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Helping Researchers Create Scholarly Content

Martin Fenner
Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany
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Gene Cluster Analysis with GenomeVectorizer

Naidele Katrumane Manjunath and Elena KochetkovaPresented by Rohan Vibhandik
San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, USA
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Highly Accessible Scientific Graphical Information through DAISY SVG

John Gardner
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Evaluation of PRMG in ICC Printing Workflows

Lirui Peng
London College of Communication
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Experimental Characterization of a CMOS Pixel with a Tunable Color Space

G. Langfelder, C. Buffa, A. Longoni, and F. Zaraga
Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
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A Color Target for Museum Applications

Roy S. Berns and Marissa I. Haddock
Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)
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An Active Illumination Method for Tristimulus Image Display

Shoji Tominaga, Takahiko Horiuchi, and Akihiko Yoshimura
Chiba University (Japan)
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Show Us Your Apps

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Progress report from Alliance for Permanent Access to the Records of Science Network (APARSEN project)

David Giaretta
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Keynote: Building on the XML Foundation – How Springer Produces and Re-Purposes the XML Asset

Volker Boeing
Director, Process and Content Management, Springer
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SciVal – productivity measurements

Lisa Colledge
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Opening Address

Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al-Missned
Chairperson, Qatar Foundation
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Case study of an open access journal

Prof. Judith Kimiywe
Head of Food Nutrition and Dietetics, Kenyatta University and AJFAND journal
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How open access to research can strategically benefit African universities

Eve Gray
University of Cape Town
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Prevention of Sudden Death in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Martin Maron
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Cardiac structural and functional changes

Gaetano Thiene
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Peer Review: The Evidence

Dr. Adrian Mulligan & Dr. Andrew Plume
Research & Academic Relations, Elsevier, Oxford
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SOAP – Study of Open Access Publishing: what Researchers want, what Publishers offer

Mrs. Bettina Goerner
Manager Open Access, Springer Science+Business Media, Heidelberg
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A new basis representation for multiview image using directional sampling

Takehiro Yamada, Toshiaki Fujii
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

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Visual discomfort with stereo displays: effects of viewing distance and direction of vergence-accommodation conflict

Takashi Shibata1, Joohwan Kim, David M. Hoffman, Martin S. Banks2
1Univ. of California, Berkeley (United States) and Waseda Univ. (Japan), 2Univ. of California, Berkeley (United States)

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A simple method for measuring crosstalk in stereoscopic displays

Michael A. Weissman1, Andrew J. Woods2
1TrueVision Systems (United States), 2Curtin Univ. of Technology (Australia)

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Analogical publishing

Rik Belew
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Reinventing Collection Development for a Digital Age: On-Demand and On-the-Go

Michael Levine-Clark
Collections Librarian, Penrose Library, University of Denver

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The future is mobile: the role of ebooks in the learning and teaching landscape

Nicky Whitsed
Director of Library Services, Open University

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Pinpoint – A tool for making hackers do excellent presentations

pippin / Øyvind Kolås

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Open Publishing with PressBooks

Hugh McGuire & Christine Prefontaine

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Developing Best Practices for Supplemental Materials

Linda Beebe
American Psychological Association

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Free Open Software: An Untapped Resource for the Small Publisher: Introduction

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies

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Q & A

Concurrent 1C: At the Cutting Edge: A Series of Start-ups

Keynote – SOLO 2011

Michael Nielsen
Open Science

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Biological Characterization of Qatari and regional Endemic Plan Extracts for Cosmetic Purposes

Dr. Talaat Ahmed1, Aisha Dasmal1, Mashaal AlNaemi1, Prof. Pasquale Vito2
1Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Qatar University; 2Biogem, Italy
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Food Security: A Sustainable Approach

Mr. Fahad Al-Attiyah
Chairman, Qatar National Food Security Program
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Named entity recognition from Arabic Wikipedia

