FACT Seminar 2013

STM FACT Seminar 2013
January 23, 2013
STM FACT Seminar No. 1 (2013)Licensing in an Open Access Environment: legal niceties, funder mandates and publishing challenges held at Royal Society, Carlton House, Terrace, London, UK

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Creative Commons and the Physical sciences

Nicola Gulley
Editorial Director, IOP Publishing

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Keynote 1: Open access and creative licensing

Mark Seeley
Senior Vice-President and General Counsel, Elsevier

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Licensing in an Open Access Environment

Sue Joshua
Legal Director, STMS and EMEA, John Wiley & Sons

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STM Fact Seminar No.1

Roy Kaufman
Managing Director, New Ventures, Copyright Clearance Center

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Keynote 2: Licensing in an open access environment: the publishing view”

Deborah Dixon
VP, Publishing Director, Health Sciences, John Wiley

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CC-BY: Experiences from biological and medical publishing

Matthew Cockerill
Managing Director, BioMed Central

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Chiaroscuro: the light and shadow of CC BY in the context of Social Science, Arts and Humanities (SSAH)

Vicky Gardner
Open Access Publisher, Taylor & Francis

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