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Room at the Top – It’s Good for Business

Dr. Liz Marchant
Editorial Director, Taylor and Francis, Oxford

Publishing in the Doghouse: Protecting Copyright, Enabling Access, or Both?

Philip Carpenter
Senior Adviser, Research, Wiley, Oxford

Getting Books to Readers – Michael Jubb

Michael Jubb
Independent Consultant

Friends, Foes or Frenemies? – Danny Kingsley

Danny Kingsley
Head of Scholarly Communication, University of Cambridge

Welcome, Introduce Fellows

Martin Fenner

Unlocking references from the literature: The Initiative for Open Citations

Dario Taraborelli

Checklists for software citation: what you need to know – Neil Chue Hong

Neil Chue Hong
Director and Principal Investigator of the Software Sustainability Institute

A general Introduction

Titus Nemeth
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Usage of Blender Game Engine for scientific fishery data visualization

Mike C Pan, Dalai Felinto
University of British Columbia, Canada
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How to Produce Accessible Educational Resources

V. Brigatti
Milano, Italy
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Synfograms™, Inscribe Space/time information for museum

Dietmar Öhlmann
Syn4D™ GmbH
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Current Status of Mathematical Publications in Japan

Takao Namiki
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xindy revisited — multilingual index creation for the UTF–8 age

Joachim Schrod
Kranichweg 1, Germany
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Direct and reverse synchronization with SyncTeX

Université de Bourgogne, France
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Presentation about Hugin

Pablo d’ Angelo
Hugin developer
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Proposal, shared type/text specification for the desktop

Liam Quin
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OTF format or name sorcery (in Polish)

Bogusław Jackowski
Gdańsk, Poland
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Making TeX support Unicode: The Quest of the Holy Grail

Arthur Reutenauer
Paris, France
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What Journal Publishers Want

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
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Inscribed in the living tile

Joe Clark
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LaTeX nella Scuola Media Superiore: applicazioni didattiche con PSTricks

Luciano Battaia
Liceo Scientifico Grigoletti, Pordenone
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Three-dimensional graphics in LaTeX

David Allen
University of Kentucky
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LuaTeX attributes

Hans Hagen
Pragma ADE
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Edizione con LaTeX delle opere di Francesco Maurolico

Massimiliano Dominici, Pier Daniele Napolitani
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How to Create a TeX Journal: A Personal Journey

Barbara Beeton*
American Mathematical Society
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LaTeX and the different bibliography styles

Federico Garcia
University of Pittsburgh
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FUJIFILM — New film technology for the display holographic market

G. Jackson
Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals (UK) Ltd., UK
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Display holography in Korea

J.-Y. Lee
Korean National University of Arts, South Korea
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Colour holography in optics courses at Lund Institute of Technology

S.-G. Pettersson
Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
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Modeling Smart

Aidan Chopra
Level: Everyone
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SketchUp and LayOut Tips & Tricks

Chris Fullmer, Susan Sorger, Jean Lemire, Csaba Pozsárkó
Level: Everyone
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Krita, its history, current state and goals

Boudewijn Rempt and Cyrille Berger
Krita developers, The Netherlands, France
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Tasmeem – design – explores the limits of Arabic Typography the origin of the concept, how it was realized and how it works

Thomas Milo
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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A practical introduction to EXSLT 2.0

Florent Georges
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Panel: Using E-Books now – Librarians provide insight into the good, the bad, and the not so bad

Eileen Dolan, Kate Price, Roel Tilly, Jill Taylor-Roe
Panel, STM Book 2.03 – E-Books
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How to Inflict Trauma on your Audience

Jean-François Fortin Tam
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Short Tube, Free Pipeline Distributed animation Production using Blender and Helga

Bassam Kurdali
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Simple methods in high throughput holography classes

William R. Alschuler
California Institute of the Arts, USA
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Zipsister and the Smoking Gun

David Warren
Australian artist
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Advances in digital holography

Stanislovas Zacharovas
Geola uab
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Holograms for Beijing 2008 olympic games

Jingfang Zhang
Zhongchao Special Security Technology Co. Ltd., China
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Consolidation of expl3

Morten Høgholm
LaTeX project
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Towards tagged PDF

Ross Moore
Macquarie university, Sydney, Australia
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Panel Discussion on Open Data

OASPA 2009
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Panel: Questions & Answers

Robert Long, James Mouw, Cynthia Cleto & David Naggar
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Scholarly Types

John Hudson
Tiro Typeworks
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ePub is the only format we need

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
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Project Prospect, Semantic Publishing in Chemistry – Linking through Standards

Richard Kidd
Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge
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Welcome to LGM 2010

Louis Desjardin, Femke Snelting
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Diffusion Curves in Inkscape vector drawings

Jasper van de Gronde
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Plana, publishing illustration and comics with floss

Ana Carvalho
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Doing data in the social sciences and humanities: links to and from published work

Peter Burnhill
Director, EDINA, University of Edinburgh
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ORCID (Open Researcher & Contributor ID)

Howard Ratner
Chief Technology Officer, Executive VP, Nature Publishing Group
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Perseverance & perspiration – modern jobbing printing

Tom Boulton, Theo Wang
The Society of Revisionist Typographers,
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Softproofing System for Accurate Colour Matching and Study of Observer

Bernhard Hill
RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Download paper
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A Color Matching Experiment Using Two Displays: Design Considerations and Pilot Test Results

Abhijit Sarkar1,2, Laurent Blondé1, Patrick Le Callet2,
Florent Autrusseau2, Patrick Morvan1, Jürgen Stauder1
1Technicolor Research, 2IRCCyN-IVC, France
Download paper
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Fast Non-Iterative PCA Computation for Spectral Image Analysis Using GPU

