A new device for holographic photography

S. Zacharovas
Geola Technologies Ltd., UK
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For proper reproduction of real-life scenes as digital full-colour holograms, HPO digital holographic printers require a set of scene images prepared according to certain rules. As the visual field of view characteristic of modern digital printers now approaches 100 degrees, previous “camera on a rail” technologies have been largely incapable of generating the required images. Here, we describe a new type of “camera on a rail” device which allows one to prepare high-resolution undistorted image sets appropriate for modern high-resolution high-FOV digital printers such as those developed by the Geola Group and XYZ Imaging Inc. The device described is based on latest generation digital camera technology, a specially programmed linear and angular camera trajectory and software image distortion. The sets of real-life scene images prepared by our device are also compatible with images sets produced by 3D design programs; this allows combinations of real-life and virtual scenes to be printed as digital colour holograms.

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