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Room at the Top – It’s Good for Business

Dr. Liz Marchant
Editorial Director, Taylor and Francis, Oxford

Publishing in the Doghouse: Protecting Copyright, Enabling Access, or Both?

Philip Carpenter
Senior Adviser, Research, Wiley, Oxford

Getting Books to Readers – Michael Jubb

Michael Jubb
Independent Consultant

Friends, Foes or Frenemies? – Danny Kingsley

Danny Kingsley
Head of Scholarly Communication, University of Cambridge

Welcome, Introduce Fellows

Martin Fenner

Unlocking references from the literature: The Initiative for Open Citations

Dario Taraborelli

Checklists for software citation: what you need to know – Neil Chue Hong

Neil Chue Hong
Director and Principal Investigator of the Software Sustainability Institute

E-Book Trends: An Industry Analyst’s Viewpoint

Daniel Pollock
VP & Lead Analyst, STM, Outsell
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Nano-publication and Open Access

Jan Velterop
Concept Web Alliance
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Keynote: Is Scientific Publishing About to be Disrupted?

Michael Nielsen
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Developing a Mobile Strategy at the IEEE

Gerry Grenier
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Project Prospect, Semantic Publishing in Chemistry – Linking through Standards

Richard Kidd
Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge
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Research and information habits in the socials sciences and humanities: findings from the Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey

Laura Brown (presented by Nancy Maron)
Managing Director, Ithaka, S+R
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Scholarly Publishing Roundtable

H. Frederick Dylla
Executive Director and CEO, American Institute of Physics
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E-book and E-content 2010 – Panel session

Led by Anthony Watkinson
UCL Centre for Publishing
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Open Access Book Publishing

Eelco Ferwerda
OAPEN Coordinator/Amsterdam University Press
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Curating academic publications – a perspective for research libraries

Laurent Romary
Directeur de Recherche INRIA, France & guest researcher
at Humboldt University, Germany
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Parallel Session 1(a) Q&A

Linda Bennett, Chris Bennett, Emma Coonan & Roheena Anand
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Future hopes and visions

Prof. Stefan Gradmann
Humboldt University, Berlin
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Dr. Paul Ayris
Director, Library Services, University College London
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Strategic Initiatives Update

Geoff Bilder
Director of Strategic Initiatives
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Drilling down into eBook identifiers – ISBN, ISTC, DOI etc.

Brian Green
Executive Director, International ISBN Agency
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Internationalization of interfaces

Richard Wynne
Aries System
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Panel discussion: Publisher experiences and feedback

Judith Kimiywe, Susan Murray, Daisy W. Ouya, Ruth King
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Helping to Ride – A Look at Data Sharing and Access Policies

Herbert Gruttemeier
Immediate Past President, ICSTI and Head of International Relations, INIST-CNRS, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy
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Open Access Publishers: Retaining core values while challenging non-core practices

Dr. Caroline Sutton
President, OASPA (Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association)
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Beyond the Dead Sea PDFs – A Next-Generation Paper Format

David P. Argue, Karl J. Clark, Andrew M. Petzold, Stephen C. Ekker
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The dynamics of improving access to research papers

Mark Ware
Mark Ware Consulting

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What are the opportunities and challenges in Latin America?

Bob Wing
Systems Link International

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A Health Science Librarian Perspective

Liz Lorbeer
University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Reaching Readers in a State of Distraction

Philip Davis
Department of Communication, Cornell University

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CrossMark Usability Testing – A Case Study

Kirsten Robinson
Endeca Technologies

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Concurrent 2D: Information Overload: Reaching Readers in a State of Distraction

Science Question Time – bringing policy to Science Online

Imran Khan, Alice Bell, Beck Smith

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Papers & Open Access publishing: how can we help?

Matias Piipari

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Code RED – the future of Transfer

Alison Mitchell
Business Management Director, Nature Publishing Group

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Social media & the scholarly record: a square peg and round hole interface?

Terry Hulbert
Director of Business Development, AIP

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Q & A: All four corners: worldwide scholarly publishing

Hooman Momen (Chair), Mariana R. Biojone, Arend Kuster, Choon Shil Lee

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Heading for the Open Road: Costs and benefits of transitions in scholarly communications

Daniel Hulls1, Michael Jubb2
1Director, Cambridge Economic Policy Associates, 2Director, Research Information Network

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Riding the Wave: a Perspective for Today and the Future

Dr Monica Marinucci
EMEA Director for Research, ORACLE

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SCIDIP-ES: preservation infrastructure

Dr Mirko Albani1 and David Giaretta2
1European Space Agency, 2Director, APA

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Sex and the Scientific Publisher: How Journals and Journalists Collude (despite their best intentions) to Mislead the Public

Ellen Ruppel Shell
Boston University Center for Science & Medical Journalism

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Open Platforms and eContent Integration

Louise Page
Director of Publishing Strategy, Highwire

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Journal Article Mining and Scholarly Publishers

Maurits van der Graaf
Pleiade Management Consultancy and Management BV

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PANGAEA – Research Data enters Scholarly Communication. Building an Infrastructure to publish and cite Data in the Earth and Environmental Sciences

Michael Diepenbroek
Managing Director, PANGAEA, Bremen

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The Survey on Data Gathering on Researcher Activities. Initial Findings

Eleonora Dagienė
The Association of Lithuanian Serials, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

