TeX + MathML for Tagged PDF, the next frontier in mathematical typesetting

Ross Moore
Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Play (41min) Download: MP4 | MP3

This talk will be a follow-on to the introduction to “Tagged PDF” given at last year’s TUG meeting. Here I’ll present several examples of tagged PDF documents containing real-world mathematical layouts, which demonstrate the advantages that tagging provides, in terms of long-term Archivability (acro{PDFA}) and Accessibility (acro{PDFUA}) and sharing of content and markup via export to XML.

A script, written in Perl, is under continuing development. This script combines the MathML presentational description of a piece of mathematics with corresponding LaTeX source for its visual appearance, creating a detailed TeX coding using new primitives that are processed by an enhanced version of pdfTeX to produce fully tagged PDF documents. If time permits we can discuss some of the complications that arise due to differences in the way mathematical structures are handled by TeX and for MathML.

This is joint work with Thanh (River Valley Technologies), author of pdfTeX.