Mohit Behrang, Kemal Oflazer, Noah Smith
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Doha, Qatar; Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, PA, USA
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Introduction from the Conference Chair

Paul Peters
Hindawi Publishing Corporation

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ALPSP 2011 – Opening remarks

Sarah Durrant
Chief Executive, ALPSP

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Microsoft Academic Search: Next-Generation Scholarly Discovery

Lee Dirks
Director for Education & Scholarly Communication, Microsoft Research Connections

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Plenary 1: Waiting for Disruptive Change

Tweets, Avatars, Tags and Blogs: Collecting, Communicating and Visualising Social Media

Andrew Hudson-Smith
Director Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London

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TeX4ht-A Swiss army knife for TeX

CV Radhakrishnan
River Valley, Trivandrum, India

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On the use of TeX as a general markup language for HTML5

S.K. Venkatesan
TNQ Books and Journals, India

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Permanent Access to Research Data

Dr Hans Pfeiffenberge

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Global Broadband Policy: Access and Use

Nigel Hickson
Head EU and International ICT Policy DCMS

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A Study on Spectral Response for Dichromatic Vision

Hiroaki Kotera
Kotera Imaging Laboratory (Japan)
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HDR Video: Capturing and Displaying Dynamic Real-world Lighting

Alan Chalmers, Kurt Debattista
University of Warwick (UK)
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UKSG NOV 2011 – Welcome

David Sommer
Director, David Sommer Consulting

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Outsourcing and the Changing Face of Production

Will Wilcox
Journal Content Management Director, Life Sciences Division, Wiley-Blackwell

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Session 8: Development of Qatar National Research Strategy

Dr Fathy Saoud (Chair)
President, Qatar Foundation

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Much Ado About Data

Dave Martinsen

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Discussion – Energy & Environment Research

Dr Rabi Mohtar (Chair)
Executive Director, Qatar Energy & and Environment Research Institute

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Integrated Publishing – New Opportunities for Scientific Publishers

Dr Sven Fund
Managing Director, De Gruyter, Berlin

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Focus mis-match detection in stereoscopic content [8288-12]

Frederic Devernay, Sergi Pujades, Vijay Ch.A.V.
INRIA Rhône-Alpes, France
Published Manuscript

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Investigating the cross-compatibility of IR-controlled active shutter glasses [8288-49]

Andrew J. Woods, Jesse Helliwell
Curtin Univ., Australia
Published Manuscript

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Visual discomfort with stereo 3D displays when the head is not upright [8288-37]

David Kane, Robin Held, Martin Banks
Univ. of California, Berkeley, United States

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On data and publications: who does what

Kevin Ashley
Digital Curation Centre

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Plenary Session 3 – Informed Decisions

True Automated Page Composition Process

Diane Needham

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Ereaders and Epublishing for online learning

Dr Steven Warburton
University of London International Programmes

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Behavioural Research

Dr Jenny Fry

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The Haptic Lines of Homeland

Paula Dawson
University of New South Wales, Australia

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Aberrations in Holography

Dinesh Padiyar
Triple Take Holographics, United States

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Holograms by/for the Masses

Michael Klug (presented by Craig Newswanger)
Zebra Imaging, Inc., United States

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Human Factors for Holographic Imaging

James Barabas
United States

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What is the color of chocolate? – Extracting color values of semantic expressions

Albrecht Lindner1, Nicolas Bonnier2, Sabine Süsstrunk1
1École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), 2Océ Print Logic Technologies (France)
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An expanded Neugebauer formula, using varying micro-reflectance of the Neugebauer primaries

Daniel Nyström
Linköping University (Sweden)
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Data publication in the data deluge

Scott Edmunds
GigaScience, BGI

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OASPA Update 2012

Caroline Sutton
Co-Action Publishing

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Billing: How it works

Lisa Hart
Associate Director of Finance and Operations

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Scholarly Publishing and CrossRef in China

Yan Shuai
Tsinghua University Press (TUP)

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UpFront XHTML: For Workflow, Not Just the Web

Bill Kasdorf
Apex CoVantage

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Data, Big data and Publications: to share and link data and to benefit from it

Hans Pfeiffenberger
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Sea Research, Editor of ESSD, Earth Science Systems Data journal

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Accessibility, Sustainability, Excellence: the UK Approach

Dame Janet Finch
Professor of Sociology, University of Manchester, UK

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Luxid® Community – An Online Platform for Collaborative Semantics

Stefan Geißler
TEMIS GmbH, Heidelberg

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Study of visual fatigue/discomfort generated by S3D video using eye-tracking data [8648-02] [SD&A2013]

Iana Iatsun, Mohamed-Chaker Larabi, Christine Fernandez-Maloigne
XLIM-SIC (France)
Published Manuscript

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Temporally consistent disparity estimation using PCA dual cross-bilateral grid [8648-31] [SD&A2013]

Jin Zhu1, Patrick Vandewalle2, Gerard de Haan3
1 Technische Univ. Eindhoven (Netherlands), 2 Philips Research (Netherlands), 3 Philips Research Nederland B.V. (Netherlands)
Published Manuscript

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Extended depth-of-field in integral imaging by depth-dependent deconvolution [8648-63] [SD&A2013]

Hector Navarro1, Genaro Saavedra-Tortosa1, Manuel Martinez-Corral1, Mårten Sjöström2, Roger Olsson2
1 Univ. de València (Spain), 2 Mid Sweden Univ. (Sweden)
Published Manuscript

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Lytro camera technology: theory, algorithms, performance analysis

Sergio R. Goma1, Todor G. Georgiev1, Andrew Lumsdaine2
1 Qualcomm Inc. (United States), 2 Indiana Univ. (United States)

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Moving object detection in the presence of dynamic backgrounds using intensity and textural features

Somnath Sengupta
Indian Institute of Kharagpur (India)

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Beyond Traditional Articles – Richard Price

Richard Price

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Springer and future (business) models

Wim van der Stelt

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FACT Seminar No.2 – Welcome

Graham Taylor
The Long Game

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Lean & Agile: what publishing can learn from startups

Rachel Willmer

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Mark Hahnel
Figshare, Founder

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Opening Keynote

Salvatore Mele
CERN, Head of Open Access

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Open Access-views from the (SSAH) Learned Society and Author Perspective

Victoria Gardner

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Semantic Analytics

Jake Zarnegar

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Howard Ratner

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Susan King: Public Access – Policies, Implementation, Developments and the future of US published research

Susan King
Senior Vice President, Journals Publishing Group, American Chemical Society and member of the CHORUS Steering Committee

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DTD Analyzer: A tool for analyzing and manipulating DTDs

Demian Hess
Avalon Consulting, LLC

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What JATS Users should Know about the Book Interchange Tag Suite (BITS)

Jeffrey Beck

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Session Three: Publishing – what are the new creative rules?

Jo Young, Rachel Willmer, Jenny Todd, Cory Doctorow

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Keynote: A financial analyst’s perspective on open access

Claudio Aspesi
Sanford Bernstein

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System Update

Chuck Koscher
Director of Technology

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Reports and How to Use Them

Patricia Feeney
Product Support Manager

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Geek Out – Research on the Web

Paul Groth

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Li(b/t)erate (TeX/C)—Top part: JSBox

Doug McKenna

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Welcome and Introductions

Jeff Beck

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What anthologies most useful

Debbie Lapeyre and Mark Donoghue

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Capturing and understanding research impact on an international scale

Ian Viney
Director of Strategic Evaluation and Impact, Medical Research Council (MRC)

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Keynote:Scholarly Publishing: The View from 5280 Feet

Jeffrey Beall
Associate Professor, Scholarly Communications Librarian, University of Colorado, Denver

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