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What’s New (In Fifteen Minutes or Less)

Kevin Cohn
Vice-President of Operations, Atypon

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Session 7: Keynote Address by Dr Moncef Slaoui

Dr Moncef Slaoui
Chairman of R&D, Glaxo Smith Kline

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Portfolio Expansion

Kent Anderson

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Presentation of AES-Network

Dr Nabeel Al-Salem
Director, AES Network

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Enhancing Publications with Research Data

Dr Peter Doorn
Director, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), KNAW, Amsterdam

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Polarizing aperture stereoscopic cinema camera [8288-04]

Lenny Lipton
United States
Published Manuscript

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Perceived depth of multi parallel, overlapping, transparent, stereoscopic surfaces [8291-20]

Saori Aida1, Koichi Shimono1, Wa James Tam2
1Tokyo Univ. of Marine Science and Technology, Japan, 2Communications Research Ctr. Canada, Canada

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Panasonic’s Stereoscopic 3D Technologies, Standardization and Business Strategy

Masayuki KOZUKA
Panasonic Corporation

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Data-driven library infrastructure: a national perspective

Ben Showers

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Plenary Session 2 – The Evolving Library

A “big data” initiative from CABI

Andrea Powell

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Firmly embedded: explaining the success of e-books at the University of Portsmouth

Anne Worden
Portsmouth University

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Usage Research

Dr Ian Rowlands

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Ray Park
Korea Electronics Technology Institute, South Korea

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New recording material with AgBr nanoparticles for optical holography

Milan Kveton
Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

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Bit-mapped Holograms Using Phase Transition Mastering (PTM) and Blu-ray Disks

Dr Donald Barnhart
Barnhart Optical Research LLC, United States

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Holovideo for Everyone

Daniel Smalley
MIT Media Lab, United States

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Color correction of faded images using multi-scale gray world algorithm

Wang-Jun Kyung, Dae-Chul Kim, Massimo Fierro, Yeong-Ho Ha
Kyungpook National University (South Korea)
Download paper

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Toward a natural local color image enhancement

Jean-Michel Morel1, Ana Belén Petro2, Catalina Sbert2
1CMLA ENS Cachan (France), 2Universitat Illes Balears (Spain)
Download paper

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Data publication – a funder perspective

David Carr
The Wellcome Trust

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Open Access in Horizon 2020 and the European Research Area

Jean François Dechamp
European Commission

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Boot Camp: An Introduction to CrossRef – Patricia Feeney

Patricia Feeney
Product Support Manager

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FundRef Integration Prototype

Lyndon Holmes
Aries Systems

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What’s New in Editorial Online Systems

Anna Jester
Director of Sales and Marketing, eJournal Press

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Keith Collier

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Creative Commons and the Physical sciences

Nicola Gulley
Editorial Director, IOP Publishing

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Innovative Collection Development with PDA in the TU Delft Library

Ir. Zofia E. Brinkman-Dzwig
Delft University of Technology, Delft

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Closing Panel: The Communication of Information – Introduction

Robert M. Campbell
Wiley Blackwell, Oxford

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The psychology of the 3D experience [8648-29] [SD&A2013]

Sophie H. Janicke, Andrew Ellis
Florida State Univ. (United States)
Published Manuscript

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Is the use of 55″ LCD 3D screen practicable in large seminar to lecture-hall size audiences? [8648-50] [SD&A2013]

Justus F. Ilgner M.D., Ingo Sparrer M.D., Martin Westhofen M.D.,
Univ. Hospital Aachen (Germany)
Published Manuscript

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Is image quality a function of contrast perception? The sideby- side developments at HVEI

Andrew M. Haun, Eli Peli
Schepens Eye Research Institute (United States)

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Illumination direction estimation of three-dimensional surface texture based on active basis and Mojette transform

Florent Autrusseau
LUNAM Université, Université

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Citizen Science – Simone Severini

Simone Severini

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Peter Brantley

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UCL Ebooks 2013 – Panel Session

David Ball and John Akeroyd (Chairs)

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MOOCs and Textbooks: Future Competitors or Complementors?

Mark Lester
Open University

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eBooks and Apps


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Laurel Haak
ORCID, Executive Director

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The University of Adelaide Press

John Emerson
Adelaide University

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What’s New in Semantic Enrichment

Jess Lawson
OUP Oxford Index

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How nutritious is that workflow API

Richard Wynne
VP Sales and Marketing, Aries Systems Corporation

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Conversations and Content Marketing in STM Publishing

Tom Reller

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From Markup to Linked Data: Mapping NISO JATS v1.0 to RDF using the SPAR (Semantic Publishing and Referencing) Ontologies

David Shotton
University of Oxford

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Extending JATS to include the NISO/NFAIS Recommended Practices for Online Supplemental Journal Article Materials

Karen Gutzman1, Kimberly A. Tryka2
1. National Library of Medicine; 2. NCBI, National Library of Medicine

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Session One: Access – Open Publishing in a Digital World

Graham Steel, Timo Hannay, Jan Velterop, Michelle Brook

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Open Access journal publishing in Africa: Similarities and differences from the rest of the world

Susan Murray
African Journals OnLine, AJOL

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COASP 2014: Closing remarks

Mark Patterson
Director of Knowledge Societies Division, UNESCO

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Support Update and Multiple Resolution Overview

Patricia Feeney
Product Support Manager

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Libraries at Scale: Global Partnerships and Scholarly Access

Sarah Thomas
Vice President Harvard Library, Harvard University

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LaTeX in the classroom

Daniel Raies

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Typography and readability: An experiment with post-stroke patients

Leila Akhmadeyeva
Bashkir State Medical University

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Announcing JATS Con-Asia

Soichi Tokiazane

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Re-thinking research with a view to impact: an academic perspective

Stephen Curry
Professor of Structural Biology, Imperial College

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Going to Tender: Choosing your Publisher

Kathey Alexander
Consultant in Professional and Scholarly Publishing

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A researcher’s perspective: The value of web-based collaboration platforms.

