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Towards an Document Object Model (DOM) for Scribus

PiTiVi and the state of GStreamer video editing

Jean-François Fortin Tam

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Print: The Final Frontier

Jon A. Cruz

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Quick and Dirty Usability: Leveraging Google Suggest to Instantly Know Your Users

Open Mind, Literally: Teaching Free Culture As A Life Goal, Brain Surgery, and A Networked Path to Recovery

Easy multi-projector desktop using Lighttwist compiz plugin

Sébastien Roy & Louis Bouchard
Département d’Informatique et de recherche opérationnelle Université de Montréal

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Better and faster image resizing and resampling

Nicolas Robidoux, John Cupitt, Chantal Racette, Anthony Thyssen, Adam Turcotte, Frederick (Fred) Weinhaus

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Data Viz: Open Source and Sources

In situ animation with Toonloop

Alexandre Quessy

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Tau Meta Tau Physica – Open Source Digital Pattern Making software

Susan Spencer Conklin

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Pinpoint – A tool for making hackers do excellent presentations

pippin / Øyvind Kolås

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Open Publishing with PressBooks

Hugh McGuire & Christine Prefontaine

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Know-How to Share: Beyond Software and Arts

MyPaint – the past, the present, and the future

Plain Text: Graphic Design and Programming Culture

Free Graphics Programming, experiences & thoughts

Pierre Marchand

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Connecting Device Calibration to ICC Profiles

Kai-Uwe Behrmann

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Instant VIPSMagick

John Cupitt1, Nicolas Robidoux2
1 Imperial College, London, 2 Université Laurentienne, Sudbury ON

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Making color management “just work” using colord

DeviantArt: Creating Community Around Creativity

Deviantart, Michael Halpert

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Using Blender for Patent Absurdity / advocacy animations

Christopher Allan Webber

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Laying out democracy

Ana Carvalho, Ricardo Lafuente

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Future Tools: The Libre Graphics Research Unit

How to make SVG speak spot color language

Louis Desjardins

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Laidout and Strange Interfaces

Krita: Professional Digital Painting

Generative typesetting with Context

John Haltiwanger

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Hypermedia and the Annihilation of Time and Space

Barry Threw

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Unleashing the Power of Inkscape to Create and Share

Selected Phython Scripts for Scribus

Gregory Pittman

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Maio nosso Maio

Farid Abedelnour

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Comic book drawing with Krita

Libre Graphics magazine: A year of fantastic

Ana Carvalho, ginger coons, Ricardo Lafuente

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Open Colour Standard: Dissipating the vapour

ginger coons

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Crafting an Open Font Stack

Christopher Adams

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Revivalism: open font conversion and other great awakenings

Toonloop: animation for live performances

Alexandre Quessy

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Free Documentation on Floss World

Elisa de Castro Guerra

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Introducing AdaptableGIMP

Michael Terry, Ben Lafreniere & Fil Krynicki

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