Making a package for flexible letter & page headings

Brian Housley
GCCS GmbH, Switzerland

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There are many packages for making letters and page headings with logos, etc., in \LaTeX, but many do not take into account user changes to the page dimensions and so the heading may not be in the correct, centred, place. Also, the user should be able to specify different types of letter, including private ones, without having to use another version of the package. We describe how to achieve a package to produce headings and letters which is robust against page layout changes and which permits the user to define all the fields, including the logo, himself. Obviously, to redesign the presented headings one must be a little versed in \AllTeX\ but the user specifies his own details very easily. Described will be: 1)~How to determining the absolute position of the heading on the page. 2)~Support for various language styles. 3)~Using class option (\code{.clo}) files for defining types of letters\Dash standard office, private, signed letters, etc. 4)~Using class option files to specify the user information (name, address, etc.)\ for the various letter types and languages. 5)~Producing letters, merge letters (possible signed) and headings. 6)~Ensuring the letter to-address fits in a C5 and C5/6 window. 7)~Hints on how to change the heading to your own style. The talk should be suitable for general users.