Reese McKay
Department of Psychiatry, Yale University & Olin Neuropsychiatric Research Center, Institute of Living

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Semantic enrichment of mathematics using ‘active comments’

Ross Moore
Macquarie University

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Trilingual templates for an educational institute in Bashkortostan, Russia

Boris Veytsman, Leila Akhmadeeva
George Mason University, Bashkir State Medical University

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Unfinished. How to work on a script for which there is no implementation yet.

Rainer Erich (‘Eric’) Scheichelbauer
Glyphs, Berlin, Vienna

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Edifix-Accurate, Linked References

Bruce Rosenblum
Inera, Inc.

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Open Access 2.0: Monographs from the Perspective of Publishers and Librarians

Melissanne Scheld
Publishers Communication Group

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Altmetrics for the Scholarly publisher

Jill Rodgers
MIT Press

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Liblisher or Pubrary: Navigating the New Library Publishing Landscape

Charles Watkinson
University of Michigan Press

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The New Republican Policy at the American Journal of Political Science

Bill Jacoby

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Why Can’t I Find my Content in the Library’s Discovery Service? – Discussion

Susan Stearns, Laura Morse, Amira Aaron, Bruce Heterick

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Beyond the Download: The Secret Life of the Scholarly Article

Suzie Allard

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Keynote: SCOAP3

Salvatore Mele

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Getting credit for peer review

Andrew Preston

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LuaLATEX: Supporting LATEX 2 with LuaTEX

David Carlisle

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Money for Nothing … and the Clicks are free

Ian Russell
CEO, Society for Endocrinology

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Where Does the Buck Stop? Research Ethics and Publishing (Chris Graf)

Chris Graf
Co-Vice Chair, COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics), Norfolk, UK

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Open Access Transformation of Scientific Journal Publishing: Perspective after the Berlin 12 Conference

Dr. Ralf Schimmer
Max Planck Digital Library

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Introduction to Peer Review presentations

Empowering indigenous peoples’ knowledge systems related to climate change and intellectual property rights

Laura Foster Department of Gender Studies, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, USA

The power of the community: Letting patients speak for themselves

Dr. Erik Jones Inspire

Demonstrating impact as a practitioner-researcher

Heather Coates IUPUI University Library

Welcome and Introductions

Jeff Beck

The Citation Fetish

Geoff Bilder Director of Strategic Initiatives, CrossRef

Flipping the Script: Building Cooperatives in Scholarly Publishing for Open Access

Kamran Naim
Researcher, Open Access Publishing Cooperative Study

Middle author dilemma: how to recognize critical contributions of multidisciplinary teams

Melissa Gymrek
Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego

Karolina Mosiadz: Lightning presentations, part 2

Karolina Mosiadz

Hyphenation past and future: hyph-utf8 and patgen

Arthur Reutenauer
Royal Opera House

OA2020: Building Capacity for the Transformation

Dr. Ralf Schimmer
Director, Product, AAAS/Science, Washington, DC


Dr. Andre Gaul

The moral vacuum of modern medical and scientific publishing: Is there a solution?

Dr. Richard Horton
Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet, London

Intermediaries & Subscriptions – Q&A

Rick Anderson, Michael Jubb & Richard Fisher

Workshop E Feedback

Phill Jones
Director of Publishing Innovation, Digital Science

OpenCitations: structured open citation data as a part of the Commons

Silvio Peroni

ASK us (almost) anything

Christina Riesenweber and Martin fenner

COCI, the OpenCitations Index of Crossref open DOI-to-DOI citations – Ivan Heibi

Ivan Heibi, Silvio Peroni, David Shotton
University of Bologna,

The making of YoFrankie, and complete walkthrough

Pablo Vazquez
Apricot team
Play (55min) Download: MP4 | MP3

UMCL: Providing Braille Transcription for Mathematical Applications

D. Archambault
Play (18min) Download:  MP4 | MP3

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“Integriert Studieren”: Supporting students with disabilities at the University of Linz

B. Stoeger
Linz, Austria
Play (11min) Download:  MP4 | MP3

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DML–CZ Metadata Editor

Miroslav Bartošek
Play (22min) Download: MP4 | MP3

MPlib: The project, the library and the future

Taco Hoekwater
Play (24min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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MathTran and TeX as a web service

Jonathan Fine
LTS Strategic, The Open University
Play (22min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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GNU Epsilon

Luca Saiu
GNU Epsilon
Play (45min) Download: MP4 | MP3

GIMP: a new simple interface for a complex application

Peter Sikking
Interaction Architect, GIMP
Play (47min) M4V | MP3

bayerancki — my first font (in Polish)

Marcin Woliński
Warszawa, Poland
Play (35min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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The MetaPost Library

Hans Hagen
Hasselt, The Netherland
Play (31min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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What is the difference between pretty and ugly books? (in Polish)

Adam Twardoch
Berlin, Germany
Play (67min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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