Non–Latin typeface design

non latintype facedesign
September 18–19, 2007
University of Reading
Non-Latin typeface design conference held at St Bride Library, London and The Department of Typography, University of Reading. This conference comprised of a day of talks at St Bride Library, London, and a day of hands–on sessions at the Department of Typography, Reading.

From Buddhist scrolls to graphic novels: facets of South Asian book history

Graham Shaw
British Library, London
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Integrating Latin and non–Latin text: a designer’s perspective

Paul Luna
University of Reading
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Hebrew typography: reflections of a Latin type

Simon Prais
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What did OpenType open for Arabic typography?

Mamoun Sakkal
Sakkal Design, Washington
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Tasmeem – design – explores the limits of Arabic Typography the origin of the concept, how it was realized and how it works

Thomas Milo
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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