Managing Supplemental Content: Practical Advice for Publishers and Researchers: Introduction

Bill Kasdorf
Apex Content Solutions

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Supplemental content-research data and other materials that augment and support journal articles-has suddenly moved front and center as a concern for both researchers and publishers. This session will provide practical advice and real-world examples designed to help you manage this important new requirement. Linda Beebe will begin by reporting on the progress of a joint NISO/NFAIS working group that is developing recommended practices for publishers on the inclusion, handling, display, and preservation of supplemental materials. Then Anthony Watkinson will discuss a broad range of international initiatives relating to the management of supplemental content underway in a variety of disciplines. Finally, Todd Vision will describe DRYAD, an innovative, ongoing project that provides a streamlined mechanism-including a repository, a metadata model, and a workflow–for managing supplemental content for journals in bioscience, offering “pooled resources” for data management across many publishers. These initiatives will help you avoid reinventing wheels, giving you both a heads-up and a head start on the practical management of supplemental content.