Saliency Models as Gamut-Mapping Artifact Detectors

Guanqun Cao1, Marius Pedersen1,2, Zofia Baranczuk3
1Gjøvik University College, Norway, 2Óce Print Logic Technologies S.A., France, 3Swiss Federal Laboratory for Materials Testing and Research EMPA, Switzerland
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When an image is reproduced with a device different artificats can occur. These artifacts, if dectectable by observers, will reduce the quality of the image. If these artifacts occur in salient regions (regions of interest) or or if the artifacts introduce salient regions regions they contribute to reduce the quality of the reproduction. In this paper we CGIV 2010 and MCS’10 Final Program and Proceedings xxv propose a novel method for the detection of artifacts based on saliency models. The method is evaluated against a set of gamut mapped images containing the artifacts, which have have been marked by a group of group experts. The results have shown that the proposed metrics are promising to detect the artifacts through the reproduction.