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A new Model for faster Communication of Research

Dr. Kaveh Bazargan
Director, River Valley Technologies, London

Persistent Identifiers & Automation

Alice Meadows
Director of Community Engagement & Support, ORCID, Bethesda, MD

It’s not easy being Green – Judith Russell

Judith Russell
Dean of Libraries, University of Florida

The Publishing Cookbook – Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson
CEO, Redlink and Founder, The Scholarly Kitchen

Nurturing indigenous capacities for culture-centric innovations: a cross-sectional study

Nashon Adero

Machine accessibility of open access scientific publications from publisher systems via resource sync

Petr Knoth

The Journal of Open Source Software: when collaborative open source meets peer review- Arfon Smith

Arfon Smith
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Open Source Software. Head, Data Science Mission Office

E-book publishing – the revival of book publishing for small & medium size academic publishers

Caroline Wain
RSC Publishing, Royal Society of Chemistry
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Panel Discussion on Open Data

OASPA 2009
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Panel: Questions & Answers

Robert Long, James Mouw, Cynthia Cleto & David Naggar
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How ResearcherID will resolve name ambiguity in the scholarly ecosystem

David Kochalko
Thomson Reuters
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PaperC: A New Model for Publishers against illegal File Sharing

Martin Fröhlich and Felix Hofmann
PaperC, Berlin
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Publishing for HSS and STM: Differences of Kind or of Degree?

Geraldine Billingham
Editorial Director, Berg Publishers
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Panel Q & A: What does the user really want? Examining channels, behavior, and business models

Moderator: Tim Collins
Presenters: Andrea Kravetz, Deborah Lenares and William Park
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PLoS Institutional Membership Program

Mark Patterson
Director of Publishing for the Public Library of Science
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Integrating content to aid discoverability: why we put all our eggs in one basket

Roheena Anand
Publisher (Books), Royal Society of Chemistry
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Evolving Preservation Needs: A Portico Update

Toni Tracy
Director of Publisher Relations, Portico
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Capturing the iUser: Web 2.0 ‘Freemium’ Business Models

William Park
CEO, DeepDyve
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Requirements: Arts and humanities

William Kilbride
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Making sense of science and evidence

Tracey Brown
Sense About Science
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Perpetual change: the need for production departments to continually evolve

Richard Fidczuk
Production Director, SAGE
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New and emerging technologies for reference software

Jason E. Rollins
Director of Product Development, Thomson Reuters Scientific and Healthcare
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Open access to clinical trials through prospective clinical trials registries

Babalwa Zani
Pan African Clinical Trials Registry
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Panel discussion: The Data Deluge, to Drown or Swim?

Herbert Gruttemeier, Mrs. Eefke Smit, Dr. Jan Brase & Dr. Malte Dreyer
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After the Scholarly Publishing Roundtable: The Evolution of the Debate on Public Access

H. Frederick Dylla
Executive Director & CEO, American Institute of Physics, College Park
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Structured nanopublications pertaining to the drugome: A Knowledge Engineering from Experimental Design (KEfED) model

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Research Library Futures

Rick Anderson
Associate Director for Scholarly Resources & Collections, University of Utah

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What is an e-book?

James Macfarlane
CEO, Easypress Technologies Limited

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Using WordPress as an Editorial Production System

Neil Schlager
Schlager Group

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Take my content – please! – The service-based business model of SureChem

Nicko Goncharoff
SureChem (Digital Science)

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EPUB3 Demo and Examples

Liza Daly
Threepress Consulting

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Concurrent 4B: What Our Readers Actually do on Scholarly Publication Sites-Figuring it out through Usability Testing

OA Mega Journals: The view from PLoS ONE

Peter Binfield

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The Changing Academic Library Market: Opportunities for Vendors and Publishers

Anna Bullard
Director, Publisher Acquisitions & Relations, Ebrary Inc

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Q&A: Ebook licensing

Parallel 1 (b): Who Knows Best? Academic library book collections development in transition

Preparing for the Next Big Thing

Kevin Cohn
Vice President of Operations, Atypon

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JISC Digital Preservation: Current & Future Work

Neil Grindley

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Reflections on open knowledge infrastructures

Dr Kostas Glinos
Head of Unit, EU e-Infrastructures

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Discussion Panel on ‘Riding the Wave’

Dr David Giaretta, Dr Michael Factor, Dr Monica Marinucci, Professor Tony Hey, Dr Christoph Best and Professor John Wood (Chair)

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: What Retractions Tell Us About Scientific Transparency

Ivan Oransky
Retraction Watch

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Q & A – Focus on Books

Bill Kasdorf, Bruce Rosenblum

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Accessible Publishing

Sarah Hilderley
Accessibility Project Lead, EDItEUR

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Measuring and Managing Research OutcomesMeasuring and Managing Research Outcomes

Dr Nick Fowler
Director of Strategy, Elsevier, Amsterdam

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Sharing – the foundation of social institutions

Stephen Abram
Gale Cengage Learning

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Plenary Session 5 – Debate: The future for scholarly journals: slow evolution, rapid transformation – or redundancy?

From Discoverability to Actionability of Content

Howard Ratner
Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice-President, Nature Publishing Group

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E-Textbooks: What’s on the Horizon?

