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Writing Gregg Shorthand with LATEX and Metafont

Stanislav Šarman
Clausthal University of Technology, Germany
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LaTeX at a liberal arts college

Jon Breitenbucher
College of Wooster
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Smart ways of drawing PSTricks

Manjusha S. Joshi
Pune, India
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LaTeX and the different bibliography styles

Federico Garcia
University of Pittsburgh
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The galley Module or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Whatsit

Morten Høgholm
LaTeX Project
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Standards for LaTeX documents and processors

Chris Rowley
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Languages for bibliography styles

Jean–Michel Hufflen
University of Franche–Comté, France
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Consolidation of expl3

Morten Høgholm
LaTeX project
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Fonts in LaTeX documents — a tutorial (in Polish)

Marcin Woliński
Warszawa, Poland
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TeX-free LaTeX, an overview

Chris Rowley
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The tuning of LaTeX to one’s purposes (in Polish)

Jacek Kmiecik
Kraków, Poland
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Writing and checking complete proofs in LaTeX

Bob Neveln and Bob Alps
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Typesetting tables with LaTeX

Klaus Höppner
DANTE e.V. and TUG
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LuaTeX for the LaTeX user

Arthur Reutenauer
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Design decisions for a structured front end to LaTeX

Barry Mackichan
MacKichan Software, Inc.
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Simboli matematici in TeX e LaTeX

Enrico Gregorio
Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Verona
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LaTeX conversion into normalized forms and speech

Eitan Gurari
Ohio State University
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Massimiliano Dominici
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Onofrio de Bari
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Detexify: un servizio online per il riconoscimento automatico dei simboli

Lapo Mori
Univeristà di Pisa
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Tabelle su LaTeX2e: pacchetti e metodi da utilizzare

Lapo Mori, Maurizio Himmelmann
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Combelow: abbasso i segni diacritici di serie B

Gianluca Pignalberi
Free Software Magazine
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Libretti in LaTeX

Gustavo Cevolani
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Il respawn di Infomedia (LaTeX-based)

Emmanuele Somma
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Edizione con LaTeX delle opere di Francesco Maurolico

Massimiliano Dominici, Pier Daniele Napolitani
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Unicode mathematics in LaTeX: Advantages and challenges

Will Robertson
University of Adelaide, Australia
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Writing (La)TeX documents with AUCTeX in Emacs

David Kastrup
Bochum, Germany
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Esperienze didattiche con LaTeX: un corso su edizioni critiche

Jerònimo Leal
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Using LaTeX to generate dynamic mathematics worksheets for the Web

Pavneet Arora
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Windows of opportunity: A (biased) personal history of two decades of LaTeX development—Are there lessons to be learned?

Frank Mittelbach
LaTeX Project
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LaTeX for social scientists and other people who think they don’t need it

Peter Flom
National Development and Research Institutes
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A newbie’s experiences with Lilypond, Lilypond–book, LaTeX, and Perl

Joe McCool
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LaTeX resources

Jim Hefferon
St. Michael’s College
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