Free software

The evolution of Blenders User Interface

William Reynish
3D animator, Denmark
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The how and what in teaching Blender

Fabrizio Valpreda, Gianluca Faletti
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Extending GEGL with new operations and an introduction to GeglBuffers, the functionality offered by them and their underlying mechanisms

Øyvind Kolås
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Presenation about DCRaw

Dave Coffin
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Creating Comics in Inkscape

MenTaLguY*, John Bintz**
* Programmer and graphic artist, USA, ** Web Developer, USA
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Libre graphics teaching and certificating

Alessandro Rimoldi
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Nona-GPU: Image Remapping on the Graphics Processor

Andrew Mihal
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Extending Python for Speed

Martin Renold
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Styling TeX documents with Batch Commander

Ricardo Lafuente
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Writing brush engines for fun and profit!

Lukáš Tvrdý
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Maio nosso Maio

Farid Abedelnour

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Unleashing the Power of Inkscape to Create and Share

Libre Graphics magazine: A year of fantastic

Ana Carvalho, ginger coons, Ricardo Lafuente

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Human, Time and Landscape – Blender as a content production tool, to convey the atmosphere and changes over time in a small Finnish village

Juho Vepsäläinen
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Presentation of “48 hour project” and other work

Jason van Gumster
Handturkey Studios, USA
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Natural media simulation: the field, free software and the future

Boudewijn Rempt
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Wykorzystanie blendera w postprodukcji filmowej i telewizyjnej

Michalem Krupa
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Photo management and editing with F-Spot and GIMP

Jakub Steiner
GNOME/GIMP developer, Czechia
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Creating in the Cloud and Other Tales of Design Realidad

Jon Phillips
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VIPS: An image processing system for large, and not so large, images

John Cupitt and Kirk Martinez (authors), Nicolas Robidoux (Presenter)
Université Laurentienne
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A first outline for a UI for a fully GEGLed GIMP

Peter Sikking
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Google’s Font Initiative

Dave Crossland
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SVG – News and Plans

Doug Schepers, Chris Lilley
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Open Colour Standard: Dissipating the vapour

ginger coons

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Crafting an Open Font Stack

Christopher Adams

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Revivalism: open font conversion and other great awakenings

Blender+Papervision, Bringing real 3D into the web

Bruno Mandolesi
Art director New Media, Italy
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Blender Conference 2008 photo gallery

Annual Day 2008 photos
Mike Pan, Joanna Sochacka, Roel Spruit, Arnd
Click here to view the photo gallery…

Scribus Presentation

Peter Linnell
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Closing talk, landing, sharing thoughts, what’s to come next year

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Newspaper publishing with Open Source software

Raphaël Meltz
Editor of the French weekly Le Tigre
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ownership and standards: why designers are slow to adopt open source

Ginger Coons
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PiTiVi: an overview of a FOSS video editor’s history and design

Jean-François Fortin Tam
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Open Source project to enable fashion design using open data formats

Susan L. Spencer
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Designing a Better Tomorrow: How design is informed by metaphors, images and associations of social progress

Mirko Tobias Schaefer
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The New Folk Tradition: Aesthetic and Community Resonance between Open Source Graphics and Fiber Arts

Pete Ippel
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Toonloop: animation for live performances

Alexandre Quessy

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Free Documentation on Floss World

Elisa de Castro Guerra

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Introducing AdaptableGIMP

Michael Terry, Ben Lafreniere & Fil Krynicki

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Using Blender for molecular animation and scientific representation

Monica Zoppe
Pisa, Italy
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Non–stop multithreaded debugging in GDB

Nathan Sidwell
GCC, GDB, Binutils
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Hugin workshop

Pablo d’ Angelo
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Opening Talk

Louis Desjardins
Project Scribus, Canada
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GEGL – a graph based image processing and compositing engine

Øyvind Kolås
Gjøvik University, GIMP developer, Norway
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How to Inflict Trauma on your Audience

Jean-François Fortin Tam
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Short Tube, Free Pipeline Distributed animation Production using Blender and Helga

Bassam Kurdali
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Writing GIMP scripts and plugins

Akkana Peck,
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Cantarell: Designing Typefaces Using Only Free Software

Dave Crossland
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The Open Colour Standard: Physical colour for F/LOSS

ginger coons
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Towards an Document Object Model (DOM) for Scribus

PiTiVi and the state of GStreamer video editing

Jean-François Fortin Tam

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Print: The Final Frontier

Jon A. Cruz

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“Un mare da favola” (A fabuolous sea): the use of Blender in an undersea docu-fiction

