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Security improvements in the TeX Live Manager and installer

Norbert Preining
Ishikawa, Japan

The beginning of my career

Tim Inkster
The Porcupine’s Quill

A new Model for faster Communication of Research

Dr. Kaveh Bazargan
Director, River Valley Technologies, London

Persistent Identifiers & Automation

Alice Meadows
Director of Community Engagement & Support, ORCID, Bethesda, MD

It’s not easy being Green – Judith Russell

Judith Russell
Dean of Libraries, University of Florida

The Publishing Cookbook – Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson
CEO, Redlink and Founder, The Scholarly Kitchen

Nurturing indigenous capacities for culture-centric innovations: a cross-sectional study

Nashon Adero

Machine accessibility of open access scientific publications from publisher systems via resource sync

Petr Knoth

The Journal of Open Source Software: when collaborative open source meets peer review- Arfon Smith

Arfon Smith
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Open Source Software. Head, Data Science Mission Office

Questions & Answers

Q & A
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Advanced Blender tips and tricks

Bassam Kurdali, Andy Goralczyk
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First experiences with using LAMBDA editor in Slovak environment

P. Lecky and M. Hornansky
Bratislava, Slovakia
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Holography in Museums — A modern Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Matthias Lauk
LAUK GmbH, Germany
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Digitization of Mathematical Editions in Serbia

Žarko Mijajlović
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Creating cuneiform fonts with METATYPE1 and FontForge

Karel Píška
Prague, Czech Republic
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Don’s Punk Anno 2008

Hans Hagen
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Extending GEGL with new operations and an introduction to GeglBuffers, the functionality offered by them and their underlying mechanisms

Øyvind Kolås
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Presenation about DCRaw

Dave Coffin
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XSLT 2.0 vs XSLT 1.0

Jean-Michel Hufflen
Besançon, France
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The “TeX contra TeX” panel

Hans Hagen, David Kastrup, Jonathan Kew, Marek Ryćko…
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Masterpieces of Johann Neudörffer the Elder (1497–1563)

Oliver Linke
Type Designer Lazydogs Typefoundry, Germany
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In the Style of Daguerre: Two 19th C. American Showmen and Travelling Exhibitions of Chemical Dioramas

Suzanne Wray
New York, USA
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Inserire equazioni LaTeX in grafici di Mathematica

Gianluca Gorni, Stephane Matiz
Università degli Studi di Udine
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CrossTeX: A modern bibliography management tool

Robert Burgess
Cornell University
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MPLib: Turning MetaPost into a reusable component

Taco Hoekwater
Elvenkind BV
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The Erotic Spirit: Mystical and Romantic Love (ishq–i haqiqi va majazi) in Persian Poetry from Nizami to Hafiz

Ali Asghar Seyed-Ghorab
Leiden University, The Netherlands
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TeX and after dinner speaking

Alan Wetmore
US Army
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Teaching holography new problems, new courses and new students

P. John, J. Gates
University of Southampton, UK
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Improving the remarkable photosensitivity of dichromated gelatin for hologram recording in green laser light

J. Blyth
University of Cambridge, UK
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The evolution of artist’s vision and the influence of advancement of optical/media technology

N. Ikuo
The Center for the Holographic Arts, New York, USA
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Rapid wireless transmission of holographic 3D images for remote educating process

K. Takano
Tokyo Metroploitan College of Aeronautical Engineering, Japan
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SketchUp and AutoCAD

Mitchel Stangl, Daniel Tal
Level: Everyone
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Introduction to Geomodeling with SketchUp and Google Earth

Mason Thrall
Level: Everyone
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Photo management and editing with F-Spot and GIMP

Jakub Steiner
GNOME/GIMP developer, Czechia
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John Durant & Philip Khoury
MIT Museum
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Optimizing XML Content Delivery with XProc

Vojtěch Toman
EMC Corporation
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It’s An ‘Either/And’ World After All

Ruth Jones
Ingram Digital Ltd.
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Keeping in touch with Ubuntu

