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Blender+Papervision, Bringing real 3D into the web

Bruno Mandolesi
Art director New Media, Italy
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Blender Conference 2008 photo gallery

Annual Day 2008 photos
Mike Pan, Joanna Sochacka, Roel Spruit, Arnd
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Converting arXiv into XHTML+MathML: an opportunity for blind and partially sighted to access scientific papers

M. Kohlhase
Milano, Italy
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Mathematical Formulae Recognition

Daniel Průša
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docx2tex: Word 2007 to TeX

Krisztián Pócza
Budapest, Hungary
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Parallel Typesetting

Toby Rahilly
The University of New South Wales, Australia
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Free Fonts

Dave Crossland
Free Fonts
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Programmers hell: working with the UI designer

Michael Dominic Kostrzewa
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Tests of the TeX Gyre fonts (Spring 2008)

Karel Píška
Prague, Czech Republic
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The luafication of TeX and ConTeXt

Hans Hagen*, Taco Hoekwater**
* Hasselt, The Netherlands, ** Elvenkind B.V., The Netherlands
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Threefold on typesetting of E. Szarzyński’s letters: æstetic–, XeTeX– and a little hacker–wise (in Polish)

Grzegorz Murzynowski
Warszawa, Poland
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The word is on the street

Ken Garland
United Kingdom
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Taking the panoramic image beyond the computer screen: how modern techniques can bring new awe to old tricks

Aldo Hoeben
* Rotterdam, The Netherlands, ** Devon, Britain
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SIL font projects

Jonathan Kew
SIL International
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From TeX to XML: The legacy of techexplorer and the future of math on the Web

Don DeLand
Integre Technical Publishing Co.
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MlBibTeX’s Architecture

Jean-Michel Hufflen
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Semiotics of the Dawn in the Poetry of Hafiz

Prof. Franklin Lewis
University of Chicago
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Removing vertical stretch—mimicking traditional typesetting with TeX

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
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Emmett Leith: Early work and influence

Sean F. Johnston
University of Glasgow, UK
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Large viewing angle projection type electro-holography using mist 3D screen

K. Sato
Shonan Institute of Technology, Fujisawa, Japan
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On the currents: Revelations in recent works

R. Bruck
Richard Bruck Holography, USA
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Advances in holographic replication with the Aztec structure

J. J. Cowan
Aztec Systems Inc., USA
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Creating Your Own Styles with Google SketchUp Style Builder

Aidan Chopra
Level: Advanced
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Creating photo-realistic artwork based on photo reference (Inkscape)

Jakub Steiner
GNOME/GIMP developer, Czechia
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The Open Content Library: Overview of Open Clip Art Library and ccHost

Jon Phillips
OpenClipart, USA
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Fine Art Holography in Transition – Analogue to Digital

Linda Law
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Test XSLT with XSpec

Jeni Tennison
Jeni Tennison Consulting
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How to make money with free software

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SCOUR: an SVG scrubber

Doug Schepers
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Made With Floss

Cedric Gémy
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New Developments and Recent Work by Artists and Designers

Machael Page
Ontario, Canada
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A fractional fourier transform algorithm for holographic display

Kaifeng Liu
Anhui university, Anhui, China
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An old friend rediscovers holography

Karen Harvey
HARMAN technology Ltd.
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Class writing for wizard apprentices

Boris Veytsman
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
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LuaTeX: A user’s perspective

Aditya Mahajan
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Knowledge Sharing and the Commons

Kaitlin Thaney
Creative Commons
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Update on the Chicago Collaborative – Bringing the Stakeholders Together

T. Scott Plutchak
University of Alabama, Birmingham
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Uso del comando \write18 per comporre l’indice analitico in modo sincrono

Claudio Beccari
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Up a notch – innovation from product to production

Richard Padley* and Andrea Powell**
* Semantico Ltd ** CABI
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In the Interest of Science – The Priority Initiative “Digital Information” of the Alliance Partner Organisations

Prof. Dr. Matthias Kleiner
President, German Research Foundation (DFG), Bonn
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CrossMark: Trust and the Stewardship of Scholarly Content

Ed Pentz
CrossRef, Oxford
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How to get contributors to your Free/Libre/Open Source project from Vietnam and Asia

Hong Phuc Dang,
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Laidout and Desktop Publishing

Tom Lechner
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Stani Michels
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Give the People What They Want: Patron Driven Acquisition

Deborah Lenares
Clapp Library – Wellesley College
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Adam Farquhar
British Library
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Chromatic Effects of Metamers of Daylights

Sérgio M.C. Nascimento, Paulo E.R. Felgueiras,
João M.M. Linhares
University of Minho, Portugal
Download paper
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Colour Fractal Analysis for Video Quality Assessment

Mihai Ivanovici1, Nöel Richard2, Christine Fernandez-Maloigne2
1Transylvania University, Romania, 2University of Poitiers, France
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Checking Recent Colour-Difference Formulas with a Dataset of Metallic Samples and Just Noticeable Colour-Difference Assessments

Rafael Huertas1, Alain Tremeau2, Manuel Melgosa1,
Luis Gomez-Robledo1, Guihua Cui3, M. Ronnier Luo3
1Universidad de Granada, Spain, 2Université Jean Monnet, France,
3University of Leeds, UK

Download paper
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Moving to the Computational Knowledge Economy

Conrad Wolfram
Co-founder and Strategic Director, Wolfram Research
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Quantum spaces: Designing pages on grids

Jean-luc Doumont
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Batch Commander: An interactive style writer for TeX

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
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Open Access Book Publishing

Eelco Ferwerda
OAPEN Coordinator/Amsterdam University Press
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Curating academic publications – a perspective for research libraries