Riccardo Covino
University of Turin, Italy
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The GNU PDF Project

Jose E. Marchesi
GNU PDF, Ferret, Ghostscript/gv
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Publican, the new Open Source publishing tool–chain

Andy Fitzsimon
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Why open standards matter: The Open Document Format

Dr. Louis Suarez-Potts
CollabNet, Canada
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Creating an Open Movie and production pipeline with free software

Bassam Kurdali
Director of Elephants Dream, Syria/USA
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Discussion about the Impacts of Design Decision on Software Usage and Adoption

Benoit St-André
Revolution Linux
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Open Font Library 2.0

Dave Crossland
Open Font Library
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Aymeric Mansoux,
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Designing with Free tools in an Open Community: experiences from the Fedora Design Team

Nicu Buculei, Martin Sourada
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Inkscape for everybody

Andy Fitzsimon
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Quick and Dirty Usability: Leveraging Google Suggest to Instantly Know Your Users

Open Mind, Literally: Teaching Free Culture As A Life Goal, Brain Surgery, and A Networked Path to Recovery

Easy multi-projector desktop using Lighttwist compiz plugin

Sébastien Roy & Louis Bouchard
Département d’Informatique et de recherche opérationnelle Université de Montréal

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The making of YoFrankie, and complete walkthrough

Pablo Vazquez
Apricot team
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GNU Autoconf

Štěpán Kasal
GNU Autoconf
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Type design strategies with free software

Ricardo Lafuente
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Introduction to the SVG format

Ted Gould
Inkscape developer, USA
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An Open Source illustration program for prepress

Igor Novikov
sK1 developer, Ukraine
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GIMP UI: taking some big issues by the horns

Peter Sikking
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One Open Source Publishing year

Ludivine Loiseau
Open Source Publishing
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Collaborative intellectual property

Jose David Cuartas Correa
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How to Run an Art School on Free and Open Source Software

Florian Cramer, Aymeric Mansoux, Michael Murtaugh
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Graphic Design and the Wide Open Space

Eric Schrijver
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Better and faster image resizing and resampling

Nicolas Robidoux, John Cupitt, Chantal Racette, Anthony Thyssen, Adam Turcotte, Frederick (Fred) Weinhaus

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Data Viz: Open Source and Sources

Animation Festival screening

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Free Fonts

Dave Crossland
Free Fonts
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Programmers hell: working with the UI designer

Michael Dominic Kostrzewa
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Project overview and first results from the OpenUsability GIMP redesign project

Peter Sikking, Kamila Giedrojć
Usability experts, GIMP developers, The Netherlands, Poland
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Communication design in every language – designing product materials purely in open source

Andy Fitzsimon
Inkscape and Open Clipart developer, Australia
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Markus Weiland
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Fonts, formats, CSS and libre graphics

Chris Lilley
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UpStage – an open source web-based platform for cyberformance

Helen Varley Jamieson,
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GNU LibreDWG – a free software library to handle DWG files from AutoCAD

Felipe Corrêa da Silva Sanches
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Joining Spirits with Aiki Framework: The New Web Engine for Open Clip Art Library

Jon Phillips,
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In situ animation with Toonloop

Alexandre Quessy

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Tau Meta Tau Physica – Open Source Digital Pattern Making software

Susan Spencer Conklin

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Life after Plumiferos, the Superagentes movie and our Blender development

Claudio Andaur
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Distributed Version Control

Ian Jackson
dpkg, adns, userv, Debian BTS
Play (51min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Scribus Demo – text and image manipulation, pdf output, interaction with printing world

Louis Desjardins
Scribus, LGM 2007 organiser
Play (78min) M4V | MP3

Creating photo-realistic artwork based on photo reference (Inkscape)

Jakub Steiner
GNOME/GIMP developer, Czechia
Play (36min) Download: | MOV | MP3

The Open Content Library: Overview of Open Clip Art Library and ccHost

Jon Phillips
OpenClipart, USA
Play (66min) Download: | MOV | MP3

Keeping in touch with Ubuntu

Stéphane Graber
Revolution Linux
Play (22min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Vedutismo Nuovo: New Tools for Panoramic Perspective Control

Yuval Levy
Play (35min) Download: MP4 | MP3

The Rural Design Collective Summer Mentoring Program

Rebecca Hargrave Malamud
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Color Management and other new developments in Ghostscript

Hin-Tak Leung,
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Open Source Graphics and Web Services: A panel discussion

Nathan Willis
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Pinpoint – A tool for making hackers do excellent presentations

pippin / Øyvind Kolås

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