Kate Worlock
Publishing consultants Outsell

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Usage Research

Dr Ian Rowlands

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Keynote: SCOAP3

Salvatore Mele

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Free Ride: How Digital Parasites are Destroying the Culture Business, and how the Culture Business can Fight Back

Robert Levine
Journalist, New York and Berlin

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Susan Collins
Member Services Coordinator

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FundRef – Kevin Dolby

Kevin Dolby
Wellcome Trust

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Writing in the cloud – A solution for authors

Kaveh Bazargan
Director, River Valley

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Tackling some of the trials and tribulations of a researcher

Rebecca Lawrence

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The Future of Scholarly Communication: US Efforts to Bring Warring Factions to Common Purpose in Support of Scholarship

Dr John Vaughn
Scholarly Publishing Roundtabel, Washington, D.C.

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Freeing Books with Disruptive Models

Frances Pinter1, Eric Hellman2
1 Knowledge Unlatched, London; 2 Gluejar Inc., Montclair, NJ

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Open Data – Rebecca Lawrence

Rebecca Lawrence

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Access not lending

Lorraine Estelle
CEO JISC Collections

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Licensing in the publishing sector

Sarah Faulder
Publishers Licensing Society

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Panel Discussion – Can Blogs, Apps and Newspapers Co-exist in Harmony?


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Out of Cite, Out of Mind: Report of the CODATA Task Group on Data Citation

Sarah Callaghan
British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC), Project Manager

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Marketing & Communications for open-access journals

Jen McLennan

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Authoring,peer-review and publication in one place,for the first time!

Lyubomir Penev

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Bits and Pieces: A Revised Look at Metadata eProduction Workflow

Bruce Rosenblum
CEO, Inera

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Flash SocialCite

Kent Anderson
Caldera Information Solutions, LLC

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Implementing XML for Japanese-language scholarly articles

Soichi Tokizane
Aichi University

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The Challenges and Benefits of Automating NLM-to-ePub3 File Conversion

Mike Deane
CFA Institute

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Econtent and MOOCs

Nicky Whitsed
Chair of the International M-Libraries Conference and Director of Library Services, The Open University (UK)

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Research libraries – new approaches for library-based publishing

Paul Ayris

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OA Publishing Community Standards: Article Level Metrics

Kevin Dolby
Wellcome Trust

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Ed Pentz
Executive Director

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Updates from 1K and FORCE11 Activities

Maryann Martone

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Welcome and Introductions

Jeff Beck

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What anthologies most useful

Debbie Lapeyre and Mark Donoghue

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Capturing and understanding research impact on an international scale

Ian Viney
Director of Strategic Evaluation and Impact, Medical Research Council (MRC)

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Keynote:Scholarly Publishing: The View from 5280 Feet

Jeffrey Beall
Associate Professor, Scholarly Communications Librarian, University of Colorado, Denver

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The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review

Christopher J.Ward
Editor in Chief, The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review Professor of History, Clayton State University, Georgia USh

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Ushering an Era of Networked YOU Collaboration for Innovation RedLink

Deepika Bajaj

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DDA, DRM, ILL- Oh my! Building a Better eBook Model-Business Strategy

Maura Diamond, Kathy Masnik, Whitney Murphy, Katy Gabrio, Heather Staines
Springer Nature, ProQuest, Ingram Content Group, Macalester College

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The Evaluation Gap: Using altmetrics to meet changing researcher needs

Phill Jones

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Navigating the Journals Commissioning / Acquisitions Landscape-BUSINESS STRATEGY-Discussion

Diana Pesek, Dan Morgan, Jeremy Nielsen, Ashley Petrylak, Victoria Rae
Pennsylvania State University Press, University of California Press, Radiological Society of North America, Oxford University Press

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Connecting to the End-User

Joseph Esposito

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The NISO Open Discovery Initiative

Laura Morse

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Explaining XML

Bob Oeste

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Lightning Talks – poster presenters


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Keynote: ‘Research and researcher evaluation’

Stephen Curry
Imperial College London

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Keynotes: Science as Social Machines

Prof. Dr. Barend Mons
Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden

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Sharing is the new buying

Richard Padley
Chairman and CEO, Semantico, Brighton

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Self correcting literature – a myth?

Catriona McCullum

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Bringing Research to the Surface – Maximising the visibility and impact of research

Vicky Williams Download slides CEO, Research Media

Making Sense of the Flood – Ways to curate content and adapt search to deliver serendipity in discovery

Tom Beyer Download slides Director of Platform Services, Safari Books Online

Welcome session: Introductions and Insights

Jeanette Mladenovic Executive Vice President and Provost, Oregon Health & Science University

Cameron Neylon, @CameronNeylon

Melissa Haendel Associate Professor, Oregon Health & Science University

Attribution Working Group

Q & A Concurrent session: Libraries united in opening new scholarly platforms

ORCID iD Throughput in Publishing Workflows

Laurel Haak

What does it mean to be ‘data-driven’?

Isaac Roseboom Head of Insight at deltaDNA

The internationalization of SciELO Brazil journals

Abel Packer
Director, SciELO

Anthropology Commons: An Open Archive Initiative at Alexander Street

Jenna Makowski
Executive Director, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

SpotOn 2016: Wrap up – Amy Bourke-Waite and Laura Wheeler


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