Jukka Antikainen, Markku Hauta-Kasari, Timo Jääskeläinen,
Jussi Parkkinen
University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Download paper
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TeX + MathML for Tagged PDF, the next frontier in mathematical typesetting

Ross Moore
Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
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Writing the first LaTeX book

Walter Gander
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First results of the SOAP project

Salvatore Mele
SOAP project co-ordinator
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Are we there yet? Digital discovery routes and e-textbooks

Emma Coonan
Research Skills and Development Librarian, Cambridge University Library
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Utopia Documents – a new (semantic) dimension

Steve Pettifer and Terri Attwood
School of Computer Science, The University of Manchester
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A Conversation with Robert J. Massie

David Worlock1 interviews Bob Massie2
1Outsell, Inc, 1President, CAS
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Ola Andersson
Ericsson AB
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Color and design for mobile devices – Update

Jerrold Maddox
Penn State University
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Evaluation of Methods for Recovering Reflectances

Yi-Fan Chou, Changjun Li, M Ronnier Luo
University of Leeds
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Automatic Grouping of Semantic Keywords to Improve Image Rendering

(Interactive Paper Preview)Albrecht Lindner1, Nicolas Bonnier2,
Mehmet Candemir1, and Sabine Süsstrunk1
1Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) (Switzerland), 2Océ – Print Logic Technologies S.A. (France) Download paper

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Understanding the Gamma Adjustment of Images

Jakkarin Singnoo and Graham D. Finlayson
University of East Anglia (UK)
Download paper
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Color Emotions from Two-Color Combinations with Various Area Ratios

(Interactive Paper Preview)Chanyang You and Youngshin Kwak
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea)
Download paper

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Ecological Valence and Human Color Preferences

Stephen E. Palmer and Karen B. Schloss
University of California Berkeley (USA)
Download paper
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CrossRef 11th Annual Meeting

Ed Pentz
Executive Director
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All aboard the semantic bandwagon! – Now just hold on a minute…

Colin Batchelor
Senior Informatics Analyst, Royal Society of Chemistry
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Your Brain on Computers

Matthew D. Richtel
2010 Putlizer Prize winner, The New York Times
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Aquaporin Water Channels: from Atomic Structure to Malaria

Dr. Peter Agre
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, John Hopkins University
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How open access can re-energise African research and scholarly publishing

Daisy W. Ouya
Trustee, Electronic Publishing Trust For Development
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Genotyping, protein structure and phenotype made simple

Heba Kassem
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Evidence-based drug management: any room for improvement?

Mohamed El Guindy
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Endemic restrictive cardiomyopathies

Ana Olga Mocumbi
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DataCite – Improving Access to Research data From the Perspective of Libraries

Dr. Jan Brase
Chairman, International DOI Foundation and Managing Director, DataCite, German National Library of Science and Technology, Hannover
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Complementary Article Dissemination via Journals and Repositories: Economic Evidenc from the PEER Project

Prof. Dr. Paola Dubini
Director, Art Science Knowledge (ASK) Research Center, Università Bocconi, Milano
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Optical characterization of shutter glasses stereoscopic 3D displays

Pierre M. Boher, Thierry R. Leroux, Veronique Collomb-Patton
ELDIM (France)

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Depth cube display using depth map

Jung-Hun Jung, Byoung-Sub Song, Sung-Wook Min
Kyung Hee Univ. (Korea, Republic of)

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Discussion Forum 1 – 3DTV Dangers: Truth or Fiction?

Lenny Lipton (Panel Moderator)
CTO, Oculus 3D

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Total Impact: Aggregating alternative measures of impact

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Linda Beebe: Strategic Integration of Article Content: Managing Supplemental Materials

Linda Beebe
Senior Director, PsychINFO, American Psychological Association

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E-books for scholarly research

Dr Sian Harris
Editor, Research Information

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Connecting Device Calibration to ICC Profiles

Kai-Uwe Behrmann

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Instant VIPSMagick

John Cupitt1, Nicolas Robidoux2
1 Imperial College, London, 2 Université Laurentienne, Sudbury ON

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A Health Science Librarian Perspective

Liz Lorbeer
University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Reaching Readers in a State of Distraction

Philip Davis
Department of Communication, Cornell University

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CrossMark Usability Testing – A Case Study

Kirsten Robinson
Endeca Technologies

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Concurrent 2D: Information Overload: Reaching Readers in a State of Distraction

Science Question Time – bringing policy to Science Online

Imran Khan, Alice Bell, Beck Smith

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Qatar biofuel: research, development, education, infrastructure

Malcolm Potts, Roda Al Thani, Ghmaza Saed Hamd Al Ghazal, Mohamed Abdisalam, Eulian Roberts, Chris Schroeder, Amar Al Saady
Qatar University, Doha, Qatar; Qatar Science & Technology Park, Doha, Qatar; Qatar Airways, Doha, Qatar; Qatar National Research Fund, Doha, Qatar
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Intellectual property workshop

Dr. Dirar Khoury
Play (3min) Download: FLV | MOV | OGG | MP3
Bowman Heldan
Play (16min) Download: FLV | MOV | OGG | MP3

Intellectual property laws in Qatar

Abdulla Al Qayed
Qatar Intellectual Property Office, Director
Play (5min) Download: FLV | MOV | OGG | MP3

The ISRN Series from Hindawi

Paul Peters
Hindawi Publishing Corporation

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Are we there yet?

Mark Huskisson
Vice President, EBL

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Roman Plumbing meets Openness and Transparency in the Research Process

Mark Thorley
Data Management Co-ordinator, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

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Plenary 3: What did the Romans ever do for us?

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