The New Look and Locus of the Mazu Temple in Tainan

Ya-Ling Huang
Ming-Chun Tsai Kun Shan University, Taiwan
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This thesis presents a record of photographs taken of the more than 400 years old Anping Mazu Temple in Tainan as part of a joint project undertaken in March 2009 by the Hologram 3D Image Laboratory at Kun Shan University and Professor Richardson from De Montfort University in the United Kingdom. The focus of this work was to determine how best to combine a center of historical value and religious importance with advanced technology. Another important factor in the “photographic” process was the “human” element working together to showcase historical value. This project also marks the creation of new opportunities for the development of cultural creative industry. Key Words: Hologram 3D image, Cultural creative industry, Anping Mazu Temple