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Texinfo visits a garden

Joseph Hogg
Los Angeles,CA

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When to stop …

Hans Hagen
Pragma ADE

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Batch Commander: A GUI for LaTeX

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies

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Hyphenation past and future: hyph-utf8 and patgen

Arthur Reutenauer
Royal Opera House

Do we need a Cork math font encoding?

Ulrik Vieth
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LuaTeX: what has been done, and what will be done

Taco Hoekwater
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A new Installer for TeX Live

Reinhard Kotucha*, Siep Kroonenberg**, Norbert Preining†
* Barsinghausen, Germany, ** Groningen, The Netherlands, † Wien, Austria
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What’s new in the pdfTeX world?

Martin Schröder
Bremen, Germany
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Founding a Successful Electronic Journal

Nicholas Jackson
Warwick University
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SIL font projects

Jonathan Kew
SIL International
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From TeX to XML: The legacy of techexplorer and the future of math on the Web

Don DeLand
Integre Technical Publishing Co.
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MlBibTeX’s Architecture

Jean-Michel Hufflen
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XeTeX: past, present, future

Jonathan Kew
SIL International
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The LuaTeX Project: halfway to version 1

Hans Hagen
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TeX as an ebook reader

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
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Combelow: abbasso i segni diacritici di serie B

Gianluca Pignalberi
Free Software Magazine
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Oriental TeX: Culturally authentic typesetting of the Qur’an

Idris Hamid
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How TeX and Meta finally got married

Hans Hagen and Taco Hoekwater
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A dream of computing and LaTeXing together: A reality with SageTeX

Manjusha Joshi
Pune, India

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Building TeX Live

Karl Berry
TeX Users Group

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TeX and copyediting

SK Venkatesan
TNQ Books and Journals

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Preparing LaTeX classes/templates for journal articles and university theses

Tom Hejda
Czech Technical University in Prague

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Why does it always fail on me? Automating testing using Travis-CI

Joseph Wright

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Federico Garcia-De Castro
Alia Musica Pittsburgh

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