Force 2019

FORCE 2019
October 16-17, 2019

FORCE2019 Conference was held in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK on October 16 & 17, 2019 at the Murrayfield Rugby Stadium Conference Center and organized with the help of the University of Edinburgh (

Conference website can be found on the Force11 website:

Slides from FORCE2019 are available on Zenodo:

Who or what are universities for: Reflections on the communication & use of science- Lesley McAra

Lesley McAra
Director of Edinburg

Perpetual Access Machines: Archiving Web-Published Scholarship at Scale – Jefferson Bailey

Jefferson Bailey
Director, Web Archiving & Data Services, Internet Archive

COCI, the OpenCitations Index of Crossref open DOI-to-DOI citations – Ivan Heibi

Ivan Heibi, Silvio Peroni, David Shotton
University of Bologna,

Stronger together: a single open dataset to map every facet of global research – Jason Priem

Jason Priem
Our Research

A new open data badge – Rebecca Pearce

Rebecca Pearce
Springer Nature / BMC

Annotation for transparent inquiry – Sebastian Karcher

Sebastian Karcher
Qualitative Data Repository (QDR)

An Institutional Perspective to Rescue Scholarly Orphans – Martin Klein

Martin Klein
Scientist, Research Library, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Code publication and peer review – Erika Pastrana

Erika Pastrana
Editorial Director, Springer Nature—Nature Research

Responsible metrics – what’s the state of the art? – Elizabeth Gadd

Elizabeth Gadd
Loughborough University

Citations – how open do we want them? – Panel Discussion

Dominika Tkaczyk, Crossref; Ivan Heibi, Open Citations; Shelley Stall, American Geophysical Union; Kathleen Shearer, Coalition of Open Access Repositories; Richard Jefferson

The Journal of Open Source Software: when collaborative open source meets peer review- Arfon Smith

Arfon Smith
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Open Source Software. Head, Data Science Mission Office

Reflections after 20 years of working in open infrastructure – Rachel Bruce

Rachel Bruce
Head of Open Research, UKRI

Essential Open Source Software for Science – Dario Taraborelli

Dario Taraborelli
Science Officer, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Data usage, citation, sharing and metrics – Panel Discussion

Catriona MacCallum, Hindawi; Daniella Lowenberg, California Digital Library; Helena Cousijn, DataCite; John Chodacki, California Digital Library (moderator); Martin Fenner, DataCite; Rachael Lammey, Crossref

Next steps for CRediT implementation in universities – Tanita Casci

Tanita Casci
Head of Research Policy, University of Glasgow

Checklists for software citation: what you need to know – Neil Chue Hong

Neil Chue Hong
Director and Principal Investigator of the Software Sustainability Institute

Libero Publisher: An update and demo of the modular, open-source publishing – Jennifer McLennan

Jennifer McLennan
Head of External Relations, eLife

Pathways to Open Access: UC’s big-tent approach to transforming scholarly comms – Günter Waibel

Günter Waibel
Associate Vice Provost & Executive Director, California Digital Library

Using open competitions to drive innovation and collaboration – Ian Mulvany

Ian Mulvany
SAGE Publishing