Asghar Seyed-Ghorab
Leiden University, The Netherlands
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The Idea of Love in Hafiz and Ahmad Ghazali

Dr. Nasrollah Pourjavady
University of Tehran
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The Radiance of Epiphany: Beauty and Love in the Divan of Hafiz

Dr. Leili Anvar-Chenderoff
Sorbonne, Paris
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The Transfiguration of Love: Participation and Perspective–Shifts in the Ghazals of Hafiz

Prof. James Morris
Boston College
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Reflections of Hafiz in English and American Poetry of the Ninteenth Century

Dr. Parvin Loloi
Independent Scholar
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Some Distinctive Traits that Explain the Pre–eminence of Hafiz Over Other Grand Poets of His Century

Professeur Charles–Henri De Fouchécour
Paris III
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Semiotics of the Dawn in the Poetry of Hafiz

Prof. Franklin Lewis
University of Chicago
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Hafiz and Jalal al–Din Dawwani (d. 907/1501)

Prof. Carl W. Ernst
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
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