Keynote: Is Scientific Publishing About to be Disrupted?

Michael Nielsen
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Michael Nielsen is a writer working on a book about how the internet is changing the way scientific discoveries are made. In a past life, he was a theoretical physicist who co-authored the standard text on quantum computing — now one of the ten most cited books in the history of physics. He wrote 60 scientific papers, including one of the first experimental demonstrations of quantum teleportation, named as one of Science magazine’s ‘Breakthroughs of the Year’ for 1998. In 2008 Michael gave up a tenured academic position to pursue his interests in writing and technology. He blogs at


Many established companies in the newspaper, music, and video rental industries are currently in distress, as new, internet-based business models disrupt old business models. Closely related industries such as the book and movie businesses are looking on nervously. In this talk, he’ll discuss the  underlying structural reasons these disruptions are taking place, and make the case that a similar technology-driven disruption is likely to occur in scientific publishing.