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Licensing and text mining in the newspaper and periodicals sector

Andrew Hughes
Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA)

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Digital Evolution – A List Survival Guide: One traditional publishers journey from print to digital and beyond

Brendan Miles
The List

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Update on Force 11 and the Amsterdam manifesto

Merce Crosas
Harvard University, Director of Data Science at IQSS

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Making books part of the open access landscape

Cecy Marden
Wellcome Trust

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Ubiquity Press open scholarship

Brian Hole
Ubiquity Press

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The Pioneer’s Dilemma: Re-thinking and Re-tooling what was once state of art

Nancy Roberts
Global Production and Operations Director, Academic Publishing, Cambridge University Press

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An Introduction to Kudos

Melinda Kenneway
Director, Kudos and TBI Communications

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How Well do you Know Your Data? Converting an Archive of Proprietary Markup Schemes to JATS: A Case Study

Faye Krawitz
American Institute of Physics

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When the “One Size Fits Most” tagset doesn’t fit you

Tommie Usdin
Mulberry Technologies, Inc.

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Reaching readers: content and community

Alastair Horne
Digital Strategist Cambridge University Press and Futurist

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New approaches in library-based publishing

Alma Swan
SPARC Europe

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Keynote: Challenges and opportunities regarding the effective dissemination of data

Phil Bourne

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CrossRef Metadata Search

Karl Ward

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Keynote: Communication with a Crowd: Lessons from Citizen Science

Chris Lintott
University of Oxford

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The Republic of Letters

Chris Chapman
Pentandra Research Solutions, Inc.

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Metapolator: Why Metafont is finally catching on

David Crossland

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Creating JATS XML from Japanese language articles and automatic typesetting using XSLT

Hidehiko Nakanishi1, Toshiyuki Naganawa2, Soichi Tokizane3
1Nakanishi Printing Co. Ltd., 2Antenna House, Inc, 3University of Tokyo

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Smoke Screens of Impossibility

Bruce Rosenblum
Inera, Inc.

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Moving Members from Print to E:

Ann Michael
President, Delta Think, Inc.

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Improving the Openness, Integrity, and Reproducibility of Scientific Research

Sara Bowman
Project Manager, Center for Open Science

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Forum Discussion – Launching the STM Tech Trends 2015

Chris Kenneally
Copyright Clearance Center

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When to stop …

Hans Hagen
Pragma ADE

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Pictures of things: context in the time of global design

Vaibhav Singh
University of Reading, UK

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Using the Adobe FDK for complex-script typefaces

Frank Griesshammer

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Proto View a Ringgold service

Jean Brodahl
Ringgold, Inc

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Data wranglers in LibraryLand: Finding opportunities in the changing policy landscape

T. Scott Plutchak
University of Alabama Birmingham

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The Elsevier API program

Ale De Vries

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New Tools and Workflows for Manuscript Submission and Peer Review

John Inglis

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Transfer: Tracking Journals Moving Between Publishers

Heather Staines

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How can the “swing trench” inform OA publishing? – Discussion

Robert Kiley, Peter Binfield, Rebecca Kennison, Dan Morgan

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Opening Remarks by SSP President Howard Ratner 2…

Howard Ratner

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Research Involvement and Engagement: Partnership with patients in a new publication

Daniel Shanahan
BioMed Central

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The Future of Scholarship in a Digital Age?

Jonathan Gray
Open Knowledge

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The German Council for Scientific Information Infrastructures – Status and Perspectives

Sabine Brünger-Weilandt
President and CEO, FIZ Karlsruhe, the Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure

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Dryad – Quality content

Meredith Morovati
Executive Director, Dryad, Durham, NC

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Wake-up Session: Can the ‘Academic Sharing Economy’ add Value to the Scholarly Ecosystem?

