DeviantArt: Creating Community Around Creativity

Deviantart, Michael Halpert

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In the 10 years since it’s inception, deviantART has become the home for over 17 Million Artists with an audience of over 45 million people all around the globe. The site provides an exhibition environment, community tools and resources for artists at all skill levels, in all mediums. As a supporter of the open-source software movement, deviantART hosts millions of creative works, tutorials, assets, brush packs, skins and resources for all of the major projects. The Groups platform also creates environments for people to collaborate around software projects to share and curate their favorite artwork and resources. Gilles and Mike from deviantART are here today to discuss new opportunities for interfacing directly with this massive online platform.

Mike Halpert works with the business development and product groups at deviantART. His work includes numerous popular products such as Portfolio, the dA Mobile site and numerous e-commerce offerings. Prior to deviantART, Mike worked in creative development at Lawrence Bender Productions and the prestigious William Morris Agency. Halpert is a graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

Gilles Dubuc is one of the team leads of the Devious Technology department at deviantART. Since joining deviantART, he has worked on core products such as the groups platform and notes, has rewritten large components of the website and pioneered innovative optimization techniques. Prior to deviantART, Gilles worked for several companies including SMS Central Pty Ltd and Sun Microsystems. He also founded two startups. He graduated from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland.