Open Access to Scholarly Metadata: Author Claiming and Institutional Identification

Thomas Krichel
Long Island University, Novosibirsk State University, Open Library Society

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Open Access to Scholarly Metadata can be a driver to the open access provision of full-text contents. It does that by relating output to use and use to performance. A basic condition to establish this relationship is to identify the object of evaluation, i.e. the authors and their institutions. While the value of identifiers are beyond question, it is a serious issue of how to maintain an identification at a cost small enough so that its results can be made openly available. In this talk I will present two successful early efforts to provide such identification, EDIRC and the RePEc Author System of the RePEc digital library that I started in 1993. I will contrast those with an interdisciplinary efforts I launched in 2007 and 2008, namely ARIW and AuthorClaim. The emphasis will be on sustainability when the constraint is that the information is openly available.