Show me the Money (Rick Anderson)

Rick Anderson Associate Dean, University of Utah

R2R 2016 Summary & Closing

From bits to narratives: The rapid evolution of data visualization engines

Cesar A. Hidalgo Associate Professor, The MIT Media Lab, MIT

Resource Identification Technical Specifications

Julie McMurray, John Deck

Costs and benefits of open data in biomedical research

Irene Pasquetto UCLA

Challenges in implementing a multi-lingual JATS publishing workflow

Chandi Perera
Typefi Systems

COASP 2016 – Welcome by Mark Patterson

Mark Patterson
Executive Director, eLife

COASP 2016 – Q&A – Panel 4: Open Scholarship Initiatives


Peer Review Poetry

Sam Illingworth and Dan Simpson

Making ACM LaTeX styles

Boris Veytsman
George Mason University

Type and tiles on the TTC

Joe Clark
Toronto, ON

Preprints as a Complement to our Journal System

Dr. Jessica Polka
Director, ASAPbio, Cambridge, MA

‘The Scholarly Kitchen’ live in Berlin What’s Hot and What’s Cooking in Scholarly Publishing?

Kent Anderson
CEO, RedLink, Westborough, MA

It’s not easy being Green – Panel Discussion

Alicia Wise
Director of Access & Policy, Elsevier

Friends, Foes or Frenemies – Panel Discussion

Rick Anderson, Robert Harington, Danny Kingsley, Mark Thorley & Alexander Ross

Scholarship in the Global South and the Open Access: a study of India

Harinder Pal Singh Kalra

Sharing Factual Knowledge from Research in Film and Media Studies by using the Structured Knowledge Base Wikidata

Claudia Müller-Birn, Adelheid Heftberger, Jackob Höper, and Niels-Oliver Walkowski

Reflections after 20 years of working in open infrastructure – Rachel Bruce

Rachel Bruce
Head of Open Research, UKRI

Using open competitions to drive innovation and collaboration – Ian Mulvany

Ian Mulvany
SAGE Publishing

Questions & Answers

Q & A
Play (27min) Download:  MP3

Advanced Blender tips and tricks

Bassam Kurdali, Andy Goralczyk
Play (84min) Download: MP4 | MP3

First experiences with using LAMBDA editor in Slovak environment

P. Lecky and M. Hornansky
Bratislava, Slovakia
Play (20min) Download:  MP4 | MP3

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Holography in Museums — A modern Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Matthias Lauk
LAUK GmbH, Germany
Play (22min) Download:  MP4 | MP3

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Digitization of Mathematical Editions in Serbia

Žarko Mijajlović
Play (21min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Creating cuneiform fonts with METATYPE1 and FontForge

Karel Píška
Prague, Czech Republic
Play (25min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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Don’s Punk Anno 2008

Hans Hagen
Play (15min) Download: M4V | MP3

Extending GEGL with new operations and an introduction to GeglBuffers, the functionality offered by them and their underlying mechanisms

Øyvind Kolås
Play (67min) Download: M4V | MP3

Presenation about DCRaw

Dave Coffin
Play (76min) M4V | MP3

XSLT 2.0 vs XSLT 1.0

Jean-Michel Hufflen
Besançon, France
Play (34min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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The “TeX contra TeX” panel

Hans Hagen, David Kastrup, Jonathan Kew, Marek Ryćko…
Play (57min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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Masterpieces of Johann Neudörffer the Elder (1497–1563)

Oliver Linke
Type Designer Lazydogs Typefoundry, Germany
Play (43min) Download:  | MOV | MP3

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In the Style of Daguerre: Two 19th C. American Showmen and Travelling Exhibitions of Chemical Dioramas

Suzanne Wray
New York, USA
Play (35min) Download:  MOV | MP3

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Inserire equazioni LaTeX in grafici di Mathematica

Gianluca Gorni, Stephane Matiz
Università degli Studi di Udine
Play (17min) Download:  | MOV | MP3

