Unlocking the four doors to sustainable change

Brad R Meyer
Collaboration Ltd

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The good news is that THERE ARE ONLY FOUR CHALLENGES to sustainable change. The bad news is that ignoring any one of these four challenges means that the change you desire will not be sustainable.

Don’t agree with me? Then you’ve confirmed the first challenge – accuracy of situational assessment.

Agree with me, but think “So what”? Then welcome to the second challenge – logical/organisational importance.

Still agree, but don’t really care? That’s the third challenge – personal relevance.

Beginning to wonder who’s behind these comments? You’ve acknowledged the fourth and deepest challenge – a personal state of engagement with the promoters of change.

BRAD MEYER’s professional activities are focused on helping people work together more effectively – through communicating more effectively – in person and via technology. He is a partner in three companies: Collaboration Ltd, Interaction Technologies Ltd and Vision Enabler Ltd.

Private sector work with: BP, SAIC, IBM, SEMA, INSEAD, Ernst & Young, Unilever, Henley Management College, etc.

Public sector work with: United Nations, ADSE and HALDE (French government bodies), Aston University, Multi-Stakeholder Forum, etc.

Third sector work with: Club Madrid (former Heads of democratic states), Sergeants, Cancer Research, MS Society, Respect, etc.

Books authored: “The Forensics of Legal Fraud”, “Being Inclusive in a Diverse World”.