Open Mind, Literally: Teaching Free Culture As A Life Goal, Brain Surgery, and A Networked Path to Recovery

Pete Ippel

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LGM 2010 was a new experience for me, and has greatly influenced my teaching, my art, and my perception. While I was in London returning from Brussels, I received a call from the San Francisco Art Institute to teach a freshman foundation course titled “”Making and Meaning””. It was the first time I had the opportunity to create my own syllabus for undergraduates, so I chose to teach about free culture, and how create work and consider open principles when executing projects.

Three weeks away from the end of the semester I was struck by a nearly life-ending infection. A fellow free culture advocate came to my aid, teaching in my place, and helped to produce and inspire a project called “”The Physical Word.””

In this presentation, I will share my story of how the principles of LGM serve as inspiration to recovery and regrowth. is the project that was created utilizing concepts from LGM.

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