CrossTeX: A modern bibliography management tool

Robert Burgess
Cornell University
Play (30min) Download: M4V | MP3

MPLib: Turning MetaPost into a reusable component

Taco Hoekwater
Elvenkind BV
Play (19min) Download: M4V | MP3

The Erotic Spirit: Mystical and Romantic Love (ishq–i haqiqi va majazi) in Persian Poetry from Nizami to Hafiz

Ali Asghar Seyed-Ghorab
Leiden University, The Netherlands
Play (31min) Download:  M4V | MP3

TeX and after dinner speaking

Alan Wetmore
US Army
Play (33min) Download: M4V | MP3

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Teaching holography new problems, new courses and new students

P. John, J. Gates
University of Southampton, UK
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Improving the remarkable photosensitivity of dichromated gelatin for hologram recording in green laser light

J. Blyth
University of Cambridge, UK
Play (21min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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The evolution of artist’s vision and the influence of advancement of optical/media technology

N. Ikuo
The Center for the Holographic Arts, New York, USA
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Rapid wireless transmission of holographic 3D images for remote educating process

K. Takano
Tokyo Metroploitan College of Aeronautical Engineering, Japan
Play (21min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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SketchUp and AutoCAD

Mitchel Stangl, Daniel Tal
Level: Everyone
Play (61min) Download: MP4

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Introduction to Geomodeling with SketchUp and Google Earth

Mason Thrall
Level: Everyone
Play (78min) Download: M4V

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Photo management and editing with F-Spot and GIMP

Jakub Steiner
GNOME/GIMP developer, Czechia
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John Durant & Philip Khoury
MIT Museum
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Optimizing XML Content Delivery with XProc

Vojtěch Toman
EMC Corporation
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It’s An ‘Either/And’ World After All

Ruth Jones
Ingram Digital Ltd.
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Keeping in touch with Ubuntu

Stéphane Graber
Revolution Linux
Play (22min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Vedutismo Nuovo: New Tools for Panoramic Perspective Control

Yuval Levy
Play (35min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Folding Spaces, Unfolding Action

Martina Mrongovius
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Play (13min) Download: MP4| MP3

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Acrylamide based photopolymer for multicolour holographic recording

Chakrapani Meka
DIT, Dublin, Ireland
Play (11min) Download: MP4| MP3

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Experimental research on DMD spatial light modulator and its multi-spectrum imaging

Yaotang Li
Chinese Academy of Science
Play (25min) Download: MP4| MP3

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“Luminous Windows” and “Photons, Neurons and Bits”: The Holography Initiative of the MIT Museum

Seth Riskin
MIT Museum
Play (26min) Download: MP4| MP3

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Next steps for breqn

Morten Høgholm
LaTeX project
Play (32min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Open Access Publishing Strategies, Options and Issues for Scholar Publishers

David Solomon* and Caroline Sutton**
*Michigan State University, **Co-Action Publishing
Play (25min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Social Accounting and Open Access

Jen Sweezie
Bioline International
Play (22min) Download: MP4 | MP3

TeX as an ebook reader

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
Play (23min) Download: MP4 | MP3

DecoType, ACE and Tasmeem: Font technology, Layout-engine and Showcase

Thomas Milo
Play (72min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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Electronic Paper Technology

David Edgar
IREX Technologies UK & Ireland
Play (24min) Download: MP4 | MP3

PaperC: A New Model for Publishers against illegal File Sharing

Martin Fröhlich and Felix Hofmann
PaperC, Berlin
Play (19min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Writing GIMP scripts and plugins

Akkana Peck,
Play (26min) Download:  MP4| MP3

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Cantarell: Designing Typefaces Using Only Free Software

Dave Crossland
Play (22min) Download:  MP4| MP3

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The Open Colour Standard: Physical colour for F/LOSS

ginger coons
Play (25min) Download:  MP4| MP3

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Validating Scholarship in the 21st Century

Rebecca Cullen
Senior Online Product Development Manager, Oxford University Press
Play (27min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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