Recent developments in XML workflows

Kevin Cohn*, Aviva Weinstein**
* Atypon ** Oxford University Press
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The speakers will give complementary presentation. Mr. Cohn discuss how recent developments in applications place an even greater emphasis on XML-first workflows, which the largest publishers already have and the smaller ones are moving towards.Content can and should be presented differently in print, traditional digital (desktop and laptop), and mobile formats. A given researcher can and will consume the same piece of content in more than one of the above formats, each in a different way. Ms Weinstein will draw upon the OUP experience. They have found that by developing their resources in XML they are able to benefit customers by enhancing the search experience away from single titles to multiple resources. Once in a resource it is quite easy to access others relating to the same search topic (in some instances unsubscribed content is made available for free). The ability to discover greater chunks of materials is exciting – all too often researchers are pushed into silos of content.

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