Stéphane Graber
Revolution Linux
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Vedutismo Nuovo: New Tools for Panoramic Perspective Control

Yuval Levy
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Folding Spaces, Unfolding Action

Martina Mrongovius
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
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Acrylamide based photopolymer for multicolour holographic recording

Chakrapani Meka
DIT, Dublin, Ireland
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Experimental research on DMD spatial light modulator and its multi-spectrum imaging

Yaotang Li
Chinese Academy of Science
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“Luminous Windows” and “Photons, Neurons and Bits”: The Holography Initiative of the MIT Museum

Seth Riskin
MIT Museum
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Next steps for breqn

Morten Høgholm
LaTeX project
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Open Access Publishing Strategies, Options and Issues for Scholar Publishers

David Solomon* and Caroline Sutton**
*Michigan State University, **Co-Action Publishing
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Social Accounting and Open Access

Jen Sweezie
Bioline International
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TeX as an ebook reader

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
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DecoType, ACE and Tasmeem: Font technology, Layout-engine and Showcase

Thomas Milo
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Electronic Paper Technology

David Edgar
IREX Technologies UK & Ireland
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PaperC: A New Model for Publishers against illegal File Sharing

Martin Fröhlich and Felix Hofmann
PaperC, Berlin
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Writing GIMP scripts and plugins

Akkana Peck,
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Cantarell: Designing Typefaces Using Only Free Software

Dave Crossland
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The Open Colour Standard: Physical colour for F/LOSS

ginger coons
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Validating Scholarship in the 21st Century

Rebecca Cullen
Senior Online Product Development Manager, Oxford University Press
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Panel Q & A: Getting to the Content: Rethinking publishing models

Moderator: Howard Ratner
Presenters: Ramy Arnaout, Jason Hoyt and Dan Pollock
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Fanzines: the DIY revolution

Teal Triggs
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Object-Colour Space Revisited

Alexander D. Logvinenko
Glasgow Caledonian University, UK
Download paper
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Saliency Models as Gamut-Mapping Artifact Detectors

Guanqun Cao1, Marius Pedersen1,2, Zofia Baranczuk3
1Gjøvik University College, Norway, 2Óce Print Logic Technologies S.A., France, 3Swiss Federal Laboratory for Materials Testing and Research EMPA, Switzerland
Download paper
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Computational Knowledge in Practice: Inside the Wolfram|Alpha Project

C. Alan Joyce
Content Manager, Wolfram|Alpha
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Just in Time: Things we can only do with LuaTeX

Hans Hagen
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Introduction to drawing structured diagrams in SDDL

Mathieu Bourgeois and Roger Villemaire
Université du Québec à Montréal
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Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science

Rob van Glabbeek
Editor-in-Chief of the Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science
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Understanding the challenges, managing expectations and maximizing your China footprint …

Adrian Stanley
CEO, Charlesworth Group USA
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Expanding Public Access to University Research Results: Can the Academic Community Agree on a Common Path Forward?

John Vaughn
Executive Vice President, Association of American Universities
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From Zero to SVG in One Year

Ted Johnson
Microsoft Corporation
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The Future of SVG and HTML5

Patrick Dengler
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Framing the Discussion – Different Perspectives

Kevin Ashley
Director of the JISC Digital Curation Centre
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Wilma Mossink
Surf Foundation, The Netherlands
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Dr. Eefke Smit
Director of Technology and Standards International Association of Science Technical and Medical Publishers
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Evaluation of chromatic adaptation transform models using unique hue data

Kaida Xiao1, Sophie Wuerger1, Chenyang Fu1,
Dimitris Mylonas1 and Dimosthenis Karatzas2
1University of Liverpool, 2Computer Vision Centre, Barcelona
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Using Image Quality Metrics to Evaluate an ICC Printer Profile

