Tapping the full potential of the eBook market – Springer’s MyCopy

Brian Bishop
Springer Science + Business Media
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Academic and corporate libraries are increasingly adding eContent to their holdings today. Library patrons expect their library to offer eJournals and they more and more expect it to offer eBooks as well. Major STM publishers have to include eBooks in their product mix if they want to keep pace with the trend. Springer was one of the first STM publishers to foresee the eBook trend and offered comprehensive eBook packages to academic and corporate libraries starting in 2006. Like eJournals, eBooks are a great research tool, but still most students and scholars go lengths to avoid reading a book online. With Springer’s latest innovation, MyCopy, a hybrid product combining the eBook with a POD print book format, libraries can now offer their patrons to pick the content format that suits their individual research needs best. MyCopy as a business model reflects how scientific books are used today and provides a model for complementary print and online publication.