Laurent Romary
Directeur de Recherche INRIA, France & guest researcher
at Humboldt University, Germany
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Parallel Session 1(a) Q&A

Linda Bennett, Chris Bennett, Emma Coonan & Roheena Anand
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Federico Strazzullo
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Links between SVG and open or free tools in an online GIS

Christophe Connan
SMA Netagis
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Future hopes and visions

Prof. Stefan Gradmann
Humboldt University, Berlin
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Dr. Paul Ayris
Director, Library Services, University College London
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Sensor Transforms to Improve Metamerism-Based Watermarking

Mark S. Drew1 and Raja Bala2
1Simon Fraser University (Canada), 2Xerox Corporation (USA)
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New Color Encoding Method and RGB Primaries for Ultrahigh-Definition Television (UHDTV)

(Interactive Paper Preview)Seo Young Choi, Ho Young Lee, Yun Tae Kim, Ji Young Hong, Du Sik Park, and Chang Yeong Kim
Samsung Electronics (South Korea)
Download paper

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Optimized Construction of ICC Profiles by Lattice Regression

Eric Garcia and Maya Gupta
University of Washington (USA)
Download paper

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Ink Penetration, Isomorphic Colorant Mixing, and Negative Values of Yule-Nielsen n

J.A. Stephen Viggiano
Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)
Download paper

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AV archive user requirements and challenges on infrastructure

Rajitha Weerakkody
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Publishing Data alongside Analysis: a case study from OECD

Toby Green
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
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Addressing the Discontinuity between doing research and disseminating research

Prof. Philip E. Bourne
Pharmacology UCSD, and Editor-in-Chief of PloS Computational Biology
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Introduction – Sense about Science: Debating Peer Review

David A. Ruth

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Research in Islamic Sciences

Dr. Hatem Al Karanshawy
Dean, Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies
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Why, how and by whom? A pro-active approach to open access in Africa

Susan Murray
Director, African Journals Online
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The LVOT structure and function in HCM

Magdi Yacoub
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Pulse Wave Velocity Determination As A Tool For Preventing Cardiovascular Disease In A Rural Filipino Population

Helen Marcoyannopoulou Fojas
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Myocardial dynamics and tissue characterization

Nael Osman
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Transparent Peer Review

Dr. Bernd Pulverer
Head of Scientific Publications at EMBO and Chief Editor of the EMBO Journal, Heidelberg
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Adapting stereoscopic movies to the viewing conditions using depth-preserving and artifact-free novel view synthesis

Frederic Devernay, Sylvain Duchêne, Adrian Ramos-Peon
INRIA Rhône-Alpes (France)

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Machine vision and vitrectomy: three-dimensional high definition video for surgical visualization in vitreoretinal surgery

Christopher D. Riemann M.D.
Cincinnati Eye Institute and MedNet Technologies, Inc. (United States)

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Stereoscopic multi-perspective capture and display in the performing art

Volker Kuchelmeister
The Univ. of New South Wales (Australia)

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Blogging beyond the PDF or Copy by Reference

Cameron Neylon and Martin Fenner
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Collections 2021: the future of the collection is not a collection

Rick Anderson
University of Utah

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E-Books 2011: Introduction and Welcome

Nick Canty & John Akeroyd
UCL Department of Information Studies and Centre for Publishing

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Better and faster image resizing and resampling

Nicolas Robidoux, John Cupitt, Chantal Racette, Anthony Thyssen, Adam Turcotte, Frederick (Fred) Weinhaus

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Data Viz: Open Source and Sources

Personal Scientific Knowledge

Nathan Watson

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Content, Container, Context: Designing for mobile devices

Victor Curran
Precision Graphics

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Digging for Treasure – New Developments in Textmining and Datamining: Introduction

Judy Luther
Informed Strategies

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Q & A


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Concurrent 3B: Who Are You and Why Are You Visiting My Site?

WCMC-Qatar stem cell research program

Arash Rafil
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Doha, Qatar
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Ground-based wide angle searches for Hot Planets

Andrew Collier Cameron
University of St. Andrews
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What do drill strings and surgical threads have in common?

Annie Ruimi
Texas A&M University at Qatar, Doha, Qatar
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Cloud Computing Infrastructure to Enable Scientific Research

Dr. Majd Sakr
Associate Dean for Research, CMUQ
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Papers & Open Access publishing: how can we help?

Matias Piipari

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Code RED – the future of Transfer

Alison Mitchell
Business Management Director, Nature Publishing Group

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Social media & the scholarly record: a square peg and round hole interface?

Terry Hulbert
Director of Business Development, AIP

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Q & A: All four corners: worldwide scholarly publishing

Hooman Momen (Chair), Mariana R. Biojone, Arend Kuster, Choon Shil Lee

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Toward LaTeX coding standards

Didier Verna
EPITA R&D Laboratory, France

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Spoken Tutorials Case Study: LATEX

Kannan Moudgalya
Indian Institute of Science, India

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JISC Digital Preservation: Current & Future Work

Neil Grindley

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Reflections on open knowledge infrastructures

Dr Kostas Glinos
Head of Unit, EU e-Infrastructures

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Discussion Panel on ‘Riding the Wave’

Dr David Giaretta, Dr Michael Factor, Dr Monica Marinucci, Professor Tony Hey, Dr Christoph Best and Professor John Wood (Chair)

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Evaluating the Perceived Quality of Soft-Copy Reproductions of Fine Art Images with and without the Original Present

Jun Jiang, Franziska Frey, Susan Farnand
Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)
Download paper

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The shared solution: how can shared services help address some of the pressure points facing libraries and, more widely, scholarly communications?

Ken Chad
Director, Ken Chad Consulting Ltd

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