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Stop, Collaborate and Listen! – Laura Montgomery

Laura Montgomery
Communications Manager, Library Relations, Taylor and Francis

Workshop C Feedback

Richard Fisher
Something Understood Scholarly Communication

Making Open Citations work

Stephanie Dawson

Keynote: Outside the academy: DIY science communities

Lucy Patterson

A new open data badge – Rebecca Pearce

Rebecca Pearce
Springer Nature / BMC

The Open Source Publishing Platform

John Willinsky
Public Knowledge Project/Stanford University
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A University Library as Open Access Publisher: the Igitur Experience

Saskia Franken
University Library Utrecht/Igitur
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Return on Investment of XML First Workflows

Samir Kakar* and Chris Curtis**
* Aptara Inc ** Formerly of Wolters Kluwer London
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In the Interest of Science – The Priority Initiative “Digital Information” of the Alliance Partner Organisations

Prof. Dr. Matthias Kleiner
President, German Research Foundation (DFG), Bonn
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CrossMark: Trust and the Stewardship of Scholarly Content

Ed Pentz
CrossRef, Oxford
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User Behavior & Industry Trends – Designing apps, new media features, everything for the end user

Andrea Kravetz
Vice President, User Centered Design, Elsevier
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Managing and Sharing Data – What Researchers Do And Don’t Do; The Implications For Policy

Dr Michael Jubb
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Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science

Rob van Glabbeek
Editor-in-Chief of the Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science
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Understanding the challenges, managing expectations and maximizing your China footprint …

Adrian Stanley
CEO, Charlesworth Group USA
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Expanding Public Access to University Research Results: Can the Academic Community Agree on a Common Path Forward?

John Vaughn
Executive Vice President, Association of American Universities
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Framing the Discussion – Different Perspectives

Kevin Ashley
Director of the JISC Digital Curation Centre
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Wilma Mossink
Surf Foundation, The Netherlands
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Dr. Eefke Smit
Director of Technology and Standards International Association of Science Technical and Medical Publishers
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Progress report from Alliance for Permanent Access to the Records of Science Network (APARSEN project)

David Giaretta
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Keynote: Building on the XML Foundation – How Springer Produces and Re-Purposes the XML Asset

Volker Boeing
Director, Process and Content Management, Springer
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SciVal – productivity measurements

Lisa Colledge
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Open access and institutional repositories in research and academic institutions

Rosemary Otando
University of Nairobi
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Open access publishing and open access data sharing for malaria research and control

Prof. Bob Snow
Malaria Public Health & Epidemiology Group, KEMRI-University of Oxford-Wellcome Trust Collaborative Programme
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Bringing the Journal alive: the Semantic Biochemical Journal

Adam Marshall
Gourp Head of Marketing and Customer Services, Portland Press, London
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Where Open Access Publishing is coming from and where it is going

Stuart Shieber
Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
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Buying by the bucketful: a comparative study of how e-book bundles are used

Terry Bucknell
University of Liverpool

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A Society Publisher’s Future Perspective

Kevin Fitzpatrick
Senior Vice President, American College of Cardiology

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Personal Scientific Knowledge

Nathan Watson

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Content, Container, Context: Designing for mobile devices

Victor Curran
Precision Graphics

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Digging for Treasure – New Developments in Textmining and Datamining: Introduction

Judy Luther
Informed Strategies

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Q & A


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Concurrent 3B: Who Are You and Why Are You Visiting My Site?

Open Access in FP7 & Support Actions by OpenAIRE

Birgit Schmidt

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Vox populi: student-led acquisition of ebooks in an academic library

Jill Taylor-Roe
Head of Liaison & Academic Services Newcastle University

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Q&A – Industry Updates

All four corners: worldwide scholarly publishing

Hooman Momen
Editor & Coordinator, Bulletin of the World Health Organization

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Plenary 2: All four corners: worldwide scholarly publishing

ODE Project

Dr Salvatore Mele

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EUDAT: towards collaborative scientific data infrastructure

Dr Pirjo-Leena Forsström
Director, CSC

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UKSG NOV 2011 – Welcome

David Sommer
Director, David Sommer Consulting

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Outsourcing and the Changing Face of Production

Will Wilcox
Journal Content Management Director, Life Sciences Division, Wiley-Blackwell

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Much Ado About Data

Dave Martinsen

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Tracing Tacit Knowledge: Practice and Promise of Journal Article Mining

Drs Eefke Smit1 and Drs Maurits van der Graaf2
1Director, STM, Amsterdam, 2Senior Consultant, Pleiade, Amsterdam

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Wake-up Discussion: The End of the Semantic Web? The Internet of Things and Services

Arnoud de Kemp (Moderator)
Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft AKA GmbH, Heidelberg

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An evidence-based approach to engaging healthcare users in a journals review project

Anne Murphy
Adelaide and Meath Hospital

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Autosubversive practices in academic publishing

Martin Paul Eve
University of Sussex

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eLife – a researcher-led, open-access journal for life and biomedical science

Mark Patterson
Managing Executive Editor, eLife

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The digital transition in Higher Education

Fionnuala Duggan
CourseSmart International

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Multi-stakeholder Round Table Discussion of PEER results

Arnoud de Kemp (Moderator)

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Keynote : Going for Gold? The RCUK Policy on Access to Research Outputs

Mark Thorley

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The consortial collection: Lessons from SHEDL’s approach to collection development

