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Why these recordings?

Four years ago I attended the EuroTeX conference in France. Two great men of the century were participating: Donald Knuth, author of TeX and probably the greatest computer scientist alive, and Hermann Zapf, one of the prominent type designers of the 20th century – he was 86 at the time and still actively designing typefaces. Here they are at the dinner table:


The highlight of the conference was a one hour informal question and answer session with the two on stage. A few minutes into the session I looked around to see who was recording this historic event. No one was, and apart from lucky participant such as myself, this spectacle has been lost for ever. That is when I decided that I would record as many conference talks as I could, in order to archive them for future generations. I now see that as a duty in conferences that I attend.

Up until now, some 22 conferences comprising with some 400 presentations have been recorded by myself, and processed by my colleagues in India. All have been done free of charge, although we have accepted kind offers of free registration or accommodation. One day this might become a commercial service. If not, I am still happy that we have archived some important lectures for others.

Kaveh Bazargan
April 2009