On the currents: Revelations in recent works

R. Bruck
Richard Bruck Holography, USA
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This paper examines the intent and the resulting content of some of this artist’s current work in pulsed, large-format holography. It discusses shifting the starting point for working. Instead of specific pre-visualization, a more open and organic structure is proposed. Gently and patiently, a question is repeated hoping to prompt a gracious resolution. In their own time, image answers will float into view and ascend to the center of attention. Lightly held, and the work flows with its own compass, without pressure, unconstrained, and unfolding revelations. Some of the work discussed:

  1. Obtruded Purity: Impede the reference beam and subsequent areas of ‘negative volume’ become content.
  2. Dance in Quantum Time: A complex multitude of simultaneous creations and destructions results from a simple and direct recording.
  3. Transcape 6,7,10: Questions the limited volume of the exhibition site with an apparent unlimited volume within the hologram.
  4. Reference Trinity: Two transmission images and one reflection image produced with one exposure result in images that refer to themselves and the process of their conception.
  5. Sum of Many Whispers: Uses light as a material and recalls the science of emergence theory. Individual ‘cells’ work independently and still combine with others to produce larger organized ‘content patterns’.