The “Omnigram” for Teaching Holography

Tung H. Jeong
Lake Forest College, USA
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We here define an “omnigram” as a hologram which is both a transmission and a reflection hologram recorded at the same time on a single recording medium. Using silver halide emulsion, a high quality omnigram can be created by a beginning student in less than three minutes from exposure through the complete chemical processing. Because of its simplicity and high yield, making an omnigram in front of a live audience at the beginning of a lecture-demonstration is routine. It can be a home project on a kitchen counter or on a sandy beach at night, using the moon as “safe” light. A modified Abramson plate holder(1) is used for real time interferometry. A diode laser operating at 660 nm with an output under 5 mW is used with a modified chemical regime previously developed for student usage(2). Keywords: educational holograms, home holography, pedagogy, making holograms.teaching holography