A transportable system for the in situ recording of color Denisyuk holograms of Greek cultural heritage artifacts in silver halide panchromatic emulsions and an optimized illuminating device for the finished holograms

Andreas Sarakinos, Alkis Lembessis, Nikos Zervos
Hellenic Institute fo Holography, Greece

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In this paper we will present the Z-Lab transportable color holography system, the HoloPhos illuminator and results of actual in situ recording of color Denisyuk holograms of artifacts on panchromatic silver halide emulsions.

Z-lab and HoloPhos were developed to meet identified prerequisites of holographic recording of artifacts: a) in situ recording b) a high degree of detail and color reproduction c) a low degree of image distortions.

The Z-Lab consists of the Z-3 camera, its accessories and a mobile darkroom. The Z-3 camera is a computer controlled opto mechanical device capable of exposing selected, commercially available, panchromatic silver halide emulsions to the combined red, green and blue laser beams at sufficient energy levels.
Z-3 accessories include a vibration isolation platform and custom plate holders in the object’s space.

The mobile darkroom is autonomous and environmentally friendly with closed circuits for chemical waste management.

HoloPhos is an RGB LED based lighting device for the display of color holograms. The device is capable of digitally controlled intensity mixing and provides a beam of uniform color cross section. The small footprint and emission characteristics of the device LEDs result in a quasi point, narrow bandwidth, source at selected wavelengths.

A case study in recording and displaying Greek cultural heritage artifacts with the aforementioned systems will also be presented.