“Follow the Money”: The Political Economy of Open Access in the Humanities

Gary Hall
Open Humanities Press
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Hindawi’s OA Institutional Membership Program

Paul Peters
Head of Business Development for Hindawi Publishing Corporation
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Dave Ross

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Article Processing Charges (APC)

Donna Okubo
Public Library of Science

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Athabasca University Press

Kathy Killoh
Athabasca University Press

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Open Access in the Humanities and Social Sciences

David Ross

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Research libraries – new approaches for library-based publishing

Paul Ayris

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OA Publishing Community Standards: Article Level Metrics

Kevin Dolby
Wellcome Trust

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Keynote: ‘Events in the Netherlands – a national approach to open access’

Ron Dekker
Director Institutes NWO, Project leader Open Access NL

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Evaluation – Q&A

Andrew Preston, Marcus Munafo, Moqi Xu
London School of Economics, Publons, University of Bristol

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From open access to open science: why the paper of the future will be data-driven

Alberto Pepe
Founder/CEO, Authorea

Research data: from journal policy to practice

Amye Kenall
Global Head of Life Sciences, Springer Nature

Panel Discussion on Open Data

OASPA 2009
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Breakout Session on Publishing Ethics

Mark Patterson
Director of Publishing for the Public Library of Science
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Open Biology from the Royal Society

Phil Hurst

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Caren Milloy
JISC Collections

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Institutional Funding of Open Access

Regine Tobias
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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Open Access-views from the (SSAH) Learned Society and Author Perspective

Victoria Gardner

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Library-based Publishing in North America: Coming of Age

Charles Watkinson
University of Michigan

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Open Access Publishing for Learned Societies

Xenia van Edig

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On The Norwegian Road to Open Access

Jan Erik Frantsvag
UiT The Arctic University of Norway

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Panel 2: Business models to support the transition to OA – Q&A

Salvatore Mele, Steve Hall
CERN, IOP Publishing

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Citations needed for the sum of all human knowledge: Wikidata as the missing link between scholarly publishing and linked open data

Dario Taraborelli
Head of Research, Wikimedia

An overview of PubMed Central’s (PMC) inter-agency public access efforts

Kathryn Funk
Program Specialist, PubMed Central, NLM

Open Access and the Wellcome Trust

Robert Kiley
Wellcome Trust
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Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science

Rob van Glabbeek
Editor-in-Chief of the Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science
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BMJ Open

Richards Sands
Managing Editor

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Keynote: SCOAP3

Salvatore Mele

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Opening Remarks/OASPA Update

Paul Peters

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OA in HSS (at OUP)

Rhodri Jackson

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Principles for Attribution

Caroline Sutton
Co-Action Publishing

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Open access at the Royal Society

Stuart Taylor
Royal Society

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Chronos: Partnership for Policy Implementation

Jennifer Hansen
Gates Foundation

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Panel 1: Innovation in scholarly communication – Q&A

Kaveh Bazargan, Jonathan Gray, Geoffrey Bilder
Representing a publisher collaboration, Open Knowledge, CrossRef

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Coasp 2016 – Q&A – Panel 1 – Technology and Innovation


Open access and cancer research

Katie Foxall
Head of Publishing, ecancer

How Common is Open Access?

Bo-Christer Björk
HANKEN School of Economics
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SCOAP3 : Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics

Salvatore Mele
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Open Access in Africa: Challenges, Solutions and Achievements

Susan Murray
Director of African Journals Online (AJOL)
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Open Access in FP7 & Support Actions by OpenAIRE

Birgit Schmidt

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I Love Open Access

Marin Dacos

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OASPA 2013 – Keynote

Lars Bjornshauge

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Technology and Standards

Simon Thomson
Open Access Key

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Efficiency and Standards for Article Charges

Kai Karin Geschuhn
Max Planck Society

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Open Access: A challenge for learned societies

Agnès Henri
EDP Sciences

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Infrastructure for AHSS

Pierre Mounier

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Scholarly publishing: a perspective from an early career academic

Derek Groen
University College London

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Keynote – Financial Sustainability of Open Access Scholarly Journals at Scale

MacKenzie Smith
University Librarian, University of California, Davis

Six Degrees of Connectedness – mapping Open Access’s many lives

Jennifer Lin
Director of Product Management, CrossRef

The Economics of Open Access Scholarly Publishing

Branwen Hide
Research Information Network
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Open Access Payment Mechanisms: One Publisher’s Perspective

Carrie Calder
BioMed Central
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Specifics of Open Access Publishing and Retrodigitization in Mathematics: An Experience from DML-CZ and EuDML Projects

Petr Sojka
Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
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Keynote Address – Beyond the Journal Article

Philip Bourne

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Knowledge Unlatched – Open Access for Scholarly Books

Frances Pinter

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Open Access in the UK Developments since the Finch Report

