Research and information habits in the socials sciences and humanities: findings from the Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey

Laura Brown (presented by Nancy Maron)
Managing Director, Ithaka, S+R
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Are humanists and social scientists headed to the same essentially digital future for research sources, and if so, at what rate? Ithaka S+R’s most recent faculty survey provides an excellent source for understanding disciplinary practices, attitudes, and needs and how they have changed over the last decade. This talk will examine disciplinary perceptions on key issues for publishers such as:

  • Attitudes towards the transition away from print, which are becoming are more accepted for scholarly journals even as questions are being raised about monographs
  • The relative importance of new research practices
  • Discovery and other key workflow patterns and perceptions
  • Views among authors on dissemination and preservation of their work, including how they choose scholarly journals in which to publish and the role of repositories
  • Perceptions about the future role of the scholarly society
  • Comparisons will be provided with previous waves of the Ithaka S+R faculty survey, dating back to 2000.