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Q & A – The Evolving Library

Kate Price (Chair)
University of Surrey

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Embedding the Evidence

Rhian Morgan
RN, Clinical Strategist, Cerner Corporation

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The Transformation of Libraries and their Users: Q & A with Librarians

Moderators: Della Sar and T. Scott Plutchak

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Discovery Roundtable

Chris Beckett (Moderator)

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Data publication – a funder perspective

David Carr
The Wellcome Trust

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Open Access in Horizon 2020 and the European Research Area

Jean François Dechamp
European Commission

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Boot Camp: An Introduction to CrossRef – Patricia Feeney

Patricia Feeney
Product Support Manager

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FundRef Integration Prototype

Lyndon Holmes
Aries Systems

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What’s New in Editorial Online Systems

Anna Jester
Director of Sales and Marketing, eJournal Press

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Keith Collier

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Creative Commons and the Physical sciences

Nicola Gulley
Editorial Director, IOP Publishing

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Innovative Collection Development with PDA in the TU Delft Library

Ir. Zofia E. Brinkman-Dzwig
Delft University of Technology, Delft

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Closing Panel: The Communication of Information – Introduction

Robert M. Campbell
Wiley Blackwell, Oxford

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The Big Debate: Evolution versus Revolution


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The Business Case – Dan O’Donnell

Dan O’Donnell

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Legislative Developments

Richard Mollet
Publishers Association

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10 Trends Driving the Future of Publishing

Mark Coker

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California Digital Library

Joan Starr
(California Digital Library, Manager, Strategic and Project Planning and EZID Service Manager)

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OASPA 2013 – Keynote

Lars Bjornshauge

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Technology and Standards

Simon Thomson
Open Access Key

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Morning Panel: What’s New in Semantic Enrichment

Marjorie M.K. Hlava
Access Innovations

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Scholarly Demise

David De Roure
Director of e-Research Centre, Oxford

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John Vaughn – SHARE

John Vaughn
Executive Vice President, Association of American Universities

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Developing a Schematron–Owning Your Content Markup: A Case Study

Julie Blair
SAGE Publications Inc.

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mPach: Integrated Publishing and Archiving of Journals in HathiTrust

Seth Johnson, Bryan Smith and Kevin S. Hawkins
Michigan Publishing, University of Michigan

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COASP 2014 – Welcome

Mark Patterson, Paul Peters

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The Need and Drive for High Quality Data Publication

Iain Hrynaszkiewicz
Nature Publishing Group

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Carol Anne Meyer
Business Development and Marketing

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New Developments in CrossMark

Kirsty Meddings
Product Manager

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Multimedia Interactive Policy Research: What’s That?

Javier Guillot
Hertie School of Governance

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Building an Automated XML-Based Journal Production Workflow

Charles O’Connor, Stephen Haenel, Antony Gnanapiragasam, Michael Hepp and Tina Fleischer
Dartmouth Journal Services

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So where does the University Library fit in : Digital Research services at the University of St Andrews

Anna Clements
University of St Andrews

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Angela Cochran
Director of Journals, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

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Panel: Scholarly Collaboration Platforms: An Overview

Mark Ware
CEO Mark Ware Consulting

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RVPublisher a better way to publish

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies

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DDA, DRM, ILL- Oh my! Building a Better eBook Model-Business Strategy

Maura Diamond
Springer Nature

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Keynote: Charles Watkinson: Seriographs and Monocals…

Charles Watkinson
University of Michigan Press

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Navigating the Journals Commissioning / Acquisitions Landscape (PART 4)

Dan Morgan
University of California Press

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New Product Development in Today’s Scholarly Publishing Environment

Will Schweitzer

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Where are all the Users Going?…

Sarah Tegen

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The Challenges of Compliance The Academic Perspective

Judith Russell

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Closing Plenary: Society Publishing: Lessons Learned Over the Past 5 Years

Angela Cochran, Michael Clarke, Susan King, Stephen Welch, Robert Harrington SPEAKERSNAME Kenneth Heideman

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Research Pad

Patrick Martinent

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Monitoring the transition to open access in the UK

Stephen Pinfield
University of Sheffield, UK

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Money for Nothing … and the Clicks are free

Ian Russell
CEO, Society for Endocrinology

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Where Does the Buck Stop? Research Ethics and Publishing (Chris Graf)

Chris Graf
Co-Vice Chair, COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics), Norfolk, UK

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Open Access Transformation of Scientific Journal Publishing: Perspective after the Berlin 12 Conference

Dr. Ralf Schimmer
Max Planck Digital Library

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Introduction to Peer Review presentations

Empowering indigenous peoples’ knowledge systems related to climate change and intellectual property rights

Laura Foster Department of Gender Studies, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, USA

The power of the community: Letting patients speak for themselves

Dr. Erik Jones Inspire

Demonstrating impact as a practitioner-researcher

Heather Coates IUPUI University Library

Welcome and Introductions

Jeff Beck

The Citation Fetish

Geoff Bilder Director of Strategic Initiatives, CrossRef

Flipping the Script: Building Cooperatives in Scholarly Publishing for Open Access

Kamran Naim
Researcher, Open Access Publishing Cooperative Study

Middle author dilemma: how to recognize critical contributions of multidisciplinary teams

Melissa Gymrek
Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego

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