Phase-shifting electro-holography for recording and reconstruction of wide 3D color images

K. Sato
University of Hyogo, Japan
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A phase-shifting recording system is developed using a color CCD, a high-resolution reflective LCD panel, and red, green, and blue lasers. The phase of RGB reference lights can be precisely shifted by changing fringe patterns displayed on a reflective LCD panel. Since the phase shift in the present method is independent of the wavelength of the light, RGB in-line holograms for practical color images can be recorded at the same time by adopting a high-resolution color CCD. Wide 3D color images of high quality are reconstructed from the recorded complex amplitude in-line hologram. We record complex amplitude in-line holograms with the multi-channel CCD and reconstruct 3D images from the holograms with the multichannel LCD modulator in order to extend the viewing zone or the visual field of the holographic system.

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