From Analog to Digital Holography, a Personal Holographic Journey

Steven L Smith
De Montfort University
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Starting in 1978 until culmination in research with the Spatial Imaging group at MIT in 2004, a Personal Holography Journey details Artistic and Commercial work produced by Steven L. Smith. In the Late 1970’s, advances in holographic films and processing techniques made possible a second wave of artistic and commercial holography. These techniques leveraged the start of the professional holographic imaging studio, The Lasersmith Inc. In house research advanced holographic imaging into new areas of commercial and artistic development. Starting with controlled color reflection holograms, (Pseudo-Color reflection technique), the development of a real time capture system for embossed stereograms and finishing with research that realized a full color full parallax holographic printer at MIT, this paper details aspects of each of the critical technologies that were developed and commercialized along the way. 

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