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Pretty-printing Git commit history graphs with PGF/TikZ

Paul Gessler
Milwaukee, WI

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Advances in PythonTeX

Geoffrey Poore
Union University

Zebrackets: A score of years and delimiters

John Plaice
Montreal, Canada

A pragmatic toolchain: TeX and friends and friends of friends

Steve Peter
Pragmatic Programmers
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Why didn’t Metafont catch on?

Dave Crossland
University of Reading, UK
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Writing (La)TeX documents with AUCTeX in Emacs

David Kastrup
Bochum, Germany
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Introduction to the “TeX contra TeX” day

Paweł Jackowski*, Mojca Miklavec**, Arthur Reutenauer†
* Kraków, Poland, ** Slovenia, † Paris, France
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A bibliography style: ‘pl64.bst’ (in Polish)

Grzegorz Murzynowski
Warszawa, Poland
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LaTeX nella Scuola Media Superiore: applicazioni didattiche con PSTricks

Luciano Battaia
Liceo Scientifico Grigoletti, Pordenone
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Three-dimensional graphics in LaTeX

David Allen
University of Kentucky
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LuaTeX attributes

Hans Hagen
Pragma ADE
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Edizione con LaTeX delle opere di Francesco Maurolico

Massimiliano Dominici, Pier Daniele Napolitani
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Graphics with PGF and TikZ

Andrew Mertz, William Slough
Eastern Illinois University
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Standards for LaTeX documents and processors

Chris Rowley
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BibTeX meets relational databases

Nelson Beebe
University of Utah, USA
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TUG 2010 Panel

Don Knuth & Stanford TeX Project members
Moderator: Dave Walden
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From PostScript to PDF

Herbert Voß
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Further advances toward Tagged PDF for mathematics

Ross Moore
Macquarie University, Australia

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My father’s book: Typesetting and publishing a family memoir

Dominik Wujastyk

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PDF files both to print and to read on screen

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies

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A quarter century of naive use and abuse of LaTeX

Alan Wetmore
US Army Research Lab

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Recollections of a spurious space catcher

Enrico Gregorio
Universita de Verona

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Making ACM LaTeX styles

Boris Veytsman
George Mason University

Type and tiles on the TTC

Joe Clark
Toronto, ON

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