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The Open Access Model in Latin America

Arianna Becerril
Technology and Innovation Director, Redalyc

Credit where Credit is Due: Acknowledging all Types of Contributions

Melissa Haendel
Associate Professor, Oregon Health & Science University and FORCE11

The future of peer review is 25 years ago… but no-one seems to have noticed


Preprints as a Complement to our Journal System

Dr. Jessica Polka
Director, ASAPbio, Cambridge, MA

‘The Scholarly Kitchen’ live in Berlin What’s Hot and What’s Cooking in Scholarly Publishing?

Kent Anderson
CEO, RedLink, Westborough, MA

It’s not easy being Green – Panel Discussion

Alicia Wise
Director of Access & Policy, Elsevier

Friends, Foes or Frenemies – Panel Discussion

Rick Anderson, Robert Harington, Danny Kingsley, Mark Thorley & Alexander Ross

Scholarship in the Global South and the Open Access: a study of India

Harinder Pal Singh Kalra

Sharing Factual Knowledge from Research in Film and Media Studies by using the Structured Knowledge Base Wikidata

Claudia Müller-Birn, Adelheid Heftberger, Jackob Höper, and Niels-Oliver Walkowski

Reflections after 20 years of working in open infrastructure – Rachel Bruce

Rachel Bruce
Head of Open Research, UKRI

Using open competitions to drive innovation and collaboration – Ian Mulvany

Ian Mulvany
SAGE Publishing

The Oxymoronic eBook

Mike Taylor
Elsevier Labs, Elsevier
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“Follow the Money”: The Political Economy of Open Access in the Humanities

Gary Hall
Open Humanities Press
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E-books from the library perspective: Selection and Delivery

James Mouw
University of Chicago
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Taking the guesswork out of author searching

Dr. Niels Weertman
Scopus & SciVal Elsevier
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Open Access Monographic Publishing in the Humanities

Eelco Verwerda
Amsterdam University Press
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Half full or half empty? eBooks, the incomplete revolution

Alan Jarvis
Global Director, Social Science Books, Routledge
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Welcome and Opening

Jayne Marks
STM chair, Vice President, Sage Publications, Inc.
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BioMed Central’s Membership Schemes

Matt Cockerill
Managing Director of BioMed Central
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The Library – the best place for information research?

Simon Inger
Simon Inger Consulting
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Greg Tananbaum
Founder & CEO, Anianet
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Helping Researchers Create Scholarly Content

Martin Fenner
Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany
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Requirements: Science

Vincenzo Beruti
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ORCID Update

Howard Ratner
Nature Publishing Group
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Outsourcing or Not? – Using Cambridge books and journals as case studies

Andy Williams
Director, Cambridge University Press
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New Developments on ScholarOne

Keith Collier
Thomson Reuters
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Expanding access to information technology in Africa

Gladys Muhunyo
Director of Africa Programme, Computer Aid International
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Managing Publication and Research Data: The eSciDoc eResearch Infrastructure

Dr. Malte Dreyer
Head, Research and Development, Max Planck Digital Library, Munich
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The APE Lecture: Information in Space and Time

Prof. Dr. Werner Kuhn
Director, Institute for Geoinformatics, University of Münster
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Analogical publishing

Rik Belew
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Reinventing Collection Development for a Digital Age: On-Demand and On-the-Go

Michael Levine-Clark
Collections Librarian, Penrose Library, University of Denver

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The future is mobile: the role of ebooks in the learning and teaching landscape

Nicky Whitsed
Director of Library Services, Open University

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Free and Open Source Tools

Carl Leubsdorf
Solvitor LLC

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Q & A


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At the Cutting Edge – A Series of Start-ups: Introduction

Dan Pollock
Nature Publishing Group

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Concurrent 4A: Free Open Software: An Untapped Resource for the Small Publisher

Transparency in measures of scientific impact

Dario Taraborelli
Wikimedia Foundation &

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Keynote 1: Will Books be different?

Kevin Guthrie
President, Ithaka

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Datacite: helping researchers to find, access and reuse data

Tom Pollard
Datasets Outreach Officer, The British Library

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Parallel 1 (a): Abort, Retry, Fail? – data and the scholarly literature

Introduction – plenary 4

Arend Küster (Chair)
MD, Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals

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Digital preservation research

Dr Javier Hernandez-Ros
Head of Unit, EU Digital Preservation Research

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A Framework for Persistent Identifiers

Emanuele Bellini

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Who is doing a good job in digital preservation? Audit and Certification of Digital Repositories: ISO and the European Framework

Dr David Giaretta
Director APA

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CrossMark Under the Hood

Kirsty Meddings
Product Manager

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Q & A – What is new in Online Hosting?

