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Semantic enrichment of mathematics using ‘active comments’

Ross Moore
Macquarie University

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Trilingual templates for an educational institute in Bashkortostan, Russia

Boris Veytsman, Leila Akhmadeeva
George Mason University, Bashkir State Medical University

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The TeX Live M sub-project, and open discussion

Arthur Reutenauer
Royal Opera House

A Telegram bot for printing LaTeX files

Amartyo Banerjee
TNQ, India

docx2tex: Word 2007 to TeX

Krisztián Pócza
Budapest, Hungary
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Parallel Typesetting

Toby Rahilly
The University of New South Wales, Australia
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Tests of the TeX Gyre fonts (Spring 2008)

Karel Píška
Prague, Czech Republic
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The luafication of TeX and ConTeXt

Hans Hagen*, Taco Hoekwater**
* Hasselt, The Netherlands, ** Elvenkind B.V., The Netherlands
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Threefold on typesetting of E. Szarzyński’s letters: æstetic–, XeTeX– and a little hacker–wise (in Polish)

Grzegorz Murzynowski
Warszawa, Poland
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Typesetting tables with LaTeX

Klaus Hoeppner
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Everything you wanted to know about PDF but were afraid to ask

Leonard Rosenthol
Adobe Systems Inc.
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Extending TeX and Metafont with floating-point arithmetic

Nelson Beebe
University of Utah
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How to Create a TeX Journal: A Personal Journey

Barbara Beeton*
American Mathematical Society
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LaTeX and the different bibliography styles

Federico Garcia
University of Pittsburgh
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Getting started with plasTeX

Tim Arnold
SAS Institute Inc.
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Simboli matematici in TeX e LaTeX

Enrico Gregorio
Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Verona
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TeX and the iPad

William Cheswick
AT&T Shannon Labs
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A brief history of LaTeX—with a prediction

Chris Rowley
LaTeX3 Project
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A comparative study of methods for bibliographies

Jean-Michel Hufflen
University of Franche-Comté, France

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Making a package for flexible letter & page headings

Brian Housley
GCCS GmbH, Switzerland

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Regression testing LaTeX packages with Lua

Frank Mittelbach
LaTeX3 Project

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XeTeX and LuaTeX: Getting Unicode data into the right places

Joseph Wright
Northampton, UK

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A new multibibliography package: nmbib

Boris Veytsman, Michael Cohen
George Mason University

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Reading between the lines: Improving comprehension for students

Kevin Larson

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