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Advances in digital holography

Stanislovas Zacharovas
Geola uab
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Dynamic digital holographic display based on digital micromirror device and the improvement of optically reconstructed image quality

Jianhua Zhu
Sichuan university, China
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High-speed full analytical holographic computations for true-life scenes

Yuan-Zhi Liu
Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) university, China
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How to digitalize 3D holographic process

Sam Choi
AFC Technology Co. Ltd.
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Will 2010 herald the decade of display holography?

Ian Lancaster and Glenn P. Wood
Reconnaissance International
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The perspectives of synthetic holography

Jacques Desbiens
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Two approaches in the development of goggles-free 3D display systems

V. Markov
Metrolaser Inc., USA
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Generalized fresnel lens in security, light managment and holographic packaging applications

Pawel Stepien
Marcin Badenski Polish Holographic Systems, Poland
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Large viewing angle projection type electro-holography using mist 3D screen

K. Sato
Shonan Institute of Technology, Fujisawa, Japan
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Phase-shifting electro-holography for recording and reconstruction of wide 3D color images

K. Sato
University of Hyogo, Japan
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Rapid wireless transmission of holographic 3D images for remote educating process

K. Takano
Tokyo Metroploitan College of Aeronautical Engineering, Japan
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Video Editing with Blender for non 3D artists, using examples from real projects

Bassam Kurdali
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Experiments in Image Composition for Synthetic Holography

Jacques Desbiens
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
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The New Look and Locus of the Mazu Temple in Tainan

Ya-Ling Huang
Ming-Chun Tsai Kun Shan University, Taiwan
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Facing the Light: 3D Holographic Portraits

Rosa Maria Oliveira*, Luis Miguel Bernardo**
*University of Aveiro, Portugal **University of Porto, Portugal
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Photorefractive Material Development for Updatable Holographic Three-dimensional Display

Michiharu Yamamoto
Nitto Denko Technical Corporation
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Computer generated fresnel hologram fabrication for true life scene 3D display

Bing-Chu Chen
Zhongshan university, Guangzhou, China
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