New education system for construction of optical holography setup – Tangible learning with Augmented Reality

Prof Hiroshi Yoshikawa
Nihon University, Japan

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In case of teaching optical system construction, it is difficult to prepare the optical components for the attendance student. However the tangible learning is very important to master the optical system construction. Developing the inexpensive system which provide the experience learning helps learner understand easily. Therefore, we propose the new education system for construction of optical setup with the augmented reality. To use the augmented reality, the proposed system can simulate the optical system construction by the direct hand control. Also, this system only requires a inexpensive web camera, printed makers and a personal computer. Since this system does not require the darkroom and the expensive optical equipments, the learner can study anytime, anywhere when they want to do.

In this paper, we developed the system can teach the optical system construction of the Denisyuk hologram and 2 step transmission type hologram. For the tangible learning and the easy understanding, the proposed system displays the CG objects of the optical components on the markers which is controlled by the learner’s hands. The proposed system does not only display the CG object, but also display the beam which is controlled by the optical components. To display the beam that it is hard to see directly, the learner can confirm about what is happening by the own manipulation. For the construction of optical holography setup, we arrange a laser, mirrors, a PBS, lenses, a polarizer, half-wave plates, spatial filters, a optical power meter and a recording plate. After the construction, proposed system can check optical setup correctly. In comparison with the learniers who only read a book, the learners who use the system can construct the optical holography setup more quickly and correctly.