Natural color profile adjustment for professionals

Hila Nachlieli1 (Presenter), Peter Morovič2, Ján Morovič2, Jordi Vilar2, Jordi Arnabat2, Ángel Albarrán2
1Hewlett-Packard Company (Israel), 2Hewlett-Packard Company (Spain)
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While there may be no point in arguing about taste, creative professionals make a living from sharing theirs. Making specific, individual color preferences that a creative professional knows how to achieve when creating content on a display also propagate into print is a significant challenge since it lacks real-time feedback. The present paper introduces a method for allowing creative professionals to use the tools they know and love to also personalize the color behavior of their devices. This is achieved by analyzing color changes applied to images and applying them to a device’s ICC profile. As a result the personalized device results in customized color behavior regardless of the workflow used. The paper describes the ICC profile transformation algorithm in detail and provides a color error analysis of its performance.