Richard Parsons
Director of the Library and Learning Centre, University of Dundee

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Implementing CrossMark – Eleonora Dagiene

Eleonora Dagiene
VGTU Press

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The Role of ORCID in the Research Community

Laure Haak

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Q & A – New Approaches to XML


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Keynote 1: Open access and creative licensing

Mark Seeley
Senior Vice-President and General Counsel, Elsevier

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Learned Societies and Scientific Publishing – a multifaceted Relationship

Prof. Dr Wolfram Koch
German Chemical Society, Frankfurt

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APE 2013 – Welcome and Opening

German Association of Publishers and Booksellers

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Rigour and Open Access – Liz Ferguson

Liz Ferguson
Wiley Blackwell

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Planned Obsolescence: Publishing, Technology, and the Future of the Academy

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

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A new digital textbook publishing enterprise

Andrejs Alferovs
President Kortext

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Are you being served?

Tom Pollard
Ubiquity Press

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BrainSpace, a global interest graph for scientists


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FundRef cooperation with CrossRef

Chuck Kosher
CrossRef, Director of Technology

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Hybrid Journals at Nature Publishing Group

James Butcher
Nature Publishing Group

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Never mind the version of record, which is your format of record?

Kaveh Bazargan
CEO, River Valley Technologies

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Jennifer Lin
Senior Product Manager, PLOS

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Grace Baynes: Shifting the Conversation – Reputation + Engagement

Grace Baynes
Nature Publishing Group

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Book Tagging Panel Discussion

Bruce Rosenblum (Moderator)
Inera, Inc.

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Inconsistent XML as a barrier to reuse of Open Access Content

Daniel Mietchen1, Chris Maloney2, Nils Dagsson Moskopp
1. Open Knowledge Foundation, Germany; 2. PMC (Contractor with A-Tek, Inc.)

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How do I buy thee? Let me count the ways: an overview of e-book pricing and collection models

Steve Giannoni
Director of Sales, Ebsco Publishing

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Frontiers for Young Minds

Fred Fenter

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OA in an oasis: The growth of open access in the MENA region

Alwaleed Alkhaja, Qatar

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Closing Keynote: Innovation Cartography: Creating impact from scholarly research requires maps not metrics

Richard A.Jefferson

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Panel Session: Funding Panel: Innovative Funding Models

Session Chairs: Anita DeWaard and Dan O’Donnell

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Improving the reusability of JATS

Melissa Harrison

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Beyond dead trees: publishing digital research objects

Scott Edmunds
Executive Editor, GigaScience

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Does the Journal Reflect Global Society Goals? A Case Study from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

David Sampson
Publishing Director, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

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Securing Trust & Transparency in Peer Review

Eric Hall
Director of Business Development,  Peer Review Evaluation (Pre)

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Copyright Clearance Center’s Text Mining Solution

Jasper Simons
American Psychological Association

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New and Noteworthy Product Presentations-Marketing/Product Development

Patti Lockhart
American Society of Plant Biologists

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Big Journal Literature, Big Usage

Paul Cohen, Paul Groth, Jan Velterop
DARPA, Elsevier

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Thomson Reuters

Thomas Ciavarella
Thomson Reuters

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The Future of Publishing: A University’s View – Discussion

Jeffrey Vitter, Geneva Henry, Paul Courant

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Everything’s New Under the Sun: How New Standards and Best Practices Will Affect Your Life

Nettie Lagace

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How Much Does it Cost?” versus “What are you Getting for/doing with the Money?

Dan Morgan

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Inera and CrossRef: 15 Years of Collaboration

Bruce Rosenblum

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Chronos: Partnership for Policy Implementation

Jennifer Hansen
Gates Foundation

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Panel 1: Innovation in scholarly communication – Q&A

Kaveh Bazargan, Jonathan Gray, Geoffrey Bilder
Representing a publisher collaboration, Open Knowledge, CrossRef

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Underpinning Infrastructure: ORCID @ the Austrian Science Fund FWF

Klaus Zinoecker
Strategy & Data Analysis, FWF Der Wissenschaftsfonds, Wien

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Dr. Phill Jones
Head of Publisher Outreah, Digital Science, London

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Session: Where Does the Buck Stop? Research Ethics and Publishing

Show me the Money (Steven Hall)

Steven Hall Managing Director, IOP Publishing

Introduction to the Research in Institutions presentations

Keynote talk: Digital disease detection and the future of participatory research

John Brownstein Chief Innovation Officer, Boston Children’s Hospital, Professor at Harvard Medical School, Co-Creator, HealthMap

Community forum and Awards

Q & A Concurrent session: No see, No touch traps: Still struggling to escape or free at last?

Wrangling Math from Microsoft Word into JATS XML Workflows

Caitlin Gebhard, Bruce Rosenblum
Inera, Inc.

Keynote – It’s Not Easy Being Open

Heather Joseph
Executive Director, SPARC

COASP 2016 Closing remarks


Wellcome Open Research

Robert Kiley
Head of Digital Services, Wellcome

How far have we come in facing Challenges in Publication Ethics

Dr. Mirjam Curno
Council Member and Trustee of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) + Editorial Director, Frontiers, Lausanne

Frontiers of Peer Review

Chair: Alice Meadows, Prof. Dr. Flaminio Squazzoni, Dr. Aliaksandr Birukou, Dr. Bahar Mehmani, Michael Willis

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