Spatial and Spectral Analysis and Modeling of Transversal Chromatic Aberrations and Their Compensation

Julie Klein, Johannes Brauers, Til Aach
RWTH Aachen University, Germany
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The wavelength-dependency of the refraction indices in optical systems involves chromatic aberrations: one object point is not projected on exactly one image point on the sensor plane, but dispersed depending on its wavelengths in a rainbow-like manner due to the wavelength-dependency. These distortions have already been analyzed for the three broadband color planes red, green and blue of an RGB camera for example. As far as the authors know, no analysis was performed yet for more than three narrow wavelength bands and each color plane was considered separately so far.

In this paper, we describe the measurement of chromatic aberrations for multiple narrowband color channels and extend the models from the literature to characterize these distortions. We then link the parameters obtained for all color channels in order to include the wavelength-dependency into the models of the distortions. This leads to a more general model for the chromatic aberrations, calculating the distortions as a function of the wavelength and the image position. We then compensate the chromatic aberrations using these models and finally estimate their accuracy.