(Interactive Paper Preview)Kristyn Falkenstern1,2, Nicolas Bonnier1,
Hans Brettel2, Marius Pedersen3, and Françoise Viénot4,5
1Océ Print Logic Technologies S.A. (France), 2Télécom ParisTech, LTCI CNRS (France), 3Gjøvik University College (Norway), 4Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (France), and 5Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation des Collections (France) Download paper
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Toward Reducing Observer Metamerism in Industrial Applications: Colorimetric Observer Categories and Observer Classification

Abhijit Sarkar1,2, Laurent Blondér1, Patrick Le Callet2, Florent Autrusseau2, Patrick Morvan1, and Jürgen Stauder1
1Technicolor Research, 2IRCCyN-IVC, Polytech Nantes (France)
Download paper

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Measurement and Modeling of Chromatic Spatio-Velocity Contrast Sensitivity Function and its Application to Video Quality Evaluation

(Interactive Paper Preview)Keita Hirai, Toshiaki Mikami,
Norimichi Tsumura, and Toshiya Nakaguchi
Chiba University (Japan)
Download paper
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APA2010: Welcome

Kimmo Koski1 and David Giaretta2
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Kirsty Meddings
Product Manager
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eBooks Breaking Up – identifying components

Ed Pentz
Executive Director, CrossRef
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New Pathways to Research

Jonathan Morgan
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A Global Agenda to Serve Local Needs

Dr. Ahmed Elmagarmid
Executive Director, Qatar Computing Research Institute
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Expanding access to information technology in Africa

Gladys Muhunyo
Director of Africa Programme, Computer Aid International
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Origin and fates of cardiac and extracardiac lineages

Thomas Brand
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An integrated approach to reversal of chronic heart failure using LVADs

Magdi Yacoub
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Future of Cardiomyopathy research: from science to practice

Roberto Ferrari
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APE 2011: Welcome and Opening

Arnoud de Kemp
Play (11min) Download: MP4 | MP3
Prof. Michael Mabe
CEO, International Association of STM Publishers, The Hague and Oxford
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The landscape of Open Access Publishing today

Ralf Schimmer
Max Planck Society
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Stereo video inpainting

Felix Raimbault, Anil Kokaram
Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

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A study on the stereoscopic codecs for non-real time 3DTV services

BongHo Lee
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Korea, Republic of)

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New Dimensions in Visual Quality

Al Bovik
Lab. for Image and Video Engineering (LIVE), The Univ. of Texas at Austin

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Buying by the bucketful: a comparative study of how e-book bundles are used

Terry Bucknell
University of Liverpool

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A Society Publisher’s Future Perspective

Kevin Fitzpatrick
Senior Vice President, American College of Cardiology

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Laidout and Strange Interfaces

Krita: Professional Digital Painting

Generative typesetting with Context

John Haltiwanger

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Free and Open Source Tools

Carl Leubsdorf
Solvitor LLC

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Q & A


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At the Cutting Edge – A Series of Start-ups: Introduction

Dan Pollock
Nature Publishing Group

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Concurrent 4A: Free Open Software: An Untapped Resource for the Small Publisher

Mutations in GJB2, GJB6 and mDNA 1555A>G variant explain only a majority of cases of nonsyndromic hearing loss in Qatari population

Moza Khalifa Al Kowari1, Khalid Abdulhadi1, Paolo Gasparini3, Rowa Siam1, Ramin Badii1
1Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar; 2University of Trieste, Italy
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A comprehensive study on disability and the conditions of people with special needs in Qatar

Hala Al-Ali
National Human Rights Committee, Doha, Qatar
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Qatar Sustainable Water & Energy Utilization Initiative (QWE). Water and environmental research activities at TAMUQ

Ahmed Abdelwahab, Patrick Linke
Texas A&M University at Qatar, Doha, Qatar
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Research Policy and Regulations

Dr. Faleh Mohamed Hussain Ali
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BMJ Open

Richards Sands
Managing Editor

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Scholarly eBook Apps: Putting the Pieces Together

Ron Hogan
Project Manager, Electric Publisher

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