Anthony Watinson (Chair)

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Hodder Education

Alyssum Ross

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APE 2012 – Closing Panel

Dr Sven Fund (Chair)
Managing Director, De Gruyter, Berlin

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Greetings from NASIG

Steve Shadle
President, NASIG

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The transformation is already here – it’s just unevenly distributed

Cameron Neylon
Science in the Open

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Vision, Users, Developers – what drives innovation at Mendeley?”

Dr. Victor Henning
Co-Founder & CEO, Mendeley, Ltd

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Global Student E-book Survey: Comparing 2008 and 2011 Trends and Perceptions

Aine Rice
Ebook Supplier Ebrary

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The PEER Observatory

Dr Laurent Romary

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Caren Milloy
JISC Collections

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Institutional Funding of Open Access

Regine Tobias
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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Cited-by Linking

Chuck Koscher
Director of Technology

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Progress Report on the FundRef Initiative

Fred Dylla
American Institute of Physics (AIP)

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XML is not just a format it’s much, much more…

Kaveh Bazargan
Director, River Valley

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ORCID after launch: ready for future authors services

Ed Pentz
Executive Director, CrossRef

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Implementing Open Access in UK Universities

Prof. Dr Adam Tickel
University of Birmingham, UK

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OA Models for Monographs gaining Momentum

Eelco Ferwerda
OAPEN Foundation, The Hague

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Open Data – Jason Wilde

Jason Wilde

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Publish Trust: A Payload of Provenance

Hal Warren

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Licensing and text mining in the newspaper and periodicals sector

Andrew Hughes
Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA)

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Digital Evolution – A List Survival Guide: One traditional publishers journey from print to digital and beyond

Brendan Miles
The List

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Update on Force 11 and the Amsterdam manifesto

Merce Crosas
Harvard University, Director of Data Science at IQSS

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Making books part of the open access landscape

Cecy Marden
Wellcome Trust

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Ubiquity Press open scholarship

Brian Hole
Ubiquity Press

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The Pioneer’s Dilemma: Re-thinking and Re-tooling what was once state of art

Nancy Roberts
Global Production and Operations Director, Academic Publishing, Cambridge University Press

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An Introduction to Kudos

Melinda Kenneway
Director, Kudos and TBI Communications

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How Well do you Know Your Data? Converting an Archive of Proprietary Markup Schemes to JATS: A Case Study

Faye Krawitz
American Institute of Physics

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When the “One Size Fits Most” tagset doesn’t fit you

Tommie Usdin
Mulberry Technologies, Inc.

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Reaching readers: content and community

Alastair Horne
Digital Strategist Cambridge University Press and Futurist

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New approaches in library-based publishing

Alma Swan
SPARC Europe

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Keynote: Challenges and opportunities regarding the effective dissemination of data

Phil Bourne

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CrossRef Metadata Search

Karl Ward

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Keynote: Communication with a Crowd: Lessons from Citizen Science

Chris Lintott
University of Oxford

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The Republic of Letters

Chris Chapman
Pentandra Research Solutions, Inc.

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Turn JATS into container format

Martin Fenner

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Moving beyond the impact factor, what changes are needed at the government, university and individual levels

Martin Fenner

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Final session Q&A

Kate Pearson
Business Development Manager, Bioscientifica Ltd

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Early Career Researchers Panel

Connie Hughes
Director, Corporate Communications, Wolters Kluwer, Medical Research

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CCC’s XML for Mining Solution

Matt Pedersen
Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.

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DDA, DRM, ILL- Oh my! Building a Better eBook Model-Business Strategy

Heather Staines
Macalester College

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The Researchers’ New Big Picture-Panel

Matt Hartings, Shelby Kimmel, Clayton Cox, Paul Hess, Emilie Delquie

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Navigating the Journals Commissioning / Acquisitions Landscape-BUSINESS STRATEGY

Victoria Rae

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Where to Find Growth in a Crowded Market

Michael Clarke

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Discovery Systems and Contect Neutrality

Amira Aaron

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Mind the Gap: Addressing the Need for More Women Leaders in Scholarly Publishing

Ann Michael, Sara McNamara, Angela Cochran, Mady Tissenbaum

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DOI Event Tracker

Geoffrey Bilder

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Think. Check. Submit

Lars Bjornshauge

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APE 2016 Opening and Chair

Michael Mabe
CEO, The International Association of STM

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The APE Lecture – The History of Acdemic Publishing since 1500 up today

Prof. Dr. Klaus G. Saur
Humboldt University, Berlin

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STM voluntary principles


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Life After the Death of Science Journals

Vitek Tracz Chairman, Science Navigation Group

Introduction to Discovery & Usage presentations

Q&A: Session: Working beyond borders

Introduction – Propelled by Force: FORCE11 working groups

Introduction to the Concurrent session: Libraries united in opening new scholarly platforms

Co-Chairs: Steve Van Tuyl and Robert McDonald

So You Want to Adopt JATS. What Decisions Do You Need To Make?

B. Tommie Usdin
Mulberry Technologies, Inc.

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