E-books and E-content 2010

E-books and E-content 2010
May 11, 2010
University College London
Here are the multimedia recordings of the conference E-books and E-content 2010 held on 11 May 2010 at University College London.

How metadata management and webscale searching are addressing problems of making data discoverable.

Helle Lauridsen
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MaDAM: A Data Management Infrastructure for Biomedical Researchers at the University of Manchester

June Finch
University of Manchester
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Institutional Data Management Blueprint

Kenji Takeda
University of Southampton
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E-book and E-content 2010 – Panel session

Led by Anthony Watkinson
UCL Centre for Publishing
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Data and text mining: the search for unknown knowns

Geoffrey Bilder
Director of Strategic Initiatives, CrossRef
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Research Data as Content: Challenges and opportunities for UK HE

Simon Hodson
Programme Manager. JISC
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Managing and Sharing Data – What Researchers Do And Don’t Do; The Implications For Policy

Dr Michael Jubb
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Adam Farquhar
British Library
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The SUDAMIH Project: Developing Data Infrastructure for the Humanities – requirements and attitudes

James Wilson
University of Oxford
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