Michael Jubb
Research Information Network

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The Open Citations Corpus

David Shotton
Open Citations Corpus

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Working with the library community to set up OA pilots for transitioning subscription income to APCs

Nicola Gulley
IOP Publishing

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Societies and the transition to Open Access

Andrea Baier
British Ecological Society

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Progressive roads to OA – Q&A

Jan Erik Frantsvag, Jennifer Hansen, Pierre Mounier
UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Gates Foundation, OpenEdition

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Springer’s high-impact off-setting model – experiences so far

Juliane Ritt
Springer Nature

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Flipping the Script: Building Cooperatives in Scholarly Publishing for Open Access

Kamran Naim
Researcher, Open Access Publishing Cooperative Study

Middle author dilemma: how to recognize critical contributions of multidisciplinary teams

Melissa Gymrek
Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego

Open Access Publishing Strategies, Options and Issues for Scholar Publishers

David Solomon* and Caroline Sutton**
*Michigan State University, **Co-Action Publishing
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Social Accounting and Open Access

Jen Sweezie
Bioline International
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Tracing the Emerging Open Access Landscape in Greece: Achievements, Challenges, Prospects

Victoria Tsoukala
the National Documentation Centre, EKT
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COASP 2011 – Morning Keynote Address

Michael Jubb

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Funding model for Open Access Books: Example of a Research Funder

Doris Haslinger
FWF Austrian Science Fund

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Developing Open Access Policy Positions for Science Europe

Georg Botz
Science Europe

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Meet OASPA’s Members – MDPI

Dietrich Rordorf

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The Open Library of Humanities

Martin Eve
University of Lincoln, UK

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Open Access Scholarly Publishing in South Africa: The AOSIS Perspective

Pierre de Villiers
AOSIS, South Africa

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Research Involvement and Engagement: Partnership with patients in a new publication

Daniel Shanahan
BioMed Central

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The Future of Scholarship in a Digital Age?

Jonathan Gray
Open Knowledge

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Building a Non-APC Business Model for Humanities Journal Publishing

Caroline Edwards
Editorial Director, Open Library of Humanities

Credit and Accountability – Tools for a Better Ecosystem

Veronique Kiermer
Executive Editor, PLOS Journals

The Directory of Open Access Journals – The Development of the Collection, Current Projects, and Plans for the Future

Lars Bjornshauge
Directory of Open Access Journals/Lund University
Play (26min) Download: MP4 | MP3

The Price of Open Access? OA Funds, Institutions and Consortia

Stephen Pinfield
University of Nottingham
Play (39min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Breakout Session on Centralized Payment Mechanisms for OA Publishing Costs

Matt Cockerill
Managing Director of BioMed Central
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Scientific Reports from Nature Publishing Group

Sara Grimme

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How to implement Gold Open Access at a research institution

Margo Bargheer
Gottingen University Press

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Making books part of the open access landscape

Cecy Marden
Wellcome Trust

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Ubiquity Press open scholarship

Brian Hole
Ubiquity Press

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Frontiers for Young Minds

Fred Fenter

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OA in an oasis: The growth of open access in the MENA region

Alwaleed Alkhaja, Qatar

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Freedom APCs, an experimental model making Open Access publishing affordable to all

Bryan Vickery
Cogent OA

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IOPP and offsetting

Steve Hall
IOP Publishing

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The Open Access Model in Latin America

Arianna Becerril
Technology and Innovation Director, Redalyc

Credit where Credit is Due: Acknowledging all Types of Contributions

Melissa Haendel
Associate Professor, Oregon Health & Science University and FORCE11

The Open Source Publishing Platform

John Willinsky
Public Knowledge Project/Stanford University
Play (45min) Download: MP4 | MP3

A University Library as Open Access Publisher: the Igitur Experience

Saskia Franken
University Library Utrecht/Igitur
Play (32min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Breakout Session on OA Book Publishing

Eelco Ferwerda
OAPEN Coordinator/Amsterdam University Press
Play (14min) Download: FLV | MOV | OGG | MP3

Morning Keynote from the European Commission

Francesco Fusaro

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Supporting infrastructure for journal OA fees / APCs

Caren Milloy
JISC Collections

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Marketing & Communications for open-access journals

Jen McLennan

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Authoring,peer-review and publication in one place,for the first time!

Lyubomir Penev

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OA Publishing 3.0: Beyond the journal, a redefined role in the research ecosystem?

Stephanie Dawson

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Keynote: Daniel Mietchen, Accelerating Science Award Prize winner

Daniel Mietchen
Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin

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Open Book Publishers: Adapting a Freemium Business Model for Open Access Book Publishing

Rupert Gatti
Open Book Publishers

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Managing the total cost of publication – an update on Jisc’s work to negotiate offsetting agreements with publishers

Liam Earney
Jisc Collections

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Q&A – Panel 2 – Non APC OA publishing


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