Ultra-realistic 3-D imaging based on color holography

Dr Hans Bjelkhagen
Centre for Modern Optics, United Kingdom

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A review of recent progress in color holography is provided with new applications. Color holography recording techniques in silver halide emulsions are discussed. Both analog, mainly Denisyuk color holograms, and digitally-printed color holograms are described and their recent improvements.

An alternative to silver-halide materials are the panchromatic photopolymer materials such as the DuPont materials, the Dai Nippon and Bayer photopolymers which will be covered.

The light sources used to illuminate the recorded holograms are very important to obtain ultra-realistic 3-D images. Various possible new lights, including arc lamps and LEDs, are described. They show improved image quality over today’s commonly used halogen lights.

Recent work in this field by holographers and companies in Canada, France, Greece, Japan, Russia, UK and USA are included.

To record and display ultra-realistic 3-D images with perfect color rendering are highly dependent on the correct recording technique using the optimal recording laser wavelengths, the availability of improved panchromatic recording materials and combined with new display light sources.