Research Data as Content: Challenges and opportunities for UK HE

Simon Hodson
Programme Manager. JISC
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An introduction on the digital reading industry

Steve Burrows
Digital Reading Europe team within Sony Europe

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Global Student E-book Survey: Comparing 2008 and 2011 Trends and Perceptions

Aine Rice
Ebook Supplier Ebrary

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Libraries as publishers and social media

Nick Canty

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Managing and Sharing Data – What Researchers Do And Don’t Do; The Implications For Policy

Dr Michael Jubb
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The future is mobile: the role of ebooks in the learning and teaching landscape

Nicky Whitsed
Director of Library Services, Open University

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E-Textbooks: What’s on the Horizon?

Kate Worlock
Publishing consultants Outsell

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UCL Ebooks 2013 – Panel Session

David Ball and John Akeroyd (Chairs)

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Adam Farquhar
British Library
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What is an e-book?

James Macfarlane
CEO, Easypress Technologies Limited

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Content vs Collaboration: the role of the social in online educational resources

Alan Nelson
E-learning Developer Nelson-Croom

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Use of linked data for ebook discovery

Richard Wallis
Technology Evangelist, OCLC

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The SUDAMIH Project: Developing Data Infrastructure for the Humanities – requirements and attitudes

James Wilson
University of Oxford
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A publisher’s perspective on managing proliferating channels, devices and business models

Hannah Perrett
Director of Digital Partnership Sales, Cambridge University Press

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Firmly embedded: explaining the success of e-books at the University of Portsmouth

Anne Worden
Portsmouth University

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The future of academic publishing: continuity or discontinuity?

Stephen Pinfield
Sheffield University School of Information Studies and former CIO, Nottingham University

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How metadata management and webscale searching are addressing problems of making data discoverable.

Helle Lauridsen
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E-books for scholarly research

Dr Sian Harris
Editor, Research Information

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Ereaders and Epublishing for online learning

Dr Steven Warburton
University of London International Programmes

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Reaching readers: content and community

Alastair Horne
Digital Strategist Cambridge University Press and Futurist

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MaDAM: A Data Management Infrastructure for Biomedical Researchers at the University of Manchester

June Finch
University of Manchester
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The adoption of e-book lending in libraries and schools

Johanna Brinton
Business Development Executive, OverDrive Ltd

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EPUB 3 – master, mainstream or marginalised format

Graham Bell

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Econtent and MOOCs

Nicky Whitsed
Chair of the International M-Libraries Conference and Director of Library Services, The Open University (UK)

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Institutional Data Management Blueprint

Kenji Takeda
University of Southampton
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The dangling conversation? What’s happening with e-books and public libraries?

Martin Palmer
Principal Officer: Libraries for Essex County Council

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Experiences of using ebooks to support a challenging student audience

Jill Taylor-Rowe
University of Newcastle

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Building communities and bundling content

Eela Devani
Digital Development Director, Bloomsbury Press

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E-book and E-content 2010 – Panel session

Led by Anthony Watkinson
UCL Centre for Publishing
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The changing role of the library supplier

Jude Norris
Marketing and Technology Director, Dawson Books

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The digital transition in Higher Education

Fionnuala Duggan
CourseSmart International

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Who are the winners? Ebook consortial purchasing

Hazel Woodward
Director of Information Power Ltd

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Framing the Discussion – Different Perspectives

Kevin Ashley
Director of the JISC Digital Curation Centre
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Wilma Mossink
Surf Foundation, The Netherlands
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Dr. Eefke Smit
Director of Technology and Standards International Association of Science Technical and Medical Publishers
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EPUB 3.0 Overview

Graham Bell
The Chief Data Architect, EDItEUR

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From total E-delivery back to hybrid library: lessons learned…

Avtar Natt
BPP University College of Professional Studies

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The JISC e-textbook project

David Ball
David Ball Consulting & JISC Collections

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Research on Researchers

Prof. Carol Tenopir
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
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Prof. Carole Palmer
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
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Dr. Michael Jubb
Director, Research Information Network
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Understanding EPUB: A Publisher’s Perspective

James Long
Editorial Director Digital, Pan Macmillan

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Access not lending

Lorraine Estelle
CEO JISC Collections

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Beyond the textbook? Mobile and Interactive textbooks in the digital age

Kiren Shoman
Executive Director, Books Editorial, Sage Publishing

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Ed Pentz
Executive Director, CrossRef
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Adam Farquhar
The head of Digital Library Technology, British Library
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Neil Beagrie
Consultant, Dryad project
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eBook production “variations on a Theme”

James Macfarlane

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Open access and scholarly publishing

Brain Hole
Ubiquity Press

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Systems for integrating with the student work-flow

Richard Burkett
Technical Director Proquest Ltd

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Digital Curation

Mike Furlough1 and Patrick Alexander2
1Assistant Dean for scholarly communications, 2Director, University Press
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Scott Brandt
Associate Dean, Purdue University Libraries
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Charles Watkinson
Director, University Press
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Creating Wonderland- SAGE and the Provision of Accessible Content

Huw Alexander
Rights & Digital Sales Manager

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Discoverability of content

Robert Faber
Director of Digital Strategy at OUP

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How do I buy thee? Let me count the ways: an overview of e-book pricing and collection models

Steve Giannoni
Director of Sales, Ebsco Publishing

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Disciplinary practices and different content I

Toby Green
Head of Publishing, OECD
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Dr. Bill Town
Kilmorie Consulting
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Hodder Education

Alyssum Ross

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Delivering Chemistry to our mobile audience

Will Russell
Royal Society of Chemistry

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Ebooks 2014 Panel

John Akeroyd (Chair person)
Honorary Research Fellow UCL and Director Information Reports Ltd

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Disciplinary practices and different content II

Dr. Claire Warwick
Director, Digital Humanities Centre, University College London
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Dr. Peter Burnhill
Director, EDINA
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Accessible Publishing

Sarah Hilderley
Accessibility Project Lead, EDItEUR

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Integrating e-textbooks into the curriculum

Jeni Evans
Account Executive EMEA, Vital source technologies

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Future hopes and visions

Prof. Stefan Gradmann
Humboldt University, Berlin
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Dr. Paul Ayris
Director, Library Services, University College London
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DPF – Accessibility 2012 – Q & A


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The OAPEN project

Caren Milloy
Head of Projects at JISC Collections

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Data and text mining: the search for unknown knowns

Geoffrey Bilder
Director of Strategic Initiatives, CrossRef
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E-Books 2011: Introduction and Welcome

Nick Canty & John Akeroyd
UCL Department of Information Studies and Centre for Publishing

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Beyond the e-book

David Ball
Head of Academic Development Services, Bournemouth University

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A new digital textbook publishing enterprise

Andrejs